Tuesday, October 22, 2013

First “Blate”

I didn’t even know what a “blate” was until this weekend when Jenn pointed out that we were having one. It’s a “blog date.”


{Mike photo bombing with a sticker in the background.}

I have been reading these two lovely ladies’ blogs forever….Jenn @ Bliss to Bean and Nikki @ My Life, My Way and absolutely LOVE them both!! They have both become dear friends and we are actually all on the same AdvoCare team- the BEST team around, in my opinion. I LOVE being able to work with them so close, talk to them daily, & am so thankful for the new “real life” friends we have become through blogging and AdvoCare.

We actually all just spent a weekend together in New Jersey at Nikki’s house. Her fiance did a fab job remodeling to get the house ready for us, and we had a BLAST!! We flew up (brought Jon, my mom, and the baby- post to come on that!) and Jenn drove down the 6 hours from Rochester. We spent a good bit of time training and sharing AdvoCare with others, and it is so much fun to get to “work” alongside your friends. (It does NOT feel like work. We had a blast. I can’t believe we actually get paid to do this.) Plus, it was awesome to get to travel somewhere we have never been, & Nikki and Mike were kind enough to be our tour guides through NYC. We never would have made it out of there without them! Ha! Oh, and Jenn made us a HOMEMADE apple pie. TO.DIE.FOR!!!

Jonathan and I both (and my mom and Baby Jase too) loved getting to know them both better! Thankful both of these lovely ladies are in my life, & looking forward to more “blates” with these chicks in the future.



Nikki said...

Such an awesome weekend! So glad yall came up!

Pamela said...

Awww fun!!! Blog friends are the best! :)

life as Mrs. said...

aw so jealous! that last pic is perfect! shows us bloggers really become such great friends!