Friday, January 23, 2015

Halfway! #babybutlernumerodos is 20 Weeks!!

Well I might as well give up on a “weekly post” because it looks like that’s not going to happen. 3 weeks since the last update…oops. Here’s what’s been going on with us for the last few weeks.

P.S. I’m going to do my very best not to use any pronouns that give away the gender yet. That is going to be tough!

Baby Growth:

At our appointment on Monday (1/19), we got to see #babybutlernumerodos again. SO thankful for that sweet blessing. Little one weighs 10 oz (about 2 oz less than Jase at this point). I am pretty certain I am actually due a little later than the due date they have written in my chart based on my last period. I used an ovulation test and know EXACTLY when I ovulated, so based on my calculations (could I sound any more nerdy?!?), I am due June 15th, not June 11th.

My Symptoms: I feel like a million bucks!! Energy is sky high & mood is great. My skin is finally clear too & I am back to my normal self. Woo hoo!

Weight: I am up about 4 lbs since I found out I was pregnant. Trying to eat as healthy as possible and juice at least every other day. I am finally drinking my water again but probably still not quite enough. I get really full super fast (to the point that it is uncomfortable) so I have to eat small meals. I think I had gained more weight at this point in my pregnancy with Jase but my belly & baby are definitely growing.

Gender: We know, we know, we know!!! We have told a few people but will have a little gender reveal picture coming soon. I wanted to wait to tell everyone and do a gender reveal party again, but we want a big family and Jonathan said by the time kid # 4 or 5 come around everyone will be sick of my little parties. Ha! So, stay tuned for a picture. For the record though, I am SUPER EXCITED!!!

Maternity Clothes: I busted out my first pair of maternity jeans during week 19 and they were GLORIOUS! I can still wear regular jeans below my belly & wear those sometimes too. I mostly wear workout clothes with Jonathan’s t-shirts.

We traveled to Cincinatti, Ohio for an awesome AdvoNation event this past weekend & were in Atlanta the weekend before. I wore heels both days (all day) and my left IT band was sore for about 2 days afterward both days. I became BFF with the foam roller. (Wel, it’s more of a love/hate with that thing.) Speaking of AdvoNation events, Jonathan & I had the opportunity to share our story….on stage…in front of about 5,000+ people! Do you know how close up that is? I wore a band aid over my belly button because that joker is all the way popped out! I am super thankful it goes back to normal post-baby because it freaks me out. Jonathan cracks me up about it. He HATES belly buttons anyway. He is worried I’m going to burn it when I’m cooking (we have a gas stove) and the other day was leaving for the gym and said, “Well, I’m like your belly button….OUTTTTTIE.” Hahhaha! I cracked up. We are cheeseballs but at least we have fun, right?



Movement: Baby is still moving & strong enough that you can feel it from the outside! Jon got to feel it last week for the first time. I smile every time I feel my sweet baby & use that as a reminder to whisper a prayer for him/her.

Sleep: Sleeping well. Used my pregnancy pillow a couple of times this week and it was AWESOME. I forgot how great that thing is.

Cravings:  No aversions & I am finally excited about cooking again. Back to normal eating for the Butlers! (Perfect timing because Jonathan is halfway through his All-In challenge & I’ve been prepping/cooking lots of healthy food for us.) As far as cravings, the only one I have had is hot chocolate from Race Trac. So random! I haven’t had hot chocolate since I was like 11. I saw my friend Jenn post it a while back though & it totally hit the spot. I am also enjoying some Muscle Gain shakes my friend Michelle told me about- made with vanilla Muscle Gain, 3/4 c almond milk, 1/3 of a frozen banana, and a tsp of cocoa. YUM! Oh, and when we do eat out, the only place I really want to go is Olive Garden, Panera, or the Juice Café. No steak houses!!

Work Outs:  I haven’t been making it to the gym as often as I would like because we have been SWAMPED. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to make it back more often. I really prefer the gym because I like to work out with other people. (A DVD at home is definitely a last resort for me.) Sometimes Jon & I work out together which is always fun, but he likes to lift heavy & I am just a gym girl too. Really love classes.

I have been making an effort to be more active though around the house and chasing Jase around since I’m not so tired anymore. Plus we walked a TON on our trip.


Goals for next week: I have some business stuff to take care of next week and a few blog posts I’d really like to get posted. Jonathan helped his dad this last week at work so I got a lot done around the house but not so much with the business. I am also WAYYYYYYY behind on e-mails. If you have e-mailed me in the last few months, you can expect a response soon & please accept my apology for it taking so long! Other than that I’d like to hit the gym a few more times & do some stretching. Also trying to remember kegels. (TMI??)

Thoughts: Anatomy scan went great from what we could tell. Little one was head down & face down and wouldn’t move so we couldn’t get quite as good of a look at everything as we wanted. Heart rate was 159. One time during the ultrasound I put my arm over my head and the baby did the EXACT same movement at the same time. I am almost positive I remember Jase doing that once too during an ultrasound. We couldn’t get a profile at all & didn’t get a great look at the heart because of the way the baby was positioned, but we did see 4 chambers. I get the drink for the glucose test at the next appointment- can you believe it’s time for that ALREADY?? I seriously feel like this pregnancy is FLYING and cannot believe I’m already halfway through. 20 more weeks and I’ll be snuggling another precious blessing!! I found out so early with Jase that I felt like the pregnancy was soooooo slow until the end, but this one is just flying to me. I think it is helping that Jon and I are both home. I  am super, super thankful I am not teaching this pregnancy. That has already made life a million times easier and I am not so exhausted & worn down- even with a pretty active 20 month old.

We spent some time with friends who have newborns the weekend before last and it gave BOTH of us major baby fever! Samson, Daniel, Jack, & Baby Ace are seriously the sweetest. I cannot wait for that sweet newborn smell. Is it wrong I’m praying for another angel baby like Jase?? Seriously, he was the easiest baby ever so I’m just going to claim that over this next baby too.

I am also thankful for a healthy anatomy scan. I was having a little bit of anxiety about it (I know that was just Satan trying to steal the joy) and so appreciate all of our friends who were praying for us. The prayers mean so much.

We need to start thinking about a name (thought we had one but not sure anymore) & planning for the nursery. I am debating about getting Jase in a big boy bed & starting with potty training. He will turn 2 right before the baby comes & I don’t want to waste time if he’s going to regress, so just praying for wisdom about the right timing with those things.

One thing is for sure….this baby is already dearly, dearly loved!! We are so thankful for the opportunity to be parents again.


18 Weeks with Jase


19 Weeks with Jase


20 Weeks with Jase




Anna Demko said...

You look absolutely adorable! love your bump and how you always look so put together

Anonymous said...

BOY! You look so cute, glad everything is going well!