Friday, January 2, 2015

#babybutlernumerodos is 17 weeks!!

Oops! I am two weeks behind again. Get it togetha, woman.

Baby Growth:

Baby Butler is the size of an onion or a turnip. Has anyone ever even eaten that part of a turnip before? What even is that thing in the picture?



My Symptoms: HALLLLLLLLELUJAH!! I FINALLY have kicked the cold AND my energy is back AND the nausea is gone! Praise the Lord! I am so thankful to be able to say “Great!” when people ask how I’m feeling. I do not like to complain because I know it is such a blessing, but I also don’t want to be dishonest when someone has asked “How do you feel?” I think 16 is my magic week or something because this happened when I was pregnant with Jase too. It feels SO good to be back to normal Danielle & not want to karate chop pretty much everyone. I have also been super productive again and that makes my heart happy.

My face is breaking out pretty serious this week. That’s kind of annoying but somehow you can’t see the zits in our pictures.

I have had some round ligament stretching & can feel it in the lower part of my tummy, but it’s definitely nothing unbearable. Just a sweet reminder my body is growing a sweet little miracle!

Also, if I stand up too quickly I get super dizzy  have to pause & lean forward. Sometimes I “forget” and just pop up, so I’m trying to be more cautious & move a little slower.

Weight: Somehow I weigh exactly the same as I did before I got pregnant and haven’t gained anything yet. You sho wouldn’t believe me if you saw the bump in person though. So sweet! (And even my belly button is already out. That part is a little weird to me.) I LOVE baby bumps & can’t wait till it’s big enough to be 100% obvious. Right now I wear baggy shirts and people are probably thinking I’m just eating way too many Christmas cookies. (And that may or may not be true. Thanks, Amie!) I am definitely eating healthier now since I am feeling better though & I’ve been juicing more too. Plus y’all know I’m getting that baby some good vitamins.


Gender: How do people NOT find out?? I feel like I have the patience of Job right now seeing as how I haven’t made an appointment for a  gender ultrasound. I’m going to hold off till my next appointment. I’m going to hold off till my next appointment. I’m going to hold off till my next appointment. (I keep telling myself that!) I really have no idea or gut feeling either way. My friend Jessica & a few other friends have told me they’ve had identical pregnancies with different genders, so there really is no telling. But I can say that this pregnancy has been pretty much IDENTICAL to my first one so far.

Can’t wait to find out if Jase will have a little brother or little sister!! My heart flutters just saying that! (Even if he’s more interested in pretzels than my belly right now. Ha!)


Maternity Clothes: Still in regular clothes. I know, I’m wild…I like to live life on the edge.

Movement: Love feeling my sweet baby wiggling all around. He/she moves like crazy when I lay down at night after eating an orange or a grapefruit. That’s our nightly ritual.

Sleep: Sleeping well. Haven’t needed naps this week! Woo hoo!!

Cravings:  I randomly bought orange juice this week & it tastes SO good to me. I am not a juice fan because of all the sugar (unless I make it myself- and even then I prefer to juice more veggies than fruits) but OJ has just hit the spot this week.

I also baked homemade chocolate chip cookies twice this week. SO yummy!! I don’t bake often because I am not great at resisting sweets, but it was a special occasion. Christmas and New Year’s calls for cookies, right?

Work Outs:  I worked out a few times. Rowed a couple times & took a body pump class. Tried to do a yoga DVD but it’s when I still had a head cold so that only lasted for about 30 seconds. Downward dog + drainage = no bueno.

Questions/Concerns: I talked to a midwife friend who said she thought it would probably be okay for me to go on our AdvoCare Destin trip in May!! (As long as I’m not dilated too far along or anything.) SUPER excited about that possibility! No other questions or concerns really. Praying for a healthy baby at our anatomy scan coming up later in the month.


Goals for next week: This is always a super busy time for AdvoCare because there are SO many people with health & financial goals right now that we are helping. I LOVE it & it’s super exciting helping people get started. SO, our main goals right now are business related. As far as pregnancy, I’m still working on all the normal goals- drinking more water, getting plenty of rest, working out consistently, & eating as healthy as possible. Oh, and RESISTING the urge to call the doctor’s office and make a gender- only ultrasound.

Thoughts: How am I almost halfway? Time is a flyin!! Feeling super thankful & blessed. Love this sweet pea already & excited to becomea family of 4!

Comparison: 17 Weeks with Jase! We had just announced that HE was a BOY at our gender reveal party! (Just looked back and saw the cookie thing….SO weird! I can’t even handle how to a T identical this pregnancy is every week!)



Brooke said...

What Advocare supplements do you take as your prenatal vitamins?

Ashley said...

I was just working on my 11 weeks and I have drank almost all of Shane's OJ! So funny. So happy to hear your energy is back! I am patiently trying to wait but its really frustrating when you want to go and you just can't!