Monday, March 10, 2014

Leadership School in Texas

We flew out to Ft. Worth, Texas on February 27 to attend Leadership School. I am so thankful this company pours into us as leaders. We had a great trip.

This was our fourth or fifth (?) time in Texas, and we absolutely LOVE it! My parents had such a blast last time that they wanted to come again, so we brought them with us and they hung out with Baby Jase while we went to meetings and trainings. My parents take exceptional care of him & we love having them with us because we enjoy spending time with them. They are so much FUN, so full of wisdom, and truly some of our best friends as strange as that sounds.

Now I see what all you Texans are talking about, by the way!! In fact, I tried to talk Big Jon & my parents into moving to Texas, but they shot me down because our whole family is here in Georgia. Bummer. Really though, there are many things I really admire and respect about the start of Texas.

For this trip, I was a little nervous about how Jase would do on the flight. He has been AWESOME on our last few flights, but he is bigger now- a wiggle worm, on the move, and ready to walk. He’s good about sitting somewhat still because he has practice in church, but it is a little bit stressful to plan everything with timing so he is taking a bottle or nursing during takeoff and landing. Thankfully he did GREAT! My mom is always a huge help, and the people sitting around us commented on how great he did.


We rented a car and immediately went to eat at a steakhouse in Texas because our first event wasn’t until later that night. It was DELISH & Jonathan & my dad both said it was the best steak they’ve ever had. Going out to eat is one time I’m especially thankful for Baby Led Weaning. Jase shared my grilled chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato fries. It’s really nice not having to worry about packing him food. (Although I did bring some of the Sprout Organic baby food for my mom to feed him while she had him.) Little man can EAT and he puts down some food! He seriously ate the whole time…thankfully he is well-entertained by food.


That night we had an awesome dinner & fun Casino night with fake money. You could use the money you earned to get raffle tickets and enter drawings for different prizes at the end of the night. The fellas had a great time hanging out and enjoying some of the different games. They didn’t have roulette so I was out and just cheered Jon on. Side note: We are so thankful for our friends who have become more like family. They are all so positive, encouraging, and really bring out the BEST in us and help us be better. That’s what friendship is all about.



The next morning we had a long day of awesome trainings & meetings. I’m talking POWERFUL leadership training from some of the best of the best. Jason Witten (Dallas Cowboys’ Tight End) was one of my faves of the day. I always pack tons of snacks (raw nuts, meal bars, peanut butter & honey sandwiches on Ezekial bread, apples, Spark, etc.) because somebody gets realllllly grumpy with low blood sugar from not eating enough. Not naming names. *cough* Jonathan *cough*


It takes a REAL man to look that good carrying a nursing bag! Ha! Seriously though….Big Jon in a sports coat = fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! I am all about his rugged look & loving seeing him get home from work all dirty. And I am all about his beard & facial hair. But he sure cleans up REALLLLLLLY well.


His favorite was Emmitt Smith. Childhood favorite. Jon said he has about 10,000 of his cards & the Cowboys Starter jacket with stars on the shoulders. Classis.


Some of our besties from the Arizona Biltmore Incentive Trip


Our hotel was within walking distance of the convention center where we had meetings, so I could just walk over when it was time to nurse Jase. Perfect! And I sure didn’t mind that it was almost 80 degrees while we were there. Seriously, what is there NOT to love about Texas??

Plus, I know my parents had a blast checking out Ft. Worth with Baby Jase. He LOVES his Grammy!!


They’re great about sending us pictures throughout the day, but I love that we got to eat breakfast and lunch with them and Jase.

Several of our team mates arrived that evening and we were SO excited to see them! We are incredibly proud of the champions we get to work with every day. We cannot WAIT for a whole army to be with us next year!!


Saturday was incredible too and we left so filled up and excited. We truly cannot WAIT to help even more families get healthier, earn extra income, have debt freedom, time freedom, and financial freedom this year. That may sound cheesy, but it’s very real, and we are very blessed to be a part of it.

We spent Saturday evening eating at Cattleman’s and walking around the StockYard with my parents and Baby Jase. Absolutely LOVED it! The team was eating dinner together at 7, but that’s 8 GA time- AKA Jase’s bed time. We decided to go to an early supper and headed back to the hotel to get him in the bed. We definitely pick and choose what we attend and try to keep Jase first. Sometimes we make sacrifices, but for the most part I feel pretty good about the balance we have achieved. As he gets older and is not nursing, we will not always bring him to events like this. But, we do like that he travels well and gets to experience this type of thing. Plus, it’s nice to finally be able to spoil our parents after all they’ve done for us.


Sunday morning we woke up to the craziest weather! It – was freezing rain & sleeting (after 80 degree weather the previous two days) & the airlines were cancelling flights left and right. Don’t worry, TX, I’m not holding it against you. I still love you. Our rental car was even covered in ice. Out flight left around 1:30, but we checked out early after breakfast and headed to the airport, praying the whole way our flight wouldn’t be cancelled.  I kept checking the app and it said “On Time.” Some day it won’t be a big deal, but for now Jonathan is still working and had to be home Monday to finish a job. Thankfully it wasn’t cancelled and we made it on, BUT, there was about an hour and a half delay once we got on the flight. (They had to de-ice the plane AND re-route because of some bad weather.) I was holding off to feed Jase so he started to get really tired, hungry, and fussy. It would have been perfect if it would have left  on time, but unfortunately you can’t control everything. I went ahead and fed him. Poor little guy missed his first nap because we were checking out early, so he was REALLY tired by this time. He slept through some of the flight, but still missed most of his naps that day. This was the worst of any of our flights yet for our little man.  I felt a little anxious about him being fussy because I didn’t want it to bother people around us, but more than anything I felt bad that he was so sleepy. (He slept in the next morning till almost 10!!)


We had such a great trip! Thankful for AdvoCare. Thankful to be part of such an AWESOME team. Thankful for my parents- their willingness to help and be so go with the flow. Thankful for an easy baby. And thankful for traveling mercies. Love getting to do this with my hubby & all of our friends. Can’t wait till next year!!


P.S. Awesome to meet you Victoria & Valerie! Thank you for introducing yourself!


Kirstin said...

I live in Arlington, literally 20 minutes from Ft. Worth. I'm so glad you liked it, it is definitely one of my favorite places in Texas! You were here during a weird winter, the weather normally isn't that drastic, but this year it has been crazy!

Adrienne Rhoads said...

Love Salt Grass. There is one in Galveston and we make a stop at least once a trio so Colin can have steak :). You look beautiful!

Pamela said...

You are just so pretty, girl!