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Success School 2014

The BEST way I know to capture the weekend is through pictures, and even that doesn’t really do it justice. I did my best to get a picture of everyone, so hopefully I didn’t leave anyone out. (If I did or if you don’t want your story on here, be sure to let me know.)

We arrived in Dallas Fort-Worth on Thursday, August 7 for the President's Party & National Leadership Team meeting. The team started arriving Friday night for the opening session.

We loved having an opportunity to see old friends, hug some necks, and meet several new team members for the first time. It is like a reunion with lots of your favorite people! All of AdvoCare is great, but our team is pretty special.

One of my favorite things about AdvoCare is that all walks of life can be successful. We have so many awesome friends that we never would have met if it weren’t for this opportunity, & it’s so cool to see their success and the positive impact their “YES” is having on families across the nation.

Jesse & Beth are some of our fearless leaders from Jacksonville. They are dear friends and have been incredible mentors for us, way beyond just business. They have built AdvoCare to an extremely high level in their 6 1/2 years and literally helped thousands of people improve their circumstances through either health or finances. They’re expecting their first little one, Daniel, in October! God is so good. You’ll have to check out their story about God's faithfulness in their pregnancy here.


Love all of these ladies! {Pictured from left to right}  Nikki is a longshoreman and new mama from New Jersey! She and I actually met through the blog and we have become great friends with her and her hubby. We talk pretty much daily and even visited her and her rock star team in Jersey when Jase was a little guy. Cayci is still pretty new to AdvoCare, but has lost 22 lbs since Jan! Isn’t that awesome? She just graduated from college and got a job at the hospital. She and I first met when I taught her Jazzercise YEARS ago, but reconnected because we go to the same church. Emily is a new friend I met through Jon’s best bud, Gabe. She is one SMART cookie…an engineer..and a pretty intense kickboxer. And miss Ashley is one of the first few people who joined our team when we first got started back in March of 2012. She did my hair when I was in college and began using products to get in shape for (and help pay for) her wedding. All of these ladies just met for the first time in Dallas and became quick friends.


Rynna is an assistant principal and Cashen is a college student/daycare worker. I taught Rynna’s other daughter Bennett (who couldn’t come and we missed dearly) when she was in middle school. Can’t believe she graduated already! We love this sweet family & love when AdvoCare is a family affair! Rynna & her hubby have lost over 80 lbs combined and are training for their first half marathon together.


Love me some Kelly & Dave! Kelly is a physician (she delivers babies) and Dave is a musician. This lovely Michigan couple has 3 beautiful daughters and are helping so many people (including themselves) get fantastic results. Seriously, can you believe hot mama has THREE kids??


This is part of the rock star Indiana team (with a Fussel in the background photobombing) who drove all the way to Texas! Love these beautiful ladies. Some are single. Some are champion mamas working towards getting home to their babies. Some are recent college grads. We have one with a corporate job, one with multiple jobs, a dental hygienist, and an employee for Toyota. Sam, Audra, & Lois began the trip as semi-strangers and left the weekend as the best of friends. They’ve all had fantastic results with the performance products, especially the running goodies.


This is Justin & Breaa  (bro & sis who are both straight ROCKIN it out- how cool when families get to do this together!).  Niki (Justin’s wife) just had beautiful baby Ace, so she couldn’t make it. We are SO stoked for all of the success their team is having though. She is  super busy mom of 3 boys & he works crazy hours, yet still just qualified at a level that pays on average an extra $81,000/year. Also pictures is Jamie. We had the privilege of meeting her and her hubby Shawn (who is in law enforcement) when we were in Indiana a few weeks ago. They have a beautiful family and are truly servant leaders, which means they will definitely do big things here.


How about this sweet couple? Jonathan is a lawyer and Taryn stays home with their 3 beautiful baby girls. They have dropped a combined total of 87 lbs since starting AdvoCare! What an awesome example they are setting for their sweet girls. They have helped so many others accomplish their goals as well, and they are building a significant plan B to give their family some options. Champions!!


These are some precious friends of ours from Dahlonega. Carmen is a kindergarten teacher & Quentin is a youth pastor. They are expecting their first little guy, sweet Baby Jack. They have absolute hearts of GOLD & we are so thankful for their friendship. They are the kind of people who make you a better person.


Are these not the sweetest baby bumps?


Justin & Michelle are the newlyweds from Baton Rouge. Are they not both just glowing with that newlywed glow? They are rock stars in LIFE and in AdvoCare. I’m pretty sure they are on a mission to take over Louisiana, Illinois, and Tennessee. Their extra income from Advo also allowed them to pay cash for parts of their wedding, and has them on track to be debt-free in 2015. GREAT way to start your married life!


These sweet ladies have all had AMAZING results! Some runners, some mamas, some future mamas. They are from all over, but have on thing in common. They have improved their health and fitness significantly, have paid that forward to help others do the same, and are now earning substantial extra income on a part-time basis as a result. We lovvvvve us some Natalie, Lindsay, Renee, and Lori and cannot wait to spend time with them at Orange Beach.


This story is SO dear to my heart. These are two of my favorite people. (Do I say that about everyone?) Chris & Melissa are a military family who have sacrificed so much TIME for Chris to serve our country for that past 23 years. He is a big teddy bear with a heart of gold, and I have never seen anyone more driven to help others succeed than Melissa. She is a FIREBALL! She & I have become great friends as we talk daily, & she makes me laugh every day. They have three precious kiddos & are working hard to help others so they have more T-I-M-E. So Chris won’t have to miss any more birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Here we’ve got some Jersey girls – one from corporate America and two teachers. (L to R: Christina, Lauren, & Tara) These ladies have lost and helped others lose in the HUNDREDS of lbs since they became a part of AdvoCare. Lauren’s story had us all in tears because it is so powerful. Christina is one of the biggest go-getters I’ve met, and Tara is my “Jersey twin.” Love them!


Check out these gorgeous high school friends! They hadn’t seen each other since high school! Both are extremely successful in the professional world as well as the workout world. Christine is a champion golfer and Megan is a rock star Crossfitter. Both are studs in everything they do.


How about this beauty? Doesn’t she look just like Monica Potter? AdvoCare has been such a blessing for Rachel and her family, particularly in helping pay for some special needs for one of their precious three kiddos. I LOVE when people mistake us for sisters. Makes me want to high five myself.


CJ & Meleisa are also great mentors to us. They are both lifetime educators, and CJ has spent his life as a football coach as well.  He is one of the top US Olympic weight lifting coaches in the US and has a daughter who competes at a high level. They have both walked away from teaching and coaching because they are earning about 5x what they made as a teacher, AND they have been able to pay cash for their daughters’ out-of-state college tuition. We are so thankful for their help & mentorship.


Nat is another one of those awesome Jersey girls. She is a champion mom and fitness instructor with the gift of encouragement. Seriously, I leave every conversation with her totally uplifted. She has become a dear friend through this and we are so excited to see her continue helping so many others.


Russ & Katie are some of our newest friends, and we just absolutely LOVE them to pieces. They are a military family from FL, and we have fallen in love with their purpose. We are so thankful for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms, so now we want to fight for their freedom. (I don’t care if that sounds cheesy. It is TRUE.) They are extremely coachable and we are so thankful we got to know them better because they are incredible people. Oh, and Katie has lost about 60 lbs and Russ about 25. Good stuff, right?


James is an an assistant attorney general who has paid off over $100,000 (yes, you read that correctly) since November of 2012. Mariah is his beautiful wife and a sweet, sweet friend of mine. They met through AdvoCare and their fabulousssss matchmaker- remember??


We are forever indebted to Todd & Hollie Vokal for interrupting our lives to share AdvoCare with us. I taught middle school with Todd & we were good buddies. Neither of us knew when he first introduced AdvoCare to me & Jon how this would absolutely change our lives and our family’s future forever, but we are SO, SO thankful he shared. And how cool you get to do this business with the people you choose? With your FRIENDS?


Here are some of the other pictures from the weekend. I have a journal SLAP FULL of notes too, but I cannot find it ANYWHERE right now. If I can’t find it, I will probably cry. But, I’m going to share a few of my favorite takeaways from the weekend off the top of my head. (Word to the wise: Never trust your future to your memory. And don’t lose misplace the journal, either. Sheesh.)


Andy Andrews is hands down one of the best speakers/authors we have ever heard/read. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his books. He spoke a good bit about parenting and how to raise kids to make an impact for this nation. My favorite quote? “Don’t make your goal to raise great kids. Make your goal to raise kids who become great adults.” Can I get an AMEN???


No big deal…just Rich Froning, 4th time Crossfit Games Champion & unbelievable human being….AdvoCare endorser…setting a heavy Grace PR. I don’t know much about Crossfit, but what I do know is that he is a stud.


I mean, he’s no Jonathan Butler or anything… (Rich- if you’re reading this, don’t worry. You BOTH are stud status in my book. If you are cool enough to earn the title as Big Jon’s “man crush,” then you’re a pretty big deal.)


Wanted to show y’all this side-by-side comparison. I’m sure Jesse knows the exacts & will correct me if he reads this, but the picture on the left was our first SS in July of 2012. Picture on the right is this Success School, August 2014, two short years later.

L: Jesse & Beth were emerald leaders. We were silver leaders. No babies yet for either of us. Jon had on a backwards hat (obviously, but it needed pointing out) & other than lovin’ & rockin’ some products, didn’t have much interest.

R: Jesse & Beth are diamond leaders. Baby Daniel on the way. We have Jase who is 15 months. Emerald leaders. Both full-time, work-from-home families. Jon leads our Advo business. And looks handsome as can be in his outfit.

**WOW! CRAZY how much can change in 2 years!! Sorry…just had to reflect on that for a moment.



I LOOOOOVE hearing Jonathan share. I bring some enthusiasm and passion to the table, but he brings straight HEART. Man is GENUINE. Seriously, it has been INCREDIBLE to watch him transform over these past 2 1/2 years. He has always been a great man and leader, but I am over the moon with pride for who he has become. He may or may not have dropped a little beat box action into the mich too. I’m tellin ya, there’s not much he CAN’T do. #stud #hubbyjackpot (Can I start hashtagging on the blog? No? K. I’ll save it for Instagram.)


My hands down FAVORITE portion of the weekend was the (optional) chapel service on Sunday morning. Michael W. Smith led worship, and it was POWERFUL. We are in a season in our lives right now where we can’t stay at church for 4+ hours like we used to because Jase needs a nap, so we feel like the Lord has led us to attend Sunday School. We still worship at home and in the car, but there is something so powerful about praising our Lord & Savior with fellow believers. How about 25,000 of them? I was just SO OVERWHELMED with thankfulness and with God’s goodness, I could hardly get myself together to sing. We do not like to miss church, and I am thankful AdvoCare provides this opportunity for those who want to participate.


Notes from the weekend: (I’m going to have see if I can find my journal bc I don’t want to butcher the wisdom that was shared with us by trying to paraphrase. Check back soon!)


Here is the video recap from the weekend. Like I said, hardly does justice to the life changing messages that were shared. As always, I can say with confidence that we left the weekend better people than we came in, and that’s what it’s all about. Growth. Leadership. Helping others. Adding value. And making positive life changes that will benefit generations to come.

Is it too soon to start counting down for next year??

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