Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Butler is 38 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: They compared his length to a leek this week, but he is closer to the size of a watermelon. His organs have matured and he is ready for life outside the womb!

My Symptoms: On Tuesday (4/23), I was 1 cm and 60%.  At Monday’s appointment (4/29) I was 2 cm & 70%. Progress!! I know, it really means nothing till you’re 10 cm & 100%. And it doesn’t really get my hopes up because I know he’ll come when he’s ready anyway. I have heard all kinds of stories- from people who walked around for weeks at a 3-4, to people like Laura who went from a 1 and 50% to giving birth the next day! It’s very exciting knowing he can come ANY TIME & I love that element of surprise!!! As if meeting your sweet baby for the first time isn’t enough!) Our awesome midwife (I seriously cannot rave about them enough- they are both such an answered prayer & I will be thrilled with either one delivering our little man) said she could feel Baby Jase’s head, so he is low. They also said my body is progressing well for a first time mom.

My tummy is getting majorly itchy now, but I’m still using coconut oil & the other oils I have. I put some vitamin E on this morning too and that seemed to help some with the itching. Those “blood vessels” from a few weeks ago (only on the left side of my tummy, under my belly button) look more like stretch marks now, but aren’t deep. Stretch marks are something that you are either going to get or not, depending on your skin type, & there isn’t a whole lot you can do to prevent them. However, it is still important to keep your belly moisturized and lubricated. Try to avoid scented lotions or lotions with lots of chemicals if possible.


I want to cry every 5 seconds- sometimes for no reason at all. Helllllo, hormones!!!

Oh, & I had some colostrum come out, so of course I had to show Jonathan!! He wasn’t as impressed as I was. Ha! I’m excited my body is getting ready to nurse. I have been reading a LOT about breastfeeding lately because it is something I am extremely passionate about (& I know can be very difficult and challenging, so I am doing my best to educate myself now to help as much as possible). Even if you can just nurse in that first hour, that is HUGE!!! Every drop is so beneficial & can have tremendous benefits for your little one.

I know I mentioned last week that I am feeling slightly anti-social, & that hasn’t changed much. I hope no one thinks I am being rude, because it is not intentional- I’m just not up for it. I don’t have much of a desire to text, talk on the phone, e-mail. get on FB, blog or read blogs, make plans, etc. (I know this sounds so terrible, but I’m just being honest.) I am still doing those things; just not enjoying them as I normally do, nor spending as much time doing them as I normally do. (Blog post coming soon on that- the Lord has been dealing with me about my “technology addictions.” I actually have several blog posts in my head and planned to write but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet. Hopefully soon!) However, I do still truly APPRECIATE every comment, text, phone call, e-mail, thought, & prayer. Really, just a small two seconds means so much!! I have had my feelings hurt a few times by “friends” who have not even CHECKED on me one time this whole pregnancy. I guess ya learn who your real friends are…it has definitely been interesting! If someone doesn’t reach out to you for 10 months straight, you’re probably not really friends. And that kinda makes me sad. But at the same time, I have become closer to a few people & I feel like God has placed this people in my life “for such a time as this.” It has also made me even more grateful for my true friends and my precious family…and appreciate them on a whole new level!! I think that is important & part of something I have learned during this pregnancy. So thank you to all of you who have been so encouraging, loving, supportive, & thoughtful!!! It was also a good lesson for me to remember. Sometimes an encouraging word, a card, even a FB comment or text to let someone know they are on your mind can go such a long way…and being thoughtful is a trait I definitely want to have.

Weight/Belly: I was up 29 lbs at my 39 week appointment. Sure feels like more- this belly is heavy!!


Maternity Clothes:  Wednesday is my last day of work & I am BEYOND pumped to start wearing workout clothes full-time till lil man gets here! They are SO MUCH more comfortable!!! Even Jonathan’s shirts are getting a little short though, so I have to really scrounge through his closet to find t-shirts that will actually fit over this belly!

I would wear more dresses, but carrying an extra 30 lbs makes me even more conscious of the types of shoes I wear.  Most of my sandals/flip flops do NOT have good support, so I try to wear either Sperries or tennis shoes every day, which means I am still wearing mostly pants. My legs are READY for some sunshine!! I can’t wait to take this sweet baby on walks in our neighborhood. Last night as I was walking with Jonathan I was noticing that it is so peaceful in our area & there are some seriously gorgeous views where we live. We are blessed!!

Movement: Still feeling consistent movement! He is running out of room for sure (I feel like I’ve been saying that for months), but he for real is now. Last night he was practicing riding a bicycle/pedaling on the right side of my belly. He’s going to be a natural!

Sleep: Two times this past week I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for a few hours. Sleep is getting a little tougher…& it wakes Jonathan up every time I move or get out of bed to potty. He always asks if I’m okay when he hears me fumbling around. And I also kicked the pregnancy pillow to the curb for two body pillows. I am over that thing.

Workouts: Mostly just walking, but a few squats and weights thrown in the mix. I am really looking forward to some intense workouts after I recover!! I miss being strong & pushing my body in that way. The great news is that my FAVORITE types of workouts are all body weight exercises I can do at home while lil man is napping, and of course I plan to go on lots of walks/jogs. I am PUMPED about our yard sale jogging stroller find!! (Even though I KNOW it is something I will use, I did NOT want to pay full price for those beasts!) I walked up and down my driveway 12 times last night after our walk. Have you SEEN our driveway?? I thought I’d be sore today but I’m not.

Cravings: Cereal!! I must need more folate…I have been eating at least two bowls every day. I have also been wanting carbs…having a tough time with meat again, but doing my best to still get in plenty of protein. (This is reminding me of the beginning of pregnancy!)  I’m also eating lots of Greek yogurt and have bought frozen waffles (Kashi & some other organic Chia kind) the last two times I’ve been to the grocery store. Normally waffles & cereal are NOT on my list. Oh, and FRUIT!! I feel like all I am eating is cereal, Greek yogurt, and fruit!

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: Jonathan did some research early on & decided I needed a water purifier at school (I drink at least 100 oz while at work), so he bought me one of those water purifying pitchers at the beginning of the year. I have been joking with our custodian that if he gets called to Mrs. Butler’s room with a mop he’ll know it’s baby time. Today while I was filling up my water bottle, I spilled the WHOLE pitcher on the floor in the workroom. My shoes and the bottom of my pants were soaked! It was pretty funny to have to call him in for a ‘water spill from Mrs. Butler!’

I have also really enjoyed “group texts” with Larissa & Melissa!! It has been very neat to get to experience this so closely with them & be able to compare notes and share our experiences.

Jonathan & I enjoyed a really lazy weekend together. It was super YUCKKKKKY outside….perfect for lots of napping, cleaning the house (mostly Jonathan- have I mentioned lately that I have the BEST hubby ever?!?!), dinner with both of our parents, long baths, & snuggling while watching movies. It was a perfect weekend for this almost 10 months pregnant chick.

Thoughts: I was reading a little about foods to eat and foods to avoid while breastfeeding & started to get a little nervous. Many of the foods it suggested to avoid are the fruits (like oranges) and veggies (roughage/cucumbers/broccoli) that I eat daily. Hopefully Jase has adapted to them while in the womb, or it may be interesting to try to figure out what to eat after he arrives.

My prayers this week have been focused very specifically on our midwives & nurses, labor & delivery, Jonathan as he coaches me through, & for breastfeeding. I have been praying for these things daily throughout my pregnancy, but I have really been very specific this week.

Goals for the Next Week: I am done with all of the things I need to be done with for Mr. Jase. After tomorrow, I will be done with work & completely caught up with everything there. I paid all of our bills, finished my birth plan & all important lists & info for Jonathan (insurance, maternity leave stuff, etc.). All of our bags are packed and loaded in the truck with the car seat. I have finished thank you cards & have goody bags ready for the nurses and our midwife.  My goals for the next few weeks are: 1)to make a few freezer meals 2) to read more of BabyWise & Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 3) Keep practicing relaxation techniques 4) find someone to DUST some of the places I can’t get to 5) one more trip to Costco to stock up for Jonathan 6) REST lots!!


Christy said...

You look wonderful!!! I am in love with the nursery bedding.

Anonymous said...

You look amazing! I have loved following your pregnancy journey. My son, Liam, is 2 1/2 now but when I was pregnant with him he would move around so much. Now he is a healthy and VERY active little boy. Can't wait to see the nursery! :)

Niki said...

Oh. My. Heavens. If you aren't the most gorgeous preggers I've ever seen! Can't wait to meet Jase. Love ya girl!

Emily said...

wow seeing the comparison pictures of your before and now is kinda crazy haha you are DEF all belly though that junk is pulled TIGHT. laura looks so happy in those pics, so sweet. i'm ready for the nursery tour!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes your pre-preggo body is amazing!! Can u share the supplements you took and typical exercise week? You look beautiful pregnant and I love the blot!!

Ashley said...

You look great!! And I love the monogram above the crib!!

Leslie said...

You look so great and I am so glad you are feeling good still. I am 37 weeks too and absolutely MISERABLE! And I feel very anti-social too...I always just want to be home. Almost there!!!! Whohoo!

Anna Demko said...

You look wonderful! I think getting in the best shape possible before pregnancy, it will be easier for you postpartum. I wanted to do that too but kind of got pregnant very fast.
Keep up the good work, I was very similar to your wight gain but most of my unwanted gain came last 4 weeks plus I was overdue, all the stretch marks popped out. It's not fun afterwards but keep those oils on - they help a little.


Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

You look wonderful!! So pretty! I saw this video of the Huffington Post and TED talk on visualizing development and thought of you and baby Jase!

Anonymous said...

You look great! I like to tell everyone I know that breastfeeding is SO worth it....that if they can stick with it for the first 2 weeks, they have it made. That's the hardest time--after that, you're good to go. You'll be awesome! :)

DanielleWoods91711 said...

That is so neat you bought a stroller used! It is so discouraging to hear everyone buys everything brand new for a baby. Especially to first time moms on a budge! ;) While I do understand some things should be new for safety standards- hello carseat! I think some things are great used if they are cleaned and sanitized. Good luck with Jase! I'll be praying for you.

Bekki said...

OOOOHHHH how exciting!!! Prayers for you!!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

You look so great!!! Girl, don't get to caught up on the food thing while breastfeeding (or try not to at least) I am able to eat anything and everything--and I try to eat tons of fruits and veggies. I am sure you will be a nursing pro and all well be fine. Soon he'll be in your arms; I am so excited for you beautiful mama!!

Tracey said...

Danielle, You look so beautiful, I am so very proud of the woman you are and the mother you are becoming. Baby Jase is so very blessed to have you as his mother...how exciting for you and Jonathan becoming parents.
Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts God has blessed me with, and then doubled blessed with my grandkids.
I am so-so excited for you & Jonathan and can't wait to meet baby Jase I know he is one blessed, loved, sweet-sweet baby!
I remember the day you were born, your cute little button nose, red hair and so small, dad could hold you in one hand, you were so cute and such a sweet baby I don't remember you crying, you were always happy, smiling, you loved sitting up and looking around all the time, loved all the attention of being the youngest. What great memories!
I love reading your blog and sharing this experience with you...so excited !!!
Love, Mama

Emily said...

Score on the jogging stroller!!!

YAY FOR YOUR LAST DAY OF WORK!!!! That is so, so, SO exciting!!!!!! I'm thrilled for you!!!!!!!

Also pumped about the milk leakage...def a GREAT sign that your body is ready to breastfeed! And do NOT overly stress about all the dos and don'ts about what to eat. I never have worried about that and haven't had any issues. I wouldn't worry about it and then if he does seem to have an issue maybe cut out some of those things :)

the friendship thing is def an always changing process...pregnancy changes it. then parenthood does. then as your kids get older it changes again. it's wonderful that you always KNOW you have JOnathan no matter what! My lulls in friendships have been times that I can really focus on building a stronger bond with Zach too!

70% is AWESOME. Usually 1st babies will slowly progress with the dilation but quick with the effacement so that's all great!

I miss the baby kicks in the belly...I do NOT miss that ITCHY feeling!!!!!!

Maybe this is your last weekly post?!?! I know you're anti social right now but I hope I'm on the text when in labor list???? ;)

Rachael said...

First, I love this blog! I am 22 weeks and it is so nice to have a place to read about healthy pregnancy! I'm interested to know what kind of goody bags you've made for your nurses, etc....i think that is such a great idea!

Tiffany said...

We need an update, girl! Have you had the little guy? :)

Jennifer Peters said...

No post in a long time. I check every day and am beginning to think that he might be here! So excited to hear the news!

Anonymous said...

Hope everyone is well!

Anonymous said...

I have been a follower of your blog for a while now, and I agree with everyone else...you look amazing! But I keep checking to see any updates...Can't wait to see pics of baby Jase!

Unknown said...

I Have Been So Excited, Checking In :)

Unknown said...

Getting Very Excited!! I check This Quite Often For UpdateS :)

Unknown said...

You look absolutely great! So, you're getting near the D-day and I'm glad that you're still feeling good despite the anti-social moments. It's just normal because of the hormones. I hope you don't get to experience any post-partum depression. Good luck to you!