Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cabo 2014

AdvoCare pays five different ways, and one of those ways is TRIPS & rookie bonuses. I am all about some trips! They host unbelievable trips from the corporate level, but sometimes we host smaller trips within our team- like Destin & Amelia Island. (For some reason I didn’t blog about either of those trips.) We decided back in August that we wanted to be a part of this opportunity to host an all-inclusive incentive trip for our team to Cabo San Lucas with several other great leaders throughout the world of AdvoCare.

We had an absolute BLAST in Cabo!! We have been to Mexico before, but this was our first time in Cabo and it was absolutely GORGEOUS! We cannot wait to go back. We were there from March 13th- March 16th.

Our friend Carlos was waiting to transport us from the airport to the resort.


Here are our fabulous team mates who came with us. Congrats, Chris & Melissa!! (All the way from Evansville, Indiana!) They are a military family- incredible leaders, parents, & now good friends of ours. We are so thankful AdvoCare brought them into our life.

Chris & Melissa- We so enjoyed spending time with you & getting to know you better. Looking forward to many trips with you two in the future!




We stayed at the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar. It was stunning! We had some incredible dinners & relaxing time to just hang out on the beach and at the pool. The views were unbelievable.


I pumped on Jase’s schedule to keep my supply up, which was a little tricky since there was a three hour time difference. It made me sad to pour all of that liquid gold down the drain, but it was easier than trying to store & transport the milk- especially considering the water we would be using to clean the pump. (Don’t drink the water in Mexico, friends.)

Now, I have to be completely honest. We *almost* backed out about 5 times. This was our first time leaving Baby Jase and I just didn’t know if I’d we’d be able to do it. (It was as tough on Jonathan as it was on me). We committed to this awhile back and both figured by the time he was 10 months old we’d be okay. Before he was born, we both agreed to regular date nights and occasional trips without him so we could focus on our marriage and reconnect, but that is much easier said than done. We LOVE spending time with him & don’t like to be away from him at all, which is why he has been with us to New Jersey/New York, Texas (twice), Amelia Island, & Destin (the second half of this trip was for our AdvoCare team). A few tears were shed leaving him & LOTS of prayers went up. There were so many more things to consider this time- medical release, a will, etc,; things we’ve never worried about in the past. Thanks to FaceTime & Viber we were able to see him & get text updates a good bit. I know it’s good for him to be in other environments and around other people too. (The research backs that up as well.) Plus, I know his Grammy & Granddaddy took exceptional care of him, but boooooyyyy did we MISS him!!!!

When it was all said and done, we were so thankful we went. Jonathan and I had an absolute BLAST together!!!! It was such a good time for us. I feel like I fell in love with him all over again. We laughed and laughed and laughed…& talked a lot about baby #2! Ha!!


{Yes, I know if you look at any of our vacation pics we are always wearing the same outfits. We still haven’t busted out of our “no shopping for clothes” streak other than to buy Jon some sports coats and a suit. Shopping is on the agenda…it’s time.}



We had such a FANTASTIC time with everyone!! The products are phenomenal and the income is life changing, no doubt….but the people are definitely what’s keeping us here. The leaders in this company have marriages, families, lifestyles, and give like we hope to emulate…so it is really cool to rub shoulders, lay by the pool & chat, work out, have dinner with, and pick their brains. There is such wisdom & we are definitely all about “seeking wisdom.” Plus, they are FUN! We haven’t laughed that hard in a while…



One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend was a training segment led by our Coach Mike Wade’s (one of our sales VP’s) wife, Dr. Deb, about “Building Champion Marriages.” Is that not so cool that they care enough about their leaders to train on topics like that?!? I LOVE it. I am all about learning from others, especially when it comes to investing in marriage. And I got her permission to share what I learned from her, so post coming soon….


The incredible weather gave me a serious itch for summer. It was PERFECT.


There was some pretty serious turbulence on the flight back from all the wind. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a little anxious, and that’s rare because I’m not a high anxiety kind of person. I was super, super thankful when we landed safe and sound and was ready to get through customs as fast as possible to see my sweet baby Jase!

I wish I had a picture or video. Mom was waiting for him at the top of the escalator above the baggage claim area, and he just giggled and giggled when he saw us. It was SO stinkin CUTE!! It was a funny little laugh- one I’ve never heard before. It’s almost like he was so excited he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so that’s what came out. He laid his head on my shoulder for about 5 minutes straight and of course laughed hysterically at Jonathan. He thinks his daddy is sooooooo funny (as does pretty much everyone else who meets him).

So thankful for an awesome trip! For traveling mercies, safety & protection for both us and Jase, for my parents taking such great care of him, for my milk supply kickin strong, for all of the hard work that went into planning the trip, & for all of the champions we spent time with while we were there. We had a blast getting to know our incredible team better and cannot wait to walk the beaches of the world with all of you.



Pamela said...

Oh my gosh! how gorgeousssssss!

Carrington {Momma Fussell} said...

That is so awesome that you've been to Amelia Island! That's where I live! And also it's always weird to hear that people vacation here. I seriously never get used to it! Glad y'all had a wonderful trip!!


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Cabo looks stunning. I too believe it's so important to have time as couple; there is something you just cannot replace with that. I am sure you missed Jase--but WOW what a wonderful opportunity. I hope to be sitting on a beach with you some day!! Thank you for sharing.

Nikki said...

We are soo sad we missed this trip! As you know we LOVE Cabo and wanted to be there with everyone! I can not wait to see what was shared about Champion Marriages!

Emma Anderson From Maldives said...

Wow. This was an amazing story n very interesting to read. Wish you guys all the very best.