Friday, January 30, 2015

Gender Reveal: #babybutlernumerodos is a….


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We are so over the moon excited!!! The Butler boys….has a cute little ring to it, doesn’t it??  I am so looking forward to continue being  a “boy mom” for a couple more years. And I have a feeling they will be best buds in between beating the snot out of each other like brothers do. PLUS, they will be the same season so we can reuse ALL of the clothes! Perfect!

When we were having the ultrasound, the tech was going through the anatomy scan and said, “Well that’s the umbilical cord, and that’s DEFINITELY not the umbilical cord!” Hahhaa!

We aren’t 100% certain on the name yet because Jon was dead set that it was a girl. (Although I do have one name I really like…just waiting on Jon to give the final word.) I knew there was no way my pregnancies could be THIS identical & it be a girl this time.

The thing I am most excited about is I feel a major calling on our lives to raise up strong MEN for the Lord. Our world is in desperate need of that & I can’t think of better footsteps for our little guys to follow in than Jonathan Butler. Don’t get me wrong…we would love to have a girl some day too (Jon & Granddaddy & Papa especially want a girl), but I am so, so honored to have the opportunity to raise up another champion man after God’s heart.

I already feel a more instant connection & am so thankful to get to pray specifically for the man this sweet baby is going to become.

Y’all know how much I LOVE my BOYS…

God is good!!


Lindsey @ Simply Lindsey said...

Congrats!!! Such exciting news! :)

Memories by Design said...

Yay! So excited for you! The Butler Boys are going to be world changers. :) Congrats!!

Anna Keith said...

Congratulations Danielle! Your blog is a constant inspiration for me to be a better wife and to be intentional in my faith! I credit reading your posts as part of my journey to the Lord! Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Boy or girl - God is good. First time commenter, July Gulf

P!nky said...