Friday, September 20, 2013

Cleaning Company & Chicken Recommendations

These two are totally unrelated, but….I am all about referring companies when I am happy with a product or service. I always appreciate hearing recommendations from others too, so I wanted to share this with you in case you’re in the market for either.

Two new discoveries I just HAVE to share!

1.  I really enjoy cleaning, but it’s been tough to find time with lil man here.  I am a little bit of a neat freak (not too obsessively I don’t think?) and it has been stressing me out that we have so much dust, I haven’t cleaned baseboards, showers, ceiling fans, the inside of the frig, etc. in such a long time. I was desperately wanting a “deep clean,” but also wanted to be cautious about what products we used, so this was the PERFECT solution. I LOVE this company and everything they stand for…and they did an absolutely PHENOMENAL job!! I was blown away. Our house looks (and smells!) incredible and it was super reasonable! (Especially with the 20% discount.) If you’re anywhere near the Atlanta area, I absolutely recommend them. Be sure to let them know I sent ya and they’ll give you that initial 20% discount too.

Check out the website:

Eco Friendly Maid Service

2.  The second company is Zaycon foods. I am all about hormone free, antibiotic free meat (we have a chicken preference, but the company does off other types of meats as well)….but it’s expensive, and we go to Kroger 1-2 times a week to stock up. This is such an AWESOME solution for us because we can pick it up, save $, and it’s the healthy kind that we feel GOOD about eating. (You really can tell a difference in the taste.)

You can watch THIS VIDEO that explains quickly why they are so different and what they do. Basically, they save you money by eliminating all the middle men, AND they come right to your area.

You can order HERE, or at check out the site to see where and when they will be close to YOU!

Hope you enjoy!!

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