Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, DJ!!

I bet y’all didn’t know this….but I am a GREAT Aunt!

I mean, I am a great aunt, but I’m also a legit great aunt. My brother and sisters were teenagers when my parents adopted me, so I became an aunt when I was 6 years old. That means my oldest nephews aren’t too far off from me age-wise. Dustin & Amie had DJ just a few months after we had Jase. We are so proud of the parents they are to their sweet boy.

We had a blast celebrating DJ’s 1st birthday last Saturday with our family and friends.


Check out the birthday cutie and his camo cake!


Is he not the SWEETEST?!?! LOVE those long eyelashes, baby blues, and sweet red curls.


Little man tore some cake up. He takes after his GREAT Aunt!


We also got to see my sister’s beautiful new house! So excited for her & thankful she is now living so close to the rest of the fam. We’ve been praying for her house situation for a long time, and as always, God provided abundantly and exceedingly more than she could ask or imagine (in HIS perfect timing). God is faithful!

Love you, bud!! Happy 1st birthday!!