Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jase's 12th Week!!

July 24- July 31

Weight: We have a 14 pounder on our hands, ladies and gentleman! Big dog in the house! (This is how I talk to him....poor kid may be scarred for life from his mom "trying to act cool.")
 And my tummy is flattening back out. Yippee!! Been back at pre-preg weight for awhile (since about week 2-3), but it's taken longer for my skin on my belly to go back to normal after being so stretched out. Stretch marks are fading too.

Those are spots on my antique mirror...not a million moles.
Twinning at the gym! (She has a real life twin too.) Lauren is the midwife who helped deliver Jase...she's the BOMB.
Health:  Did anyone think I was kidding about his fingernails? I'm tellin ya, Omegaplex does wonders for hair/skin/nails! Here's proof....I JUST trimmed (aka, tore) these bad boys like 3 days ago. I know it's not so cool to have awesome fingernails when you're a boy, but he could make some girls jealous with those things.
He's still holding his head up like a CHAMP! And he does NOT like to be held "like a baby." He likes to sit up like a big boy.
Sleep: The first part of this week was ROUGH in the sleep department. He cried EVERY SINGLE TIME we laid him on his back. We were having a "Wonder Week" (which I mentioned in last week's post) & it was just not good. Poor lil guy was barely sleeping. Plus we were going to have to stop swaddling because he can roll over so well. I prayed about it and talked to a few other moms (Kelly was especially helpful about the WW- THANK you for all your encouragement!) and decided to try him on his tummy. He can roll over (very well) and has an incredibly strong neck. He can fully support his own head and has a lot of strength and mobility. We have nothing in his crib, have 100% cotton everything, have an Angel Care monitor, & have the mattress cover Emily recommended to help prevent SIDS. We also aired that bad boy mattress out big time before putting it in his crib. With all of those precautions, I decided to give it a shot. He fell asleep almost immediately. I watched him sleep for his first nap like this, & he slept "like a baby." He moved his head from side to side really well. I actually slept in his room (on the floor next to his crib) the first night & woke up every time he moved to see how he handled it. After watching that, I feel 100% confident. He goes down SUPER easy now and always falls asleep within 5-10 min & can settle himself after 5-10 min if he wakes up. Had to follow my mommy gut on that one & feel really good about the decision. Guess he's just a tummy sleeper like his mama. So far it's been one of THE best decisions for us.
Those sweet lips....I could eat him up!!!
Nursing: Still on that liquid gold diet. My supply has regulated more to his needs so I'm not producing an overabundance like I was, but big boy is obviously still growing & I can still pump and get a few ounces after a feeding if I need to. He eats from a bottle 1-2 times every couple days & does awesome with it. I like the Medela bottles, & my Ameda pump fits those.

What Jase is up to: We had baby dedication on Sunday. Not gonna lie, it was a little stressful. Jon left early to teach SS, so I had to get myself and him ready and make it in plenty of time. RIGHT before they started the baby dedication part, I took him out to change his diaper and "top him off" so he would be happy during the dedication (he was a little fussy because he missed his nap). We ALMOST missed it, but made it back in the sanctuary JUST in time!!! The prayer was so sweet, and I LOVED having the entire congregation prayer for our little man and our little family. And of course he held his head up to check it out and see what was going on with everybody.
Was he not SO cute & lookin' like such a big boy??? MELT my stinkin heart in his seersucker suspenders & baby toms!
He went with me, my mom, Rynna, & Lea to a Ladies Event in Ellijay on Friday night. He was such a little champ, slept right on schedule, and barely made a peep. Love that I can bring him places with me for now.
 We had an AWESOME play date with Melissa & Larissa and sweet Hollis & Sophia. Jase is going to be such a ladies man hanging out with all these gals all the time!!! Really though, I am so thankful for these sweet ladies and all of their encouragement. Melissa posted some fun pics here!
Starting to really talk & coo a lot! I LOVE those precious baby sounds and wish I could just freeze him in time right now! SO sweet. He loves talking to his daddy....
He LOVES his bedtime routine too. We do full baths every 2-3 nights (bird baths in between) & do lavender lotion/massage on those nights, he eats for about 15 min , we sing "Here I am to Worship," read one of his Bible story books, say our prayers, & put him down.

Speaking of singing, he loves to sing with me. I'll have to catch him on video- he moves his mouth, smiles, and hums when I sing to him. It's so stinkin cute!! This one will have to do till I get the other one on video.
Really starting to laugh too!!! (I know I sound super annoying, but his little giggle he's starting to do is so cute I had to share!) He thinks Jonathan is way funnier than me, but I don't blame him... Jon is hilarious. I love watching them interact...BEST.DAD.EVER.
PostPartum: LOVING my Advocare!!! Still taking Coreplex with Iron, Omegaplex, Probiotic Restore, Calcium Plus, shakes (for nutritious extra calories), Catalyst, Spark (one a day), & Rehydrate EVERY day. I also drink Muscle Gain to curb my sweet tooth (since I can't take MNS right now- that's what helped my cravings before) & Post-Workout Recovery after workouts.

I feel awesome & am back in normal clothes now. Now just ready to put that spray tan machine to use on all this whiteness! (All organic solution safe while nursing...score!)

Baby Gear: Angel Care monitor, just ordered a Snuza Halo for when we travel, Hanes 6-12 mos socks, Hymns CD (he LOVES it!), Aveeno bath products
 Thoughts: I am already SO IN LOVE with everything about him. I LOVE his personality. He makes me laugh & smile ALL the time already...gets that from his Daddy I guess.
I want to brag on him 24/7....guess I'm going to be one of those moms. Ha! I don't even care though. He is such a blessing. Love, love, love you sweet baby Jase. More than I could ever put into words! My heart is SO FULL getting to be your mom!


Melissa said...

We LOVED our playdate and look forward to more! It will be fun when they start crawling and really interacting with each other!!!

Get that spray tan machine out girl...I will be a paying customer! :)

Unknown said...

You are looking amazing and as always, Jase is looking mighty adorable!!!

I have an advocare question for you!! I'm a momma to a ten month old baby girl and have lost 53 lbs but have just started REALLY working out this week! Does Advocare have a recovery drink that you'd suggest?? Thanks in advance!!

Emily said...

Kye's always had mega long finger nails too! So annoying haha!!! I'm surprised you can still rip them off, they will probably get too thick for that here soon!

I am pumped about this snuza thing! I keep hearing great things and can't wait to try it out for baby #3 someday.

You know me and my SIDS fears...seeing him sleeping on his belly totally freaks me out! I know you are confident on that decision and that is such a personal choice. Britt is 19 months old and I still lay her down to sleep on her back haha. I just am so so paranoid about it!

So awesome that he is such a good little traveler and that he will sleep at functions and stuff!!! My kids never would sleep well in the car seats for full naps!!!

I LOVE my spray tan machine! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

Jolene said...

Aww! He's so cute! I can't believe he's that big! My little man is 10 months and still weighs 15lbs...I just tend to have really tiny babies. Like my last one was 14 months old before she weighed 16 lbs! See...tiny ones....Congrats on your sweet little man, enjoy him

Anonymous said...

What kind of mattress cover do you use? If you talk about it in another post, I may have missed it!