Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Champion Mindset

Dr. Deb is one of my favorite people. I know I haven’t known her for a super long time, but she is just one of those super relatable people…and a woman whom I would be more than happy to model my life after. She’s a petite little ole thing (really, I could carry her in my back pocket), but has a heart the size of Texas and is so full of wisdom. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you can just TELL they love the Lord? Well that’s Dr. Deb. She is very nurturing and always smiling. I bet her sons think she hung the moon! I really hope as I grow, that others perceive me the way I perceive her.


We first met her in Cabo where she shared some tips on building a champion marriage and family. She is a licensed psychologist who has had her own practice for years, so she knows her stuff. She has also served as the sports psychologist at SMU  and helped athletes improve athletic performance and better deal with their personal lives. Seriously, I could have used some Dr. Deb lovin’ when I pitched in college!! Ha! We had the privilege of hearing her share about a champion mindset while in Orange Beach (post coming soon), and it was AWESOME. Naturally as an athlete, I love sports talk….and because I’m a super nerd and LOVE to learn, I went sponge mode to soak up everything she had to say so I could pass it along to you.

I feel like sports can prepare you for life in so many ways, & her tips can absolutely help you in any area of your life if you apply these concepts.


My favorite thing about hearing her speak is that she teaches through stories, which I love! Some of my other favorite teachers do that too (like Andy Andrews , for example). There’s a reason Jesus taught in parables….it makes it real & relevant. Obviously this cliff notes version (& I’m using Jonathan’s notes) hardly do it justice, but I hope you find something you can implement in your life.



  • What is your standard of excellence? Consider what “excellence” looks like in the different areas of your life. Have a measurable bar.
  • Commitment to hard work + heart + the brain = success potential. If you leave any one of those out of the equation, you will not reach your full success potential.
  • Never strive for perfection. Strive for excellence in all areas. (There is a difference.)
  • Winning is a habit! (Not a sometimes thing.)

1. Self-esteem: Wear blinders & ear plugs. (Basically, do not compare yourself to others.) Focus on your own journey! Control the controllables. (What you focus on increases. If you focus on anything else- the umps/refs, coaches, opponents abilities, insecurities, etc, you are doing yourself an injustice.) Accept yourself right where you are, but commit to growth & improvement. Believe in yourself. **Psalm 139


2. Be Optimistic! Do you see what’s out the window, or are you focused on the fingerprints on the glass?

3. High Internal Standard: Eliminate “I have to” and “I can’t”. Do not blame others- take responsibility for YOUR effort, attitude, and actions.

4. Discipline: Motivation is not enough. You have to be disciplined and practice relentlessly. VISUALIZE!! Eliminate the ANTS (automatic negative thoughts).

-A Champion GPS:

  • Identify your destination. (Begin with the end in mind. Know your goals.)
  • Listen closely to your instructions. (Be coachable. Observe what others who have what you want have done, and do what they did.)
  • Realize there are no shortcuts. (Work hard. Apply the “Slight Edge” principle.)
  • If you are off track, ask for directions.  (Take time to self-reflect and determine if your daily actions are bringing you closer to or further from your goals. If you’re not moving the direction you want to be going, set aside your pride and ask for help.)


- Champions:

  • Expect to win!
  • Celebrate small wins.
  • Don’t make excuses.
  • Focus on what you get to do…not what you have to do.
  • Believe in yourself and your GOALS. (Specific, measurable goals.)
  • Draw the line in the sand and GO FOR IT.
  • Work consistently. Outwork everyone else, but especially yourself.
  • Never listen to the dream stealers. (Don’t even get me started on dream stealers. The most attention they deserve from you is you praying for them)
  • Inspiration + motivation + preparation + perspiration + determination = DESTINATION.  Do you have all of the components of this equation?


We are thankful for a company that pours into your marriage and your personal growth the way AdvoCare does. I am so thankful Charlie Ragus (AdovCare’s founder) developed these guiding principles that have continued to be carried out for the last 21 years. It is no wonder our company attracts champion leaders like the Wade’s. Thank you for your wisdom, Dr. Deb!

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