Friday, September 13, 2013

Jase is 18 weeks!!

My storage on my phone has been full (1,500+ pictures will do that to ya! Mamarazzi…), so I haven’t taken many pictures this week till I broke out my big camera. And then I went straight nuts taking pictures. I posted them ALL (yes, annoying I know) so I can have them printed in my blog book.

Weight: We had our 4 month check up Wednesday, 9/11 and Jase was 26 1/2” long and 15 lbs. He was about 90-95% for his height and about 55-60% for weight. Oh, and his head was right at 60%. I thought he would weigh a little more than 15, but I’m thinking it was because of the milk supply dropping this weekend & the little issue with the blowouts. (I’ll write more about that in the nursing section.)


He seems like such a big boy, and because he can hold his head up so well and seems so alert, I think people sometimes forget how young and little he really is. My sweet angel JUST turned 4 months.

Health: Poor lil fella woke up with a crusty nose and some boogies this morning. I used Saline drops and the aspirator, and turned back on his humidifier. I took his temperature (rectal) about 5-6 times and it ranged from the 99’s-100.9 (one time). I immediately called the pediatrician and they said it’d be okay to wait to bring him in this afternoon, but that I could give him some Tylenol. We decided to wait on his vaccine till he’s feeling better.

Started on vitamins this week. Dr. Carey told me to get him started after his 2 month appointment, but I kept forgetting. We are using Poly-Vi-Sol with iron & vitamin D. Breastfed babies don’t get their vitamin D through mom’s milk, so we gotta hook little man up through his vitamins (that smell and apparently TASTE awful!).

He was awesome at his check up though. Thankful!  Dr. Carey said he is doing great, growing, and kept getting distracted because he was smiling at her and cooing and talking to her.  She is SO fantastic with him and we are so thankful for her. She asked if he is always that laid back and happy…& the nurses always comment on him too. Love our precious lil man!


Sleep: 5 out of the last 7 nights he has slept all the way through the night! WOO HOO!!

The two nights he didn’t were in Valdosta in a hotel room. He woke up twice the first night, but just at 6 am the other night. Other than that he’s been sleeping like a champ and on a great schedule.

Lil boo is a CRAZY sleeper and moves around like a wild man!


Nursing: So my supply picked back up for a little bit after last week’s post, but fell off BIG TIME over the weekend. I was thinking I may even have to supplement if I didn’t get it resolved pretty quickly, so I was kinda freaking out. We went out of town for the weekend, so I tried not to drink as much water for the car ride down and definitely didn’t drink enough while we were down there. It’s CRAZY how much water and hydration affects your supply. Lesson learned!

I also didn’t eat quite as healthy as normal, & I think that added to the issue. Plus, poor little man had several blowouts after I ate a steak. (I won’t do that anymore….I realized he had issues last time I had steak in Texas too.)

Mom came with us out of town, and she went out at 11 pm on Friday night for me to get some MotherLove More Milk Plus from CVS. I also chugged a few bottles of water, and I was immediately able to pump more than I had been, but still not as much as normal. When we got home Saturday, I started drinking my Gaia & Mother’s Milk tea, and things were totally back to normal on Sunday morning after I was eating better, focusing more on my water, and taking the lactation support stuff. WHEW!! Since then it hasn’t been an issue and I’ve been able to pump a good bit- I want to be prepared just in case anything like that ever happens again.

What Jase is up to: Celebrating 4 months old!!

Somebody MIGHT have gotten just a little camera happy…but how do you make yourself stop or delete any with all this cuteness?? May be biased (ya think?), but he is seriously the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Doesn’t hurt that he is such a sweet and happy baby too.


I mean, stop it….Have you ever??


Starting to “reach” for me and wrap his arms around me when I hold him…and it absolutely MELTS my heart!!!

Baby Gear: his sound machine & Snuza Hero for trips, thermometer & aspirator, Infant Tylenol (try to avoid medicine as much as possible, but thankful to have it when it’s needed), Enfamil Poly-vi-Sol vitamins, Children’s Bible

Post-Partum: How is it that I feel like I am WAY busier now that I am home with little man (and we barely leave the house) than I ever was before? I’m ready for FARM life. And a vacation. No phone, no computer….just my two boys!

Thoughts: Thankful, thankful, thankful! We are truly so incredibly blessed. I LOVE being a mommy!!


Those blue eyes and sweet kissable lips have my heart!



Christy said...

His looks are really starting to change & you can tell that he's such a happy little fella! Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

So adorable! <3

Adrienne said...

Sweet little mister! So stinking cute!!!!

Emily said...

isn't it crazy how you can be so so busy alllll the time?!?! as he drops naps it only gets busier!!!

do you always run the humidifier??? what did the pediatrician say about it? I know ours doesn't like for us to use them! i did with britt a lot b/c she was a winter baby and tended to be stuffy and i read the cool mist type would help with that but her dr told me not to use it anymore on a regular basis. I can't remember the reason though!

Anonymous said...

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Lauren said...

Such a precious post!