Saturday, December 6, 2014

#babybutlernumerodos is 13 weeks!

I was 13 weeks as of Thursday, which is my “rollover” day for a new week. I always get excited for Thursdays the way I did for Tuesdays with Jase.

Baby Growth:



#babybutlernumerodos is the size of a peach!!

My Symptoms: Ummm, helllllo moodiness!! FO real, watch out America. I don’t remember being moody like this last time. I can barely stand myself right now, much less other people. Don’t worry, it’s not everyone- I specifically have ZERO tolerance for: laziness, stupidity, poor parenting, poor choices, ignorance, whining, complaining, & bad driving. Seriously, I have avoided blogging and FB because I don’t want to offend anyone.

As far as the nausea, it has been pretty rough this go round too. It seems to be easing up some now. In the beginning, it was more during the day & then hit pretty hard at about 8 pm every night. I never puked last time, but did get sick this pregnancy when I waited too long to eat. (Jase was laughing hysterically & thought the gagging noises were so funny. Typical boy.)

My face is breaking out like crazy. Awesome. Thanks, hormones.

And I’ve been having some  issues in the bathroom (TMI, sorry y’all…I just want to remember this), even with my fiber drink & probiotics. I KNOW it’s because I’m not drinking enough water. I know that hydration is SO, SO important but I just cannot make myself drink water! It’s driving me crazy.

Weight: I gained a few lbs after Thanksgiving, but it’s back down now. It has been fluctuating, but as of today (surprisingly) I haven’t gained anything yet.  I sure LOOK like I have though! My tummy….WHOA. Pops out faster the second time, right? Seriously, it looks like my 17 week belly with Jase.  I know I am definitely not eating as healthy, but I’m doing my best and super hard core about taking my vitamins.

photo 1 (5)photo 3 (4)photo 2 (6)

Gender: Everyone keeps saying they hope we have a girl. And we definitely would love to have a girl at some point, but I’m thinking boy. At first as I was feeling girl (and we were referring to the baby by the girl name we have picked out), but this pregnancy has been *identical* to my pregnancy with Jase so far, so now I think BOY. Y’all know I don’t care either way and know it is a blessing just to have a baby, but I do feel like it is an honor to have an opportunity to raise a strong MAN for the Lord. We live in a generation full of WEAK MEN (roots back to poor parenting, entitlement mentality, & lack of father involvement in my opinion) and desperately need more God-fearing, hard-working, family men like Jonathan Butler. *rant over* (See why I haven’t been blogging?)

I cannot WAIT to find out though. I have no idea how people keep it a surprise. Of course I pray for the baby in the early phases before we know the gender, but the prayers feel so impersonal. I don’t know if it sounds silly, but I feel a whole lot more connected in my prayers when I know the gender. I like praying specifically & by name. I guess it just makes it more real and personal to me.

Maternity Clothes:  Y’all know how I roll. I’m just wearing normal clothes and probably will until I just can’t do it comfortably anymore. And actually, I wear workout clothes most days anyway. Thankfully I’m at home and not working this time. (Although, chasing around a super active 1 1/2 year old can be just as exhausting. Daddy is a rock star and helps out a TON!)

Movement: Not yet. I think it happened around 16 weeks last time? Can’t wait!

Sleep: I am sleeping better this week. A few weeks back I was waking up a lot during the night. I woke up a few nights in the middle of the night and went upstairs to sleep in the guest bedroom. The sheets/blankets are super cool & silky and the bed is really, really comfy. We need a new mattress but are waiting till we hit a certain business goal. Ha!

Cravings: French onion soup! I ate it 5 times in the past week and a half! And do you know what is SO crazy?!?! I looked back on this same post with Jase and was craving the exact.same.thing. How random?!?! My body must need something in those onions. I also got back on my orange kick this week and started eating 1-2 oranges a day. I can’t remember exactly when that started last time, but I do know that I ate an orange almost every single day once I started. Oh, and French toast. I make it with Ezekial bread, but we’ve been having it with scrambled eggs at least 4 times a week.

Work Outs: I took a body pump class this week & really, really enjoyed it. Felt awesome afterwards. Haven’t been exercising as much and am definitely ready to get back into it. It was much easier last pregnancy because Jonathan & I went together, so he encouraged me to go even if I didn’t really feel like it. (I always felt better and slept better afterwards.) Now we take turns going because we don’t feel comfortable taking Jase to the nursery, so it’s too easy for me to just skip out. And I haven’t been taking Jase on as many walks since it has been colder, so I’m going to have to step my game up. I just feel SO MUCH better when I work out., & it definitely helps the moodiness.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Thanksgiving, of course!

Here is a pic from Thanksgiving 2012. I was about 5 weeks ahead of where I am this pregnancy.


Thanksgiving 2013.


And here is Thanksgiving 2014.


Questions/Concerns:  None really. We met with the doctor and heard a really strong heartbeat. He made us feel really good about attempting a VBAC & we are praying he gets to deliver when it comes time. Honestly though, we have a peace either way. As long as that baby gets here safely & mom & baby are healthy we are happy, so that is our prayer. We are super thankful for our doctor. He is extremely knowledgeable & honest. He said they typically recommend a flu shot, but was cool with me skipping out on that. And he encouraged me to get a TDAP booster (whooping cough vaccine) later in pregnancy to help the baby have the immunities. He said if I was his daughter, he would want me to get it. I love that type of advice.

Goals for next week: Drink more water. Juice more. Work out a few more times during the week. Start Christmas shopping. (Ha! No but really. Haven’t bought a single thing.) Cook more meals at home. (I do NOT feel like cooking right now. At all.)

Thoughts: Almost second trimester!! Funny, we are already way more laid back this time. Sometimes we even “forget” I’m pregnant. It definitely isn’t consuming my mind this time like it did last time because I am more focused on taking care of Jase. We are still so overwhelmed with God’s goodness and so thankful for the blessing of an addition to the Butler family.

We are also so overwhelmed and thankful for all of the well wishes & congratulations!! It makes it even more fun having so many of you celebrating the exciting news with us, so thank you for taking time to comment on the blog & FB.

Comparison: Here is my week 13 post with Jase. I started blogging at 9 weeks with him….not sure why I waited longer this time. It’s hilarious looking back at those earlier weeks & seeing that it’s pretty much identical. Super, super excited. Irritable. Breaking out. Didn’t want to drink water. Trouble sleeping. Nauseas. Gotta love first trimester! Here was my 13 week pic with Jase.


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Unknown said...

Congrats on baby #2! I had nausea most of my pregnancy and wore Sea-Band Wristbands for the majority of it. They helped a ton! Hope you start to feel better!