Thursday, December 18, 2014

#babybutlernumerodos is 15 Weeks!!

Oops…I missed a week.

Baby Growth:

#babybulternumerodos should be weighing around a half of a pound by now…around the size of a navel orange.  And yes, I have been eating 1-2 oranges every day again this pregnancy.

My Symptoms: My hair is so big, full, & out of control. I cannot WAIT to get some highlights & get some serious inches chopped off. Hopefully she can squeeze me in next week.

I feel decent. Nausea is easing up (hallelujah!) but energy isn’t back to normal yet. I just don’t feel quite like myself. Super thankful & blessed though, so really can’t complain.

Moodiness seems to be easing up jusssst a little bit. And only a little bit. I have had to bite my tongue a few times this week with strangers. Seriously, some people are so stinkin RUDE. (Yes, lady at Kroger, and other lady who pulled out in front of me when I had the right away and then threw your hands up at ME…I’m talking about y’all.)

I have also experienced some round ligament pain & stretching – especially if I roll over a certain way or stand up too fast. It only lasts for a second but is pretty sharp. I also get dizzy when I stand up too fast and have to lean forward to stop the dizziness.

Bathroom habits are resuming back to normal, but still need to be drinking more water.

Sweet tooth is back in full force with no MNS. Such a love/hate. I HATE how much I LOVE sweets. I really like when I’m on MNS & the cravings go completely away.

I get full super quickly so I can only eat really small portions, and I have to eat OFTEN or I get nauseas. If I accidentally wait too long, I’ll throw up. Fun times!

Jase also has a pretty bad cold & I’m picking up the cough. Germs are EVERYWHERE right now & it makes me want to just stay locked up at home.

Weight: It fluctuates. As of this morning I hadn’t gained anything, but sometimes I’m up around 4 lbs from my normal weight. It looks like WAY more though because of this belly though. Y’all, the! I mean whoa. It looks like my 20+ week bump with Jase. I’m still in regular clothes (even jeans, although I have no idea how) but they are starting to get a little tight & uncomfortable. (Please ignore my grumpy face.)

photo 2 (9)

Gender: We are having our anatomy scan later in January, so IF we can wait we’ll find out the gender then. If we can’t stand it anymore we might make an appointment for a gender only ultrasound in the next few weeks. I’m trying to do as few ultrasounds as possible though, so hopefully we can have some patience. My gut says boy, Jon thinks boy, and our parents think boy (although I think they secretly want a girl). And I know, I’m so wishy washy. Early on I was thinking girl too, but this pregnancy just seems so identical to the last one.

I cannot WAIT to find out though! I’m ready to start calling this sweet baby by name!! I am pretty certain we have some names picked out either way.

Maternity Clothes: Still wearing all regular clothes right now but that probably won’t last much longer. Got some sweet maternity leggings from StitchFix this week. Cannot wait to rock those bad boys. (FYI: I LOVED Stitch Fix! I was so surprised that she pretty much nailed the clothes. I sent everything back but the leggings though because they were more expensive than I would ever pay for clothes. Turns out they don’t shop at Marshall’s I guess.)

Movement: Oh yea!! Started a week or two ago. I didn’t know if it was too early, but it was definitely that sweet baby moving. I can’t wait for more of this. My favorite!!

Sleep: I nap when Jase naps. I’m sleeping decent,  just feeling a little worn out. I miss MNS & 2 Sparks a day.

Jase has been sick this week so that broken sleep has been a little tough. He has been waking up because he’s coughing and is so stuffy…poor guy! I can tell if he will go back to sleep or is he really needs his Mama, and if he’s sick I typically go in and hold him for a little while to soothe him. Worth every sweet minute of being awake though, and that is some of the sweetest prayer time I’ve had.

Is that not the most pitiful little guy??

photo 3 (5)photo 4 (3)

Cravings:  Nothing that I can think of this week. I still have ZERO desire to cook so we’ve been eating out way more than I’d like. I eat decently healthy when we eat out, but we all know it’s still wayyyy more healthy to just eat at home. I have been more intentional about juicing & I always always eat a super healthy breakfast. That counts for something, right?

**New Favorite Juice Recipe: (thanks for sharing Candice! The lime totally did the trick!)

  • 2-3 handfuls of spinach
  • cucumber
  • 2 anjou pears
  • 1 green apple
  • celery
  • 1 lime

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (8)

Work Outs:   I’ve done body pump a couple of times, but nothing impressive on my part & not working out as much as I’d like. I ALWAYS feel better after I work out but I’m so wiped out it’s tough to find the motivation. When I was pregnant with Jase, Jon & I always went together and he would encourage me to go even if I didn’t feel like it. It’s way too easy to skip now.

Questions/Concerns: I had another doctor’s appointment this week & everything went great. We are really, really happy with our doctor & praying the Lord works it out so he can deliver #babybutlernumerodos. Heart beat was strong at 152. I had a few more questions about VBAC and was excited to hear the answers to those questions. So far I feel pretty confident. The only answer I wasn’t thrilled about was the fact that I have to have an epidural this time. If for some reason I have to have an emergency c-section, I’ll need the anesthesia to be ready to go because the only other option is to go all the way under. He also said I need to get to the hospital much sooner this time & laboring at home isn’t a great idea. I’m a little nervous about that because I have a super high pain tolerance and had no CLUE I was at a 7 when I went to get checked when I was in labor with Jase. That was almost an issue because I was GBS + so had to get to the hospital with him to have the antibiotics in my system for 4 hours before delivery. Our doc said we will just monitor closely & he’ll help me to know.

Also, we are on track to earn an all-expenses paid trip with AdvoCare this May and the doc said I’ll be too far along to go. Again. This happened with Hawaii too. Boo. I was a little bummed, but this baby is such a blessing that it’s not that big of a deal. Jase owes us a trip to Hawaii, so #babybutlernumerodos will owe us a family trip to Destin. Smile Even though I can’t go, we may still send Jon. AdvoCare trips are WAYYYY too good to miss out on!

I have also been a little stressed out over some family stuff going on. Praying more than stressing, but also want to incorporate some yoga into my routine because that helps me tremendously.

Goals for next week: More water! More veggies. Maybe start Christmas shopping?? Ha! (No really. I don’t have ONE single gift.) We aren’t going big this year though because we finally traded my car in (it was having some big time issues) and got something new to us/used, so that’s our “gift” to each other.

Thoughts: I don’t know if it’s because we are so busy with Jase or if it’s just different the second time around, but we sometimes ‘forget’ I’m pregnant. Jon says all the time “I keep forgetting your pregnant.” Of course we don’t really forget, but it’s just not at the forethought of my mind constantly the way it was last go round. I know it’ll feel more real to me when I hit that 20 week mark & know the gender. That is so special to me! I am super, super thankful to be home and not working this pregnancy too.

Comparison: Here is my 15 week post with Jase. Funny, I was talking about my big hair being out of control, my pants getting tight, & trying to stay away from all the germs. Here is the 15 week bump from first pregnancy.



Danielle Holt said...

Hey girl- I had a vbac with my second, and planning for my third. It went smoothly and I'm glad I did it (though if they knew he was going to be 9.9 they prob wouldn't have let me) and I'm pretty sure this one will slide out now. BUT they do put this device in you before baby to make sure you don't have uterine rupture and that's not fun but the experience was amazing!

Christi said...

I love reading your blog and about your sweet babies.

Hugs about the stress about family stuff. I've had a lot of that going on lately, and I just hate it. If you find some good yoga stuff to do at home let me know if it really helps.

I'm glad that you're feeling well. You look wonderful.

Teresa said...

I've had two successful VBAC's (2nd and 3rd pregnancies) and neither time was I told I had to have an epidural. It was a choice but not mandatory. I chose an epidural both times....this last time labor was so fast that I didn't really get all the benefits of the epidural anyway.
What I've learned with VBAC' to more than one respectable OB. Learn what other options are available.

~Lindsey said...

Hi Danielle~
Bases on your comments regarding your VBAC delivery, I would encourage you to check into the option of having a Doula at your birth. Doulas offer labor coaching and serve as your advocate in birth. I am a certified doula through Dona International and our goal as Doulas' is to support pregnant mammas with physical and emotional support as well as assistance in acquiring the knowledge necessary for making informed decisions. Here is a notable link where you can find available doulas in your area. I hope that this information is an encouragement and a help to you. May the Lord bless your growing little family!

Unknown said...

I had three similar pregnancies and two girls and a boy!
I got a juicer for my birthday yesterday and so excited!