Monday, August 25, 2014

Jase: 14 Months

  • You turned 15 months on August 8th.
  • You are wearing size 6 diaper, 24 mos- 2T clothes, & size 6-6 1/2shoe.


  • We still haven’t had your hair cut. We joke about your mullet, but really I just LOVE that sweet blond hair and I know you’ll look like such a big boy when we get it cut, so we’ll just hold out as long as we can.


  • You are giving me big, big hugs and the sweetest little kisses! Sometimes if I am squatted down, you will come up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You’ve always been loving, but have DEFINTELY turned into quite a snuggle bug! You are the most snuggly with me, but you’ll give other people some serious high 5’s. Not gonna lie- when you come run up to me and wrap your arms around my neck and squeeze me, give me a big smooch, & pat me on my arm….definitely in top 3 of my all-time favorite things EVER.


  • You are cutting MORE teeth. You are up to 14 now! Wowza!!
  • Grammy taught you how to “smell,” and when you scrunch your little nose and pucker you lips as you sniff something, it is seriously the sweetest little face I have EVER SEEN. I am going to try really hard to get a picture because it is TOO STINKIN CUTE and I really want to remember this face.
  • You really like to make people laugh. You also like to fake laugh if other people are laughing. You love to talk a lot too!


  • You smile the biggest when Mommy & Daddy are hugging, kissing, & playing together.
  • We visited your pediatrician on the 12th for your 15 month visit. For the first time ever, it was a struggle. Ever since your last set of shots where the nurse scratched you with the needle, you do NOT like going in to the doctor’s office. (I don’t blame you.) We had a really tough time weighing and measuring you, but you weigh 25 lbs (58%) and are 32 1/2 in long (90%). Praise the Lord you are all healthy. We had 2 vaccines while we were there & you were fine afterwards and the next day. (We break them up)


  • You love to drink water- especially through a straw.
  • You drink milk twice a day out of a sippy.
  • We try to remember to brush your teeth 2x a day. You have an electric toothbrush like mom & dad and love to mimic that, along with everything else we do.
  • You really enjoy helping clean up. You like cleaning up a mess with paper towels, unloading the dishwasher, sweeping, and vacuuming with dad. You only like the small vacuum- the big one scares you a little.

IMG_3562IMG_3565 (vacuuming)

  • You always pick up crumbs on the ground and hand them to me.
  • You like to play on our bed and get really silly climbing over all the pillows.
  • You can identify your belly & hair, and my nose & ear.
  • Anytime you hear a dog bark you start yelling out “Mac! Mac!”


  • When we pull up in Grammy & Grandaddy’s driveway, the first part is gravel and you start saying “Mac” because you know where we are. You love to play in the wagon and pet all the dogs. (wagon ride)
  • You do not like being put in your car seat. We are learning the art of distraction.
  • You LOVE to play with any type of ball- baseball, basketball, soccer ball, golf balls.


  • You can say quite a few words now. Here are a few I can think of: Mama, Daddy, Night Night, Ball, Bye Bye, Mac, Grandaddy, Mimi, Papa, Matty, stop, stop it (yikes!), ouch, & today  I’m pretty sure you said “over there”
  • You are such a HAPPY boy!
  • You are still a great eater and eat whatever we eat. You eat steel cut oats or Ezekial toast with yogurt or peanut butter, a boiled egg, and a banana for breakfast. We usually eat leftovers (protein, veggies, and sweet potato, for example) for lunch, and whatever we make for dinner (you eat grilled chicken, tuna, fish- whatever!). You really like beans, watermelon, & smoothies (I sneak in kale & spinach- you love it!) but hands down your FAVORITE food is BREAD! We have to hide the rolls from you if you go out. You also eat lots of Organic O’s as a snack, especially when we go on walks. We had goldfish in the house for a few days, but threw them away because you really wanted to go to town on those too. Guess you’re a carb man?


  • You LOVE to push buttons. Keys, laptop, in the car, light switches, remotes, phones, elevator…anywhere you can find a button.
  • You don’t like to sit still and do not enjoy being read to as much as you used to.
  • You were hitting yourself in the head for a few days. I started to get worried until your daddy pointed out you ONLY do it in you high chair, and we realized you’re putting on your “helmet of salvation.” (I taught you a little rhyme about the armor of God with hand motions. Needless to say, I’ve had to come up with an alternative for that one.)
  • You’ve woken up a few times in the middle of the night screaming. Not sure if it’s bad dreams or teething. Probably a combo of both, but most likely teething. A couple times I went upstairs to comfort you, but that only woke you up even more & you stayed awake way longer. It’s never for more than 5 minutes, and if I just wait it out, you go right back to sleep. Now I just sit outside of your room for a few minutes if you wake up and wait for you to go back to sleep.
  • You always like to have something in your hand. You really like cars too.



  • You do NOT like to sit still to have your diaper changed sometimes.
  • Sometimes you tell me to “stop it” when I’m doing something you don’t like. Ohhhh boy.
  • You love going on walks!
  • We celebrated Grandma’s birthday. You are crazy about your grandparents & have them all wrapped around your finger.


  • Speaking of, Grandpa gave you $20 and told you to buy a toy. Mom picked out some golf clubs (which you LOVE!) and dad picked out a “baby laptop” (which is great entertainment for the car. Lots of buttons to push!).
  • You let us know when you’re tired! You will lay your head down on a pillow or walk to the stairs and say “night night.” You still REALLY like your sleep and take a long morning nap (about 2 1/2hours) and about a 45 min evening nap. You go down for the nap by 8 or 8:30 and sleep till about 8:30 am.


  • You love for us to “chase you” and “get you.” You can pretty much RUN now. I can’t believe how great your walking has improved over this past month.
  • You like for things to be put away. Ummm, wonder where you get that? (Hint: me) (Telling Dad to put his shoes away)
  • You would stay outside all day, every day if I would let you.


  • You really like to walk down our hill & play with sidewalk chalk. It’s all fun & games to you draw on the house. Oops.


  • You have really sensitive skin.
  • You prefer being around big kids to babies. You think you grown, boy.


  • You FINALLY started letting us put a hat on you again & actually keep it on.


  • We have a potty out in the bathroom & try to sit you on it some to get you thinking about it. Right now you just like to play with it and put my jewelry in there. Awesome.


  • You can CLIMB & are tall enough to open doors.  ( – climbing in pack n play)
  • Just when I thought you looked like me, I found your daddy’s baby pictures and realized you are totally his mini-me! LOVE it.


Baby Jase-

I don’t even know how to describe my love for you other than “my cup runneth over.” You fill me to the absolute fullest & have me bubbling over with the purest LOVE & JOY.  You add so many extra smiles and laughs to our day, every day, and we are so excited for you to wake up every morning to see what the next day holds. Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a heritage from the Lord and a reward from him, and you, my sweet boy, are “exceedingly and abundantly all we could ask or imagine” (Eph 3:20). You are precious, precious, precious. I love your sense of humor already- I think you get that from your dad. I love that you’re so happy,  helpful, & friendly. We’re having so much fun seeing more and more of your personality every day. You aren’t very patient and you seem to be a little bit strong-willed, so we are going to have to work through that. Praying every day that you are a “man after God’s own heart” like David; faithful through affliction like Job; have the strength of Samson; the wisdom of Solomon; the heart for the lost and the boldness of Paul; and more than anything, that you strive to be more like Christ and others see him shining brightly through YOU. I have no doubt you will be a warrior for Christ. We also pray Luke 2:52- that you grow in wisdom and favor with God and man.

You are the closest thing I’ve ever experienced to knowing how God must feel about us. It’s hard for me to imagine the Lord loves you any more than your Daddy and I do, but we are so thankful he doe.

Love you more than words.




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