Monday, September 23, 2013

Jase is 19 Weeks!!

Sept 12- Sept 18

These posts are more for me than anything….so I can look back with future kiddos and remember what was going on each week.  I feel like I am already forgetting things, so I know I’ll look back and be so happy I have all these sweet details documented. I love having the pictures to go with it too. Can’t believe how quickly time is flying & how fast our little man is growing up!

Weight: 15 lbs, a little closer to 16, and looking LONG as ever! He has skinny little legs and a cute little pot belly. I can’t tell if he has a longer torso or longer legs- he’s just long in general. And he’s got some HUGE feet!


Health: We decided to wait on his 4 month shots because of his fever, and he had a major snotty nose this week. It was really crusty Thursday and Friday when he woke up from his naps, and his stuffy nose made it tough for him to eat. Lots of Saline drops and using the aspirator. I noticed one morning that his urine smelled unusually strong (like he had SOAKED his diaper with pee, but it wasn’t any more pee than normal), so I did what any great parent does- GOOGLED IT. I read it could be a number of things (was mostly worried about the possibility of a UTI), so I decided to call the nurse’s hotline to ask about it. We determined it could have been from me eating fish the night before or from introducing him to vitamins, but because he didn’t really have any other symptoms, she didn’t seem too worried about it and told me to keep an eye on him.

One of the posts in a parenting forum was a mom saying that her children’s urine smelled strong and they developed a runny nose right before cutting teeth. My mom swore that’s what she thought was going on too (and I thought may be a possibility), but the pediatrician said they typically don’t see teeth till 6-9 months. Guess we’ll see?

It’s tough to tell if something is bothering him because he rarely cries or fusses. He’s such a content little guy!


He’s only thrown up like 3-4 times ever, but he threw up one morning this week. Lil piggy scarfed down his breakfast & I guess it made him sick. Is it really gross that I took a picture of it?? (I’m losing all sense of what’s okay to photograph and what’s not okay! Ha!)


We started vitamins this week, & shewww-weeee they smell yuck! He makes an awful face & then smells like his vitamins the rest of the day. I may try a different kind Larissa & Laura suggested…

Drooling like crazy & chewing on EVERYTHING!!


Starting to get some hair, but still rockin a SWEET patch on the back! (Haha, it’s hilarious….thank goodness this lil angel baby is BEAUTIFUL cuz his hairdo is pretty whack!)


And this little monkey gets up on all fours in his crib and acts like he wants to CRAWL!! WAY too early for that….

“Oh hey, Mom!….This isn’t what it looks like- promise!” (Check out all that drool! Poor kid sleeps in a puddle.)


Sleep: He’s slept through the night most nights, but woke up 1-2 nights because he’s not feeling well. His naps have been decent. He’s in the bed and not crying during them, but isn’t sleeping solid through them like he was. That 4:30 nap is a doozie- gets us every time and he wakes up 45 minutes into it and doesn’t go back to sleep.

Looks like a little alien on the monitor. Supposed to be sleeping….but just chillin!


Starting to suck his thumb while he’s sleeping…


And still moving around like a wild man!


Nursing: Going better. Supply seems to have picked back up this week. Still taking the supplements and drinking the tea every day.


Still eating at 8, 11:30, 3, 6, & 9:30ish…

And it takes about 20-30 minutes for him to eat. And we BOTH dislike using the nursing cover, even though it’s very handy.


What Jase is up to:

Awake time is now closer to an hour and 45 minutes…but if we go over that he gets a little grumpy. Loving hanging out with Grammy & Grandaddy!


Holding his own bottle some…

We had dinner with Grandma & Grandpa (Jon’s parents) & Aunt Jade.


There is still lots of laughing, smiling, and talking going on! ESPECIALLY when Daddy gets home!! Seriously, watching these two together MELTS.MY.HEART!! You can just SEE how much they love each other and it is absolutely precious.


Loving going on walks in the stroller now that it’s cooling off. Whew! It feels AWESOME outside!! And we love being able to walk to the lake. There are some gorgeous views in our neighborhood.



Speaking of….He LOVES to be outside!! We like to sit on the porch while I read to him….


SUCH a loving little man!! He is all about some kisses from mom & dad!!

This child LOVES some kisses!!!

Baby Gear: jogging stroller, thermometer & aspirator, Enfamil Poly-vi-Sol vitamins, Angel Care monitor, lactation support tea

Post-Partum: I had a few grumpy days this week. Hormones, maybe??

Thoughts: My love for this sweet little angel grows every day!!


Emily said...

he looks SO old in the pics with him on your moms lap!!!! when kye was bald I'd always crop out the top of his head in pics and zoom in more on his eyes and facial features haha. I couldn't WAIT for him to get some dang hair!!!! The patchy phase is hilarious and what's so funny to me is when you carry them they are facing you so everyone you walk by just sees this crazy hair haha

Tracey said...

Baby Jase is sooooooo cute,sweet, always smiling and so happy, such a big boy
These are the moments you will cherish forever!
So proud of both of you, every time Jase looks at you and Jonathan, I can see the love that shines from his sweet little eyes
ps He has hair just like you did,
little spikes of blond hair on top, everyone just loved your little blond spikes,so cute :)

Tracey said...

Baby Jase is sooooooo cute,sweet, always smiling and so happy, such a big boy
These are the moments you will cherish forever!
So proud of both of you, every time Jase looks at you and Jonathan, I can see the love that shines from his sweet little eyes
ps He has hair just like you did,
little spikes of blond hair on top, everyone just loved your little blond spikes,so cute :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,
I used cod liver oil with my little guy instead of those nasty synthetic vitamins and it worked out great. In fact, he's 2 now and I still give him 1/2 tsp almost every day and he loves it! The brand I use is Green Pastures Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver oil. Also, I take 1 tsp a day (mint flavored) to keep my Vit. D levels up. Mom's milk is not inherently Vitamin D deficient-it's only deficient in whatever mom is deficient in-so if mom's Vit. D is good, then her milk is enough. I still supplemented with the cod liver oil just to be safe though. Just wanted to share in case it could help you. Good luck! Your little guy is so cute! I love reading these updates (and remembering when my son was that small) :) God Bless, Leah

Anonymous said...

Speaking of picking up milk supply, I have a recipe for some super delicious lactation cookies on my blog. You should totally make them. I ate two with each feeding when I noticed my supply starting to drop and I feel like they helped. Great job persevering though!

Unknown said...

A tip our pediatrician gave us for the snotty nose was to tilt the crib mattress on one side...put a pillow under one side to raise it. Try to lay head at the top of the tilt to help with drainage. Also put Baby Vicks Vaporub on his feet at night and cover with socks helps with the congestion too.

Kristen Kliethermes said...

LOVE reading your blog! It is so amazing to watch your lil man grow. I just cannot believe how adorable he is. I tell my friends about your blog ALL. THE. TIME. Finally, I got one of them to read your blog and they're hooked like me!
About the teething deal, my goddaughter cut her first tooth at 4 months old. She is 7 months old now and has 3 teeth and cutting number 4! Her pediatrician could not believe it. So, it IS possible, just unusual. Usually when things like this happen, someone in the family tree had this happen as well. Hope this helps!