Friday, October 10, 2014

Jacksonville Anniversary Trip

This year for our anniversary, we decided to add to our gun collection as our gift to one another. Jonathan is a good ole country boy and grew up hunting and shooting, but this is totally new to me.

We decided this year for our anniversary weekend we would head to Jacksonville to spend the weekend with some of our great friends!! (Don’t worry…we work together from home, so we get PLENTY of alone time!)

We had an AdvoCare training while we were there, enjoyed some AWESOME meals, and of course got in a Crossfit workout, but we spent a good bit of time learning about gun safety, how to properly handle a firearm, fundamentals, home safety, etc. We spent a good bit of time at the gun range too. Here are some pictures from our AWESOME weekend!

We started with dinner at Zoe’s Kitchen in Jax. If you’ve never eaten there and you have one around you, eat there. It was AMAZING!


We headed over to the AdvoCare business opportunity meeting, and it was absolutely INCREDIBLE! Over 100 champions in the room, and it still knocks my socks off every time I hear all the incredible stories. LOVED finally getting to meet my long time friend Danielle in person!

10687203_10100168070288102_8176017880137664400_n (1)

And I get choked up every time I listen to my handsome hubby share. Seriously, THAT is a man I would follow anywhere. I am so thankful for his leadership in our family and for our team


I had the privilege of training some too. I have no doubt that teaching is my calling, and I love that I have an opportunity to live out that passion through AdvoCare.


The next morning started off with this bad boy…


Thank you Ginger for teaching me proper form with a squat clean when I was in college. It made my life a lot easier during this 17 minutes of my life.


The box was awesome & the owner/coach was super sweet. I really enjoyed talking to her & she was super helpful.


Jonathan would be a BEAST Crossfitter if he ever decided to give it a shot. We do enjoy it occasionally when we are with our friends, but we just really like the gym & kickboxing. It’s definitely nice to mix it up though & the WODs always reveal our weaknesses.


Well if this doesn’t scream “No excuses!” I’m not sure what does. Beth was awesome!!


After our workout, we showered and headed straight over to the range. DJ (far right) was an awesome instructor!!



Whoa BACK muscles!!


Dinner was at Season’s 52, and y’all, it was SO delish!! Seriously, made it into my top 5.


As great as dinner (& dessert) were, my favorite part of the evening was definitely the fellowship, the conversation, and the laughs. These friends raise our lid and make us better people.


We headed back to the gun range Saturday morning, and I seriously felt like a new woman! So much more confident.


It took me a few shots, but I finally got the hang of it.


Beth is straight up a sharp shooter. Do not mess with her.


Both of the Reynolds are pretty solid zombie killers actually, so zombies….BEWARE.


They just look like pros.


Thank you Jesse & Beth for going above and beyond to be great hosts, and thank you DJ for your patience & expertise. (Seriously bud, you deserve a medal for putting up with me). And of course, I LOVE my girl Marissa!! You guys all spoiled us for our anniversary and we had such an awesome time hanging out.


By the way, they all have blogs too. Check em out!


Lindsey @ SimplyLindsey said...

I love Season's 52! We used to have one nearby when we lived in DC, but I don't think we have one in Charlotte. Their food is so fresh and delicious! They treat you like kings and queens when you ever have a celebration too!

Carrington {Momma Fussell} said...

So I've been following a while but haven't commented in a long time. Congrats on baby number two! I live in fernandina {Amelia Island} and Seasons 52 is my absolute favorite!