Sunday, November 30, 2014

Invitation for Men: Men’s Leadership Call


I am SO excited about this. I don’t typically post calls we are a part of on my blog, but this one is so important that I want as many fellas as we can get to listen in on this as possible. Ladies, if you have some men in your life, encourage them to take a few minutes out of their evening to listen in. These are four men whom me greatly admire and respect for their leadership in their homes, churches, and communities. One of them happens to be my handsome hubby.  For those of you that know him personally, you have seen his tremendous growth as a man and leader (especially over the last few years). He has always had these great characteristics & tons of potential, so it has been awesome watching him continue to flourish and impact so many other lives. I cannot wait to hear the wisdom Jonathan and the others share tonight. (Yep. I’ll be listening in, too.) Jon is so real, humble, and down to earth…y’all are going to love hearing the strength behind that good ole country accent.


Ladies, don’t worry….I’ve got some good stuff coming specifically for you also, but tonight, let’s focus on loading this up. It’s encouragement, wisdom, and a challenge for men. I know it is going to bring some serious value. Here is the official invitation if you want to pass it along to the men in your life.


If you get a chance to listen in, we would love for you to email us with any feedback. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks for helping us spread the word.


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