Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Orange Beach: Family Time

I love that AdvoCare is a FAMILY company! There are times (like the upcoming Kids on the Coast trip) where you can bring your family along & enjoy time with other Advo families.

Both of our parents are truly a blessing beyond words and so quick to volunteer to help out with Jase if we ever need it. I love hoe much they all love our Baby Jase! Thankfully we both get a LOT of quality time at home with him, so we know it’s important for him to have time to develop relationships with other family members too. He totally his the JACKPOT in the grandparent department!

We bring Jase with us whenever possible, and if there are any events where we can’t bring kids (trainings, etc.) we bring my parents to hang out with Jase. It’s nice to be able to “spoil” them for a change, and they enjoy the time with him as much as he does being with Grammy & Granddaddy.

We spent a good chunk of our time with our awesome TEAM who earned the trip, but got in a good amount of family time too. Jase had an absolute blast!!

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He loved playing in the water and running around the condo!


That little cheesy smile! I could kiss those cheeks right off!! Ahhhh….


You always know when he’s cutting teeth (he cuts multiples every time) because he wants to chew on his finger.


So thankful for these two! Love my precious mama & daddy more than words.


My parents left Orange Beach on Sunday afternoon, and we stayed for a couple more days, just the three of us. We had a BLAST!! It was so laid back & I am so thankful for sweet memories with out little family….Butler, Party of 3!


My favorite night was definitely dinner our last night. It was a really cool outdoor restaurant and Jase had a ball running around and making new friends.


This was one of our most RELAXING trips in a LONG time! Everything was so laid back and smooth, and he slept great on the way home. Thankful for a much needed fun, family-filled weekend.

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