Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Who do we know near Evansville, Indiana?

This is going to be an INCREDIBLE event! We had the privilege of hearing Mike & his precious little gem of a wife (Dr. Deb) speak this past weekend, and we just love them!! They are so full of integrity, class, and wisdom.  Don’t worry, post coming soon on Dr. Deb’s awesome training!!

Honestly, it’s not a business opportunity meeting as much as Coach Wade teaching how to financially protect your family. Check out this bio! He’s a big dog in the area of life.

  • AdvoCare Sales Vice President
  • Coached major college football at University of Missouri and Southern Methodist University
  • Built multi-million dollar AdvoCare Distributorship
  • First man to earn Spirit of AdvoCare Award
  • Integral in forming the successful endorsement team of champion athletes in place at AdvoCare

Shoot me an e-mail if you’re anywhere near there & want to check it out. We would love for you to see “what we are about.” Plus, you’ll get to meet some of my beautiful friends & hear their inspiring stories. Going to be an awesome night!!

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