Friday, August 22, 2014

Song of Solomon Video Series

One of you recommended this to me a while back (thank you to whoever it was), and a couple weeks ago I started to dig in to these videos on the Song of Solomon series.

Y’all know by now I’m a "Fix the roof while it's  not raining" kinda gal. I am so thankful for Big Jon & the relationship we have, but marriage takes lots of WORK & EFFORT, and the time to invest in your marriage is BEFORE the problems arise. I am all about any resources that give us godly wisdom concerning marriage and help strengthen our relationship even more.

So far I have been spending a few minutes listening to this video series before we go to bed a couple nights a week. It might be worth turning off the tv a few minutes earlier and listening to this with your spouse for just 20 min a night instead?

It’s funny & lighthearted, yet based on Biblical truth. Even if you’re not married, I highly encourage you to watch the videos. There are some geared directly toward dating too.

Here ya go: Song of Solomon Sermon Series (whew, say that 3x fast!)

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Unknown said...

Ah! This post made my day. So glad you're enjoying jobys teachings and spreading the word!