Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Braylon!

I was super blessed to be able to experience pregnancy with some of my best friends. Laura & I had our little fellas about two weeks apart.


No, it wasn’t planned (that would just be weird)….but YES, it was very, very COOL to be pregnant & deliver around the same time. It has been awesome watching our boys grow up together & experience similar milestones over the past year. I love sharing ideas & learning things from my mommy friends. She reminds me of things to pray for Jase that I haven’t thought of yet & shares things she is teaching him that I want to teach Jase. She loves Braylon more than life & is SUCH a wonderful mama!

I’m super thankful for their friendship and LOVE her precious little man!! His little smile is just adorable & I’m just gonna throw it out there that he is pretty crazy about me, too.

We semi-invited ourselves over today to celebrate his 1st birthday with them today because Jase & I will be out of town for his party. He was SO cute & very proud to tell us he is “one” as he held up his little finger. The boys had fun playing with all of Braylon’s toys & then grubbing out for dinner. Of course their favorite thing to do is try to lovingly poke each other’s eyeballs out & pet each other on the head.


“Thanks for coming to my FIRRRRRST birthday!”


Braylon is 1… Apparently Jase thinks he is 4. (We’re still working on “one.” Maybe he’ll get it by his 1st birthday.)


Mommy & Baby BFFs!


Happy 1st Birthday, Braylon!!!

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