Monday, September 9, 2013

Jase’s 17th Week!!

August 29- September 4

Weight: Rockin’ it out over 15 lbs!! Can’t wait to see how much he’s grown at his next appointment!


Health: Jase has felt hot a few times this week. We took his temperature multiple times and I called the pediatrician when it hit 99.9. They told me anything in the 99’s was normal, but to call back if it was ever over 100.4 because that is technically a “fever.” He acted fine though, so I’m wondering if he may be cutting a tooth? Anyone else have 99 temps?

Sleep: Hallelujah!! He slept through the night two nights in a row!!! I cannot even tell you how awesome it felt to wake up to big, lumpy boobs full of milk (ha- TMI?) & a full 7 hours of sleep! It really did a mama’s heart, mind, & attitude some good! (Seriously, it’s hard to be your best version of yourself when you’re sleep deprived. I appreciated Sylvia’s reassurance that she is a better mama when she gets enough sleep & that’s why it’s a top priority for her- helped me not feel so selfish.)

{sucking that thumb??}


Friday and Saturday were roughhh because he was waking up two times & eating for a long time both times. Maybe a growth spurt? Not sure, but I felt like a zombie. I was beyond exhausted and overwhelmed (if you couldn’t tell from my post last week). Everyone was so helpful and encouraging and I truly appreciate all of the advice and support from the fellow moms. I’m ESPECIALLY thankful for Emily though. She helped me “troubleshoot” to figure out what was going on. She had a few different suggestions…1. He wasn’t getting a full tummy (either because my milk supply was low or because he had a gassy belly),  2. Keep a consistent start time to our day 3. Move bedtime a little later based on the schedule we had.

I KNOW how important a consistent start time to the day is. All of the books I have read reiterate the importance of a consistent start time to the day, but I was having a tough time with that despite knowing the importance.  Honestly, we kept sleeping through it & I didn’t know how to fix that.  Jase was waking up around 1:30-2 and again around 6, so we would both sleep through my 7:30 alarm. I’m talking not even budge! Then I’d take a nap during the day (if I wasn’t busy) while he was sleeping, so I’d have to stay awake till 12:30 or 1 to get things done after he went down for the night. It was a bad cycle. I’m BIG on setting an example in all areas, and Emily reminded me I needed to be setting a good example with my own sleep habits. That was a great reminder for me because I didn’t even think of it that way, but it’s so true, so I appreciated the perspective. I also realized 8:00 would be a MUCH better start time for our family & our schedules for several reasons, so I shifted his entire schedule by 30 minutes. Now he is eating at 8, 11:30, 3, 6:30, bath/bedtime routine @ 9:15, then feed at 9:30 and straight to bed. Once we get this consistent for another week or so we are going to transition to a 4 hour schedule that he should be on at 4 months old.


I’ll be totally honest. The first few days of trying the new schedule and the full feedings were HARD. I was super frustrated, wanting to “quit” (I don’t know what I was going to quit? Ha!), almost to the point of tears…just hard. Jase normally takes 2 hour naps (occasionally may wake up for a few minutes, but puts himself back to sleep) and he wasn’t even doing that anymore! I was not taking naps either to try to get myself back on a good schedule, so I was exhausted myself and I just really felt like giving up. (Again, I don’t know what I felt like giving up on, but that is the only way I know how to describe what I was feeling.) But again Emily was very helpful and suggested “things may get worse before they get better.” I had a hard time believing that at the time, but they did! Little man only woke up at 4 am on Sunday night, and then slept ALL THE WAY through the night on Monday and Tuesday!! That made the tough few days SO worth it! I can’t even tell you how refreshed I felt Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

Nursing: He was pulling off a good bit and only nursing for about 20 minutes total for the majority of this week. I assumed he was just more efficient and must be full if he was pulling off. After Emily suggested he may not be sleeping through the night yet because he wasn’t getting full feedings, I started paying attention and realized my supply had dropped. Amber mentioned in a comment last week that her supply dropped because she wasn’t eating enough or drinking enough water. After thinking about it, I realized that I needed to be eating a LOT more because of my clean eating (most of what I eat is rich in nutrients, but low in calories). I started drinking my Mother’s Milk tea again and making sure to eat more calories, and that totally did the trick. Thankfully I caught it early, because the next day my supply picked back up.

I had every intention of pumping for one full day to see how much I was making and he was eating, but we had plans for Labor Day & were away from the house. Thankfully it didn’t seem to be too much of an issue.

What Jase is up to: Loving our new schedule….Eat at 8, 11:30, 3, 6:30, followed by 1 1/2 hr wake time and 2 hour nap. Wakes up again at 9:15 for bath & bedtime routine, then final feeding of the day and down for the night.

Starting to hold his own bottle.

He is still LOVING to read! I hope this is a habit/hobby I can cultivate in him & will carry him into adulthood. I know it does wonders for their intelligence and language development, & I personally LOVE to read as well.


Enjoying walking through our neighborhood. Family walks are the BEST! This has always been one my favorite things to do with Jonathan, so it’s even cooler now that we can add out little man into the mix.


Grammy having fun on her i-pad!


Such a mama’s boy…


“Hey Mom…I’m a Daddy’s boy too!!”


He’s crazy about that Daddy!


Melt my heart.


And loves his beautiful Aunt Jade! So thankful for our families who love on this little guy every chance they get!!


PostPartum: My hair was starting to fall out more and come out in clumps (which I’ve heard from other nursing moms- hormone related from breastfeeding), so I amped up my OmegaPlex (was only taking 3 a day, now taking 6-7) and have definitely noticed an improvement.

I feel good. Making more of a conscious effort to eat more. I make the no-bake protein bites  a couple times a week because they are a great snack with complex carbs, healthy fats, & protein…and they’re quick, easy, & yummy! (And also addicting.)

I’ve worked out a few times this week…starting to feel stronger & see some definition in my arms again. My obliques feel tight. My shoulder has been killing me though from where I had surgery a few years back….boo!

Mentally, this week has been a roller coaster! I went from feeling crazy overwhelmed and frustrated, to over the moon excited. The one thing that is consistent though is how very blessed I know that I am and how incredibly crazy I am about my sweet little man!

Baby Gear: still in size 2 diapers- he was actually peeing through the others because they were 1s we had leftover from Costo & I didn’t realize they were the smaller size,  Baby’s First Hymns, Medela disposable cleaning bags (my FAVE! I HATE cleaning all the parts to the pump, so this helps), the mesh bumper (totally solved the problem of his arms and legs getting stuck in the crib slats and hitting his head when he would roll over)

Baby's First Hymns: Instrumental Lullabies   -

Thoughts: Everyone was right. Being a mommy is the most challenging, yet MOST rewarding job in the world. It is so worth it and so much fun. No one can prepare you for any of it….it’s truly something you have to experience to “get” and we are LOVING being Baby Jase’s parents. He is such a blessing. Parenthood is such a blessing. And those sweet baby smiles and laughs absolutely melt your heart on a whole new level…


First In Fourth Grade said...

Love love love your blog! I have been following for a while after I found your Godly Wife tips on Pinterest! Your commitment to the Lord first is so inspiring and now to see how He has blessed your family is so great! I also have enjoyed all of your pregnancy tips and updates! I will hopefully be a mom someday and I am thankful for honest and Godly moms like yourself to serve as a mentor for so many young women!

Emily said...

Aw thank you for all the shout outs!!!! I am SOOOO glad he's STTN now!!!! And that the hard work paid off for you :) It makes my heart so happy to help!!!!!