Sunday, May 12, 2013

Baby Butler is 40 Weeks! All about week 39...and my update!

I am SO sad about my week 34 & week 37 updates....both were written over (totally my fault though) and I have no way of getting them back.  Boo!! One of the big reasons I write the weekly updates is because I love to look back through and read about this incredible journey, but I know it'll also be helpful as a 'reference' for me so I can "check my notes" in future pregnancies and see what was going on each week. Of course they'll be different, but it's neat to compare to see those similarities and differences. I'm bummed this pregnancy brain means I can't remember enough from those weeks to rewrite them, but at least I have all of the other ones, right? Gotta think positive!
I am 40 weeks TODAY- May 7th-  so I have officially made it to my due date! I NEVER would have thought I would make it this far (I don't know why- I just had a feeling he would come before now), but thankfully I still feel good and he is still healthy. It's crazy to think I am now "10 months" pregnant & have been pregnant for over 300 days! (Ha, Laura is my "countdown" friend & pointed that out...isn't it crazy to think about it like that?)
Baby Growth:  Jase is about the size of a small pumpkin. Actually, he might be considered more of a medium pumpkin! We had an ultrasound on Monday, and although they said it is not typically this accurate this late in the game, he is in the 90th percentile. They are thinking probably around 8 lbs, 14 oz. Guess we'll see! Good thing God MADE this baby exactly for my body, & I'm not really nervous about the size at all. May be singing a different tune during the pushing phase, but like I said, God MADE my body to do this!!! How can I NOT have confidence?!?!
My Symptoms: I was about the same at my last three appointments (weeks 36-39)...1-2 cm, 60-70%, cervix looks favorable. I left a little discouraged after my Monday appointment because we started talking about induction (they have to talk about it, even though I do NOT want that) & I cried a good bit when I got home playing the "what if" game & thinking about all the possibilities. One of the big reasons I would prefer not to be induced unless medically necessary is because that increases chances of other interventions. Jonathan was super encouraging and reassuring though, & after LOTS his reassurance and LOTS of praying, I had a serious come-to-Jesus meeting. Now I felt/feel MUCH better. This is ALL about God's timing...and I truly trust in that. Of course that's easier said than done, but God has ALWAYS, ALWAYS been right on time & I know this is no different. I know the Lord is putting some finishing touches on Jase and I will have that sweet baby in my arms before I know it!

The stretch marks are here!! Not very deep, but they are definitely here. Like I've said, they don't bother me at all. It's sorta like scars...I don't think of scars as being unattractive in any way. They are just there, they are natural, and they all tell a story.

I also haven't had as much of an appetite. I'm still eating plenty because I want to keep my body fueled, but I do not feel hungry at all.
Weight/Belly: I was +28 lbs total at my appointment today. My belly is...well, check it out!

Maternity Clothes:  Wednesday was my last day of work. I am so thankful for sweet co-workers who made it very special for me!!

However, I am REALLY enjoying living in workout clothes now!! Many of Jonathan's t-shirts are getting too short though, so I have to scrounge to find tees that work. Belly shirts + 40 weeks = going to ruin somebody's appetite.

Movement: Still been moving quite a bit. This morning (Tuesday) I felt a lull in the movement so went in for some monitoring. He was not as active in the beginning, but woke back up & started being his wild man self again towards the end of the monitoring. 

Sleep: I have not been sleeping so hot. They recommended either some Sleepy Time tea or a Tylenol PM (I got some of the tea today), & really encouraged me to get some good rest. They said if my body is too tired I won't go into labor the way I should....So, RESTING up!!

Workouts: I walked a good bit last week...2-3 miles a few times & did an upper body workout. As of Monday I was "cut off" so I can rest more. If I'm not in full out labor by tomorrow I'll probably go on another walk.

Cravings: No cravings, but have been enjoying some pineapple. 
Goals for the Next Week: Well, I think just popping this baby out is a pretty solid goal!!!

Baby Jase- We are SO excited to meet you and be your mommy and daddy!! We are so thankful every day the Lord is giving you to us and we can't wait to see your sweet face. We have prayed, prayed, prayed over every hair on your head and are beyond excited that we get to finally have you in our arms so soon!!! We love you so much already and the sweet blessing you already are...see you soon, sweet thing!!!

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Unknown said...

I just started following your blog yesterday and have read up to this point from your pregnancy announcement!! I love how patient and calm you were through this process! God totally IS in control and your confidence in that is very sweet! Not a lot of people speak out about that anymore!! Btw, that sweet baby is gorgeous!