Thursday, February 5, 2015

AdvoNation 2015

This year we went to the AdvoNation events in both Atlanta and Cincinatti. They were all-day Saturday events & we had an absolute BLAST!! We always look forward to getting to see sweet friends and teammates…it feels like Christmas!

Plus, I’m a super nerd and LOOOOVE the training. I always leave with a full journal and full heart. (If you’re in AdvoCare and not going to the AdvoNation events or Success School, you are SERIOUSLY missing out. We look forward to these all year!)

We actually got invited to share our story on stage in Atlanta this year and that was such an incredible honor. We were humbled beyond words to have an opportunity to share how AdvoCare has changed our lives…in front of oh, I don’t know… 5000+ people?

We drove down Friday night for a run-through & then headed to an AWESOME leadership dinner with several teammates. One of our favorite people in all of AdvoCare was the guest speaker & he brought an AWESOME message about pruning that I needed to hear. A few lovely ladies on our team spent the night with us Friday night (Niki, Melissa, & Lanae), but my favorite house guest was definitely Baby Ace! This little man is stealing hearts and taking names. Hellllllllo, baby fevah! I mean…is he not the sweetest?!?


The event on Saturday was 10-5 and we were set to share our story around 3:15. Jon was cool as a cucumber and I was a nervous wreck. (Funny because it’s usually the other way around!) I had to tee tee so bad before we walked out on stage and I was just really hoping I wouldn’t pee my pants. Good news…I didn’t! #winning






There were so many great trainings throughout the day, but my favorite part of the day hands down was hearing Sherry Wright talk about their mission to strengthen the family unit. That is EXACTLY why we do what we do & why we’re not stopping- we have more families to help.

Cincinatti was just as awesome!! We loved spending time with our team that lives further away & getting to hug lots of necks we don’t get to see nearly enough. Jonathan & I enjoyed a date night on Friday & walked around downtown Cinci a good bit. Saturday was AWESOME – great energy at the event and the team dinner afterward was such a blast too. (Shout out to Melissa D for all the planning! Food was awesome & Newport, KY was realllllly cool. Wish we had more time there!)


And I just so happened to be rockin’ the same dress as Dr. Brameus…although her tummy is MUCH flatter than mine. Ha!


I did a terrible job remembering to take pictures both times, but at least got a shot of me and Jon before the weekend ended. He looked super handsome!


My least favorite part about traveling (besides UNPACKING- the worst!!) is navigating a new place. Super thankful for Google Maps app…Jonathan might disown me if I had to navigate us using a good ole fashioned Atlas!


We also almost missed our flight Sunday morning. I got an alert on my phone from the Delta app saying our flight was delayed & didn’t look carefully enough to realize it was talking about our flight INTO Cincinatti, not our return. (We didn’t even notice.) Thankfully we figured it out in time, but we left the hotel at 8:15, had to drive to the airport and return our rental car, take a shuttle to the airport, AND make it through security and to our gate by 9:50. It was seriously some favor from the Lord that we made it! Jonathan is a  grumpy stress ball when we have to rush & when things don’t go as planned, so I was super thankful we made the flight. WHEW!

Our flight landed early and we were able to surprise my BFF Chelsi at brunch in Atlanta on our way home to celebrate her big 30th birthday!! Chad invited us to dinner on Saturday night but I knew we wouldn’t be able to make it since we would be out of town, so I suggested meeting for brunch & the timing worked out PERFECTLY. Always good to see your BFF! We’ve been best friends since 1996…WHOA!



Cannot WAIT for Success School in August!!

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