Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Last Shower for Mr. Jase

We are very blessed to have had a few different showers, and that gave people an opportunity to come to one if they couldn’t come to another for some reason.  I don’t think it’s any secret that my family LOVES throwing parties & showers…

This was more of a “friends shower” and we had it at our house, which worked out well because several of our friends haven’t even seen our house yet!  A few of our sweet friends & family members worked together to make it INCREDIBLE & we had such a blast! LOVED seeing friends I haven’t seen in a while, and wish I could have spent more time talking to them and catching up! (That is the one thing I don’t like- I feel like you don’t get quality time with people.)


I didn’t get pictures with everybody (BOO!), but here are a few of our friends who came to celebrate with us!


We are so incredibly thankful for ALL of the love and support we have received as we get ready to welcome Baby Jase!!! Our family and friends have been SO beyond helpful, & we appreciate it beyond words. We are truly blessed, and our lil man already has so many people anxiously awaiting him to love on him!! Now he just has to finish “baking” in mommy’s tummy till it’s time for him to make his appearance in the world!

Thank you again to all of our precious loved ones for EVERYTHING.  (And huge shout out to my mama….party planning queen! She’s the bomb!)

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