Monday, December 22, 2014

All In: Nationwide 24 Day Challenge with some Sweeeeeet Freebies

This is SUPER exciting!! We have had tremendous success with our group challenges in the past, but there has never been anything THIS BIG. We are joining thousands and thousands (no really, like 80,000+ prob) of others across the country for a nationwide group challenge beginning on Jan 7th! If you’ve ever considered the challenge, this just might be the PERFECT time for you to join us.

Not only will you have accountability & encouragement from others (so you are more likely to stick with it & finish strong), but there are tons of exciting extras. Check out all of the freebies AdvoCare is throwing in for members:

  • Free expedited SHIPPING. (so it arrives prior to Jan 7th)
  • Free blender bottle.
  • Free wristband.
  • One-time free shipping on your next order of $250+ (retail, not out of pocket with your discount) in January.
  • Daily virtual coaching and a new, updated 24 Day Challenge app with daily reminders for taking supplements. (Plus me & Jon as your ‘real-life’ challenge coaches.)
  • Meal & snack ideas, recipes, & tips.
  • Kick-off call with instructions.
  • Webinars from our sci/med board.
  • Pre-orders that won’t process/charge on your card until after Christmas.

Here is the link to the official All In Facebook page. If you decide to give it a shot, definitely be sure to “like” this so you can stay up-to-date.

You can shoot me an e-mail if you have any specific questions, but it is pretty simple. Here is the link for the membership. The membership is really a no-brainer anyway, but now it’s an even better reason to join the team. No monthly minimums, quotas, or autoships. It’s really pretty similar to a Sam’s or Costco, except you get a box of Spark & box of Slam ($59 retail value) for becoming a member, PLUS your own free microsite where you can log in anytime you want to order with your own discount. I’m a sales rack kinda gal anyway so that just made sense for us.

Once you become a member, you will see the link for the “All-In” bundle where you can choose your shake flavor, Spark flavors (you get to pick 2), MNS type, & add-ons. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail & I will also reach out once you’re enrolled to set up a time to call ya so we can “meet” and go over all the fun details!



Photo: Are you ready to go All-In with us in 2015? Use #AdvoCareAllIn to stay connected during the nationwide 24-Day Challenge™! Check out these reminders to help get you started before the Challenge begins on January 7,2015.

Make sure you use the hashtag #advocareallin to track your progress & follow others on social media who are also participating. What a fun way to connect with others who are ready to get in the best shape of their life in 2015!


Photo: Are you All-In? #AdvoCareAllIn

Cannot WAIT to see everyone’s results!! Coaching people & helping them get incredible results on challenges is one of my favorite things…super, super rewarding. I know Jonathan & several of our friends, family members, & teammates are ready to rock theirs out while me & #babybutlernumerodos cheer them on and follow the healthy eating plan right alongside them. We are SO ready!

And P.S. Here are my pics from the first time I did a challenge…

& the last time I did a challenge after being pregnant and nursing Jase for 14 months. Products work.

I definitely saw my body composition change, but what you can’t see in the pictures (and hands down my FAVORITE part) was the incredible energy & overall feeling of wellness. Oh, and saying goodbye to the cravings. You know if something can help with MY sweet tooth, it’s the real deal.

I cannot think of a single better way to kick start your 2015, and it would be an honor to have a part in helping you achieve your goals. We would love to coach you, so let us know if you have questions or if we can help.

Jan 7th, HERE we come!!

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Amber said...

Hi! What email do I use to email you? I have some questions about it all. I emailed you a wile ago at the latest address you've posted but I think it must be the wrong one cause I didn't get any reply. Thanks. Amber