Thursday, August 14, 2014

Success School 2014: President’s Party & National Leadership

I cannot even TELL y’all how excited I get for some Success School!! I’m seriously like a kid at Christmas anticipating it & can barely sleep for the few nights before. Legit, I have to take Sleep Works to shut my mind off and rest up for it because I get so pumped. The fact that Jonathan looks forward to it as much as I do and it’s something we get to enjoy together makes it even better.

First of all, I am a super nerd and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to learn….especially when it comes to the things I’m passionate about like wellness, nutrition, leadership, entrepreneurship, debt freedom, etc. You better believe I have my journal ready to go & I straight fill that bad boy up.  I love hearing from the doctors on the sci/med board train on why AdvoCare’s products are hands down the top nutritional products in the marketplace. (You should look into their credentials- they are the BEST of the BEST in their respective fields.) I love hearing the inspiring stories of people who have changed their family’s health, lives and circumstances through this opportunity.  Plus, they always have some super cool surprises up their sleeves for us! They release the suh-weeeet new products, have some of the awesome endorsers swing by, and release the new incentive trip. One of my favorite parts of the entire weekend though is hands-down the optional chapel service where Michael W. Smith leads worship. It is POWERFUL. More about all that fun stuff later!

So, other than all of sessions, my very favorite part is spending time with our incredible team. We have the BEST team and are blessed with a tremendous group of friends who have truly impacted our lives in such a positive way. We are SO thankful for all of you who make us better!! We love you guys.

We arrived in Dallas on Thursday & may or may not have driven past the hotel about 5 times before finally figuring out how to make it over there. I love Texas, but Dallas, your roads are straight CRAZY and that road work is for the birds. Love when that old GPS gives us a hard time. No one said you have to be a good navigator to do this business! Shew!

We grabbed lunch with some friends when we arrived at the hotel and also got to meet sweet little miss big truck for the first time too. She is PRECIOUS, Nikki & Mike!

Every year the President’s Party has a theme. Our first time at NLT President’s Party was on Valentine’s Day (Feb 2013- I was about 7 1/2 months prego) and it was a black tie event where the Temptations were the entertainment for the evening. The second time was at Billy Bob’s and was a western theme. The third President’s Party was a casino night, & this year it was at the Dallas zoo! They have all been such a blast!


We had a team pre-game get together at Ruth’s Chris for fellowship & appetizers before they shuttled us over to the zoo on the charter buses. Y’all, Texas is HOT, and I LOVE it. I thought my skin might actually melt, but instead my spray tan just sweated through my white shorts. Spray tan + white shorts + 137 degrees is not a great combo, in case you were wondering.

They wanted us to dress casual & comfy, and obviously our team decided to rock the good ole America theme for this year. What can we say, we are patriotic. And let’s just be real….there’s not too much out there that says “AMERICA” more than a Reagan/Bush shirt & Free Bird. Am I right, or am I right?


We LOVE these people.



So, so proud of these studs for earning their way there. NLT is a BIG, FAT deal & we are so excited for them and all of the lives they are impacting.


We didn’t see too many of the animals, but that’s because we were distracted by seeing all of our friends. It’s like a reunion & we love getting to hug all these necks!


Love my BFF Dana and thankful we are both a part of this incredible company together.


We spent Friday morning being poured into by the best of the best. Loved soaking up all of the wisdom in that room.


After the training ended, they gave us an opportunity to serve the community by stuffing backpacks with school supplies for Jason Witten’s foundation. Absolutely LOVE the heart of this company & what it stands for, especially when it comes to encouraging the distributors to be generous of both time and finances. Values, my friends…

We had a little while to grab lunch, meet up with our team, pick up a few gals, & get ready for the Friday night kick off session in Cowboys stadium. Post to come about all of that fun, but this was definitely a super exciting start to a PHENOMENAL, life-changing, and inspiring weekend.


xabz Mukuba said...

I love to learn as well, whenever i get a chance i take the opportunity to attend conferences

P!nky said...

Sounds wonderful! Your passion is so energizing!!! LOVE THE REAGAN BUSH SHIRTS!!

Tammy Farmer said...

LOVEEE this ! Your passion is contagious ! YOU my sweet friend is exactly the type of person I want in my circle ! Love you !

Christi said...

my child's dance teacher was in the stadium doing the splits during NLT. and she's not young, but Advocare must help her stay young and strong! she's an amazing lady.