Friday, October 4, 2013

Jase is 21 Weeks!! (Cutest Pictures Yet)

September 26- October

I should probably go to the monthly posts. I know it’d be less “stressful,” but I just have so many CUTE pictures from every week! There’s no way I could narrow down to a monthly post- it’s already mega picture overload on the weekly ones. (I know…Sorry, I’m not sorry.)

{Happy little booger wiggled off his mat to play with the Bumbo tray. I mean, who needs toys?!?}


Weight: I haven’t even weighed him lately. I need to though. His weight dropped off just a little at his last appointment, and I’m starting to wonder if we’re feeding him enough? He typically eats 5-6 oz when we feed him from a bottle, but yesterday I fed him 8 and he just sucked it down.  Maybe we will start increasing the amount of bottle feeds.


Health: Back to his normal ole happy self this week! Actually, this may be the HAPPIEST week he’s had yet, even with the teething. (Lines right up with the sunshine on the Wonder Week app….I’m telling ya, that thing is legit right on!) He is such a content, sweet little guy. He’ll do 15-20 minutes of tummy time during every awake and totally entertains himself with independent playtime. He is FULL of smiles!! Teeth are officially here, and other than that little bit of fever, he’s barely made a fuss. He hasn’t even acted like they’ve bothered him really. I gave him Infant Tylenol twice and gave him some extra TLC, but he’s really been okay. Tough little dude.


Check out the TEEEEEEETH!!! It took about a week for them to break all the way through. You can see them even better than this now. (Check out those bright baby blues!!)


Mom’s attempt at the cold washcloth….He didn’t seem to like it. Any tips??


Sleep:  He’s ready for a 4 hour schedule, so I’m easing him into it by allowing his wake times to be longer (an hour & 45- 50 minutes-ish now)and waiting a little longer till next feeding. I plan to start moving him fully next week. Sleeping through the night like  boss!

After I read to him and lay him down, I just walk out and he goes right to sleep on his own pretty quickly. But he does like to get up on all fours sometimes & practice crawling right before naptime…


Nursing: Eating better- teeth are ALL the way through now, so it doesn’t seem as painful. He likes to switch sides about every 5-10 minutes, and nurses for about 30-40 minutes total. Supply seems better.

Threw out that ole paci for his thumb….(Calm down, Grammy…it’s not a habit yet.)


His new schedule will have him eating at 8, 12, 4, and 8. I’m pretty excited about the 4 hour schedule!! More time with our fella!! And not so rushed while running errands. Whew! (I pretty much stay home all the time right now, except for church and the grocery store, and gym every now and then.)

What Jase is up to:

Jase LOVES for me to sing and dance. I’m pretty terrible at both, so I appreciate his humoring me. Love his deep little laugh…

LOVES his grandma and grandpa!!


Jonathan said he is starting to enjoy baths more….to splash around and play.

Really, really, really likes books!! We take our reading very seriously over here and shoot for reading 5-10 times a day. We both love it, and this is one of his faves….1, 2, 3 Texas that Grammy bought him in Ft. Worth.


So serious and focused! Ha!!


And is starting to blow bubbles with his mouth and he thinks it’s hilarious.


Started playing in his exersaucer! (THANK YOU, Deborah!!)


Rocks his shades like a champ on our walks!!


Loves hangin’ with the boys!!


And is excited about his cool new outfit from his bud, Huddy. Thanks, Hudson Jase!


Also had a blast at church homecoming & getting to see Myrna!


His poor little random patch of hair in the back is so ridiculous…I wish it would just all fall out.  But then I couldn’t make cool spikes like this! Hahhaa…..looks like a dinosaur horn or something. So funny! Wouldn’t be so bad if it were lighter. I can see his blonde fuzzies coming in all over, but his little patch is still dark. Can’t wait to see what our handsome little man looks like with hair! Love me a blonde haired, blue eyed boy!!


Baby Gear: Bumbo (with tray), toys, exersaucer, BOOKS


Post-Partum: Feeling good! Jonathan and I started BOXING this week and we LOOOOOOVE it. I mean LOVE!! Super intense workout that absolutely KILLS everything else I’ve ever done. My arms are more toned after just one session, my obliques are super tight, and we are both SORE. I haven’t been sore in a really long time, and I work out pretty intense. Plus, it’s AWESOME cardio (yay for Jon’s heart) & we can do it at home- in our basement. Good stuff.

Thoughts: LOVES his Daddy!! His favorite.


Followed by Mom in a close second….


We are SO in love!! And we know what a BLESSING he is to us. Jonathan and I talk about it all.the.time. We’re so thankful he’s such a cool little guy. Awesome disposition. So laid back and happy. Always smiling (that BEAUTIFUL smile!) and making friends with everyone he meets. Rarely cries or even fusses. Definitely our angel baby and we are soaking up every minute! (And praying future Baby Butler’s are as easy as he is….haha!)


P!nky said...

Awwww he is so so precious! Wonderful pictures!

Kristen Kliethermes said...

Personally, I love your pictures! I am a huge picture fanatic so this is perfect! My mom took SO MANY pictures of me when I was little. And I didn't like them then, but now, I am soo thankful she did! I love your weekly posts! I believe you will like it better in the end because you can look back and see all the little outfits you had him wear and all the little things that you may forget and those are super important as well. Such a beautiful baby! Oh my goodness, your family just melts my heart!

Pamela said...

Such a cutie!!

Kae said...

such a doll! : ) so adorable!

Mary Bolster said...

He has the sweetest blue eyes. You are two lucky parents! I love all your posts!!