Thursday, December 4, 2014

Presley’s 1st Birthday & Halloween

Back in early October, our sweet Presley turned 1!! Presley is my brother & sis-in-law’s little gal & she is an absolute doll. It was tough celebrating her birthday without Michael, knowing he is not ever going to be at any of her birthdays. But, she is so precious and there was still so much JOY in celebrating the blessing she has been to our family this past year.

Mom & Ragan planned a super cute pumpkin party to celebrate. Big girl LOVED her cake. (No really, she’s as big as Jase even though he is 5 months older…& he is pretty big for his age too. Pres is off the charts!)


All of the food & decorations were adorable.


After cake & presents, the kiddos had fun playing outside. Of course Jase thinks he’s too big to ride in the wagon & wanted to push the other babies. Are DJ and Presley not the sweetest with their little curls?? I love it!


I love this picture of my parents & their youngest grandbaby on her birthday. She looks so much like Michael too…

Everyone went back to Ragan’s neighborhood to trick-or-treat on Halloween a few weeks later. Halloween is also Michael's birthday, so I know it was a tough day for everyone. My family did a sweet balloon & lantern release in his honor.

Jonathan & I were actually in Rome for a marriage retreat with our church so we missed out on everything. We almost stayed home, but we are pretty adamant that our marriage always needs to come first. We prayed about it, and the retreat was really important to us. It was bittersweet to not be with family, but we both feel confident we made the right decision. (Post to come on the retreat. It was fantastic.) The actual holiday of Halloween (other than it being Michael’s birthday) is not a big deal to me at all anyway. But, I did enjoy getting some sweet pictures of my Jase as the cutest little dino you’ve ever seen! We found his costume at a consignment sale & it ended up being perfect because it was super chilly.

Mom said Jase’s favorite part was getting to talk to and wave at everyone. I’m not surprised- little man is super social and LOVES people!! They only went to about 5 houses & headed home because he seemed to be having a little trouble breathing. It was really chilly, so Mom wasn’t sure if it was from the cold air or if it was from the smoke from people’s outdoor fire pits. Thankfully he cleared up quickly.

So thankful for these babies and the JOY they bring. Especially during the sad times.

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