Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Butler is 36 Weeks!!

9 MONTHS!!!! Woo hoo!! This is the home stretch, friends!  It is so weird/fun to say “I am 9 months pregnant!” Something about 9 months sounds SO different than any of the rest in my mind. {Probably because before my friends started having babies, I thought you were only pregnant for 9 months…}
Baby Growth: Jase is in the 65th percentile at 6 lbs &12 oz!! My AWESOME midwife felt around on my tummy & said if she had to guess, she would say 6 lbs, 12 oz.  You can pretty much feel the entire outline of his body & what is where- I can feel his little booty, his feet, etc., & his head pressing down SUPER low in my pelvic region.  We had an ultrasound right after that, & based on all of his measurements, she was EXACTLY right!! Ha! Is she good or what?!?
We love the ultrasound tech too- she is fantastic! She said Jase has a “good sized head”…& I’m not sure if she was joking with Jon (because when we were looking at his head Jon said “I can tell he’s smart like his Daddy”) or if she was for real.  I’m guessing the latter. I know Jonathan had a pretty big head when he was born, so it’s time to get serious about some perineal massage! Ha!! Maybe Jase will take after me though…I have a little head. I remember growing up that I could rarely find hats or sunglasses to fit me (my body always seemed so much bigger than my head), & I would imagine Jon had the same issue on the opposite end of that spectrum! (Ha! LOVE you babe!) But….thankfully we have both “grown into” our head sizes.

My Symptoms: I feel GREAT this week! MUCH better than last week. I did have a day or two when I was VERY irritable & EVERYONE was getting on my last nerve…(poor Jon!)…but now I feel back to normal. I haven’t had as many Braxton Hicks this week, but the pressure is picking up- especially when I walk.

At my appointment I was around 1 cm & 50%. I know that doesn’t mean much, so nothing to get excited about. (Some women walk around for WEEKS at a 3, & other women can be NOTHING & go into labor the next day- so I’m not banking much on any of that.) Right now I am focused on getting everything finished, praying LOTS, & listening to my body as it is getting closer.

We have learned in our classes that most first time moms who are NOT induced deliver at 41 weeks and 1 day….and many moms who are very active during pregnancy deliver around 39 weeks. I could care less as long as he is fully developed and healthy. I still feel good, so no rush. He can just keep on cookin’!

Oh, and the stretch marks have come. They may have been there, but we don’t have a full length mirror and I can’t see the bottom of my belly so I just now noticed them at the gym. They’re small and pretty light, & Catalyst helps firm skin, so I’m sure it will be fine after. And honestly, I don’t really care. I am just thankful I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to carry this sweet little guy and be his Mama. I know God made my body so I can have babies, and if that includes stretch marks, that’s okay with me! (It is so neat to see how I have changed over the past few years. When I was a little younger- early 20’s- I was pretty dang vain and overly concerned with my appearance.  In the past few years though, and in growing in my walk, the Lord has taught me that what is on the outside is NOT what matters! I take care of my body so I can be healthy & attractive to Jonathan, but it definitely does not take a priority in my life the way it used to. It feels so good to have that release.)

Weight/Belly: I was the same weight at my appointment this week as the week before, so still right around +25 lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight (which was the first appointment where I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant). For the majority of my pregnancy people have commented on how BIG my belly is & how it started poking out so quickly- lots of “Are you SURE it’s not TWINS?” or “Man, he’s going to be HUGE!” or even “Are you sure you’re not due ANY day now? You look like you’re about to pop!” (when I was like 4-5 months!) Other than sweet blog comments (thank you, I love you guys!), no one ever really said “Wow, you look great!” up until very recently.  People are starting to say that I am all belly & that I look cute.  I definitely appreciate the compliments!!  I was starting to get a complex!

The belly is certainly a conversation starter too. It doesn’t matter where I am, EVERYONE wants to talk to me about the pregnancy- even strangers. I love it! (Most of the time- minus those couple days when I was super grumpy.)

I am still working out regularly. I lift weights 2-3 times a week & walk 4-5 times. I try to do as many planks as possible to keep my core strong- I have a feeling that will come in handy those last couple hours of pushing. (I have no pictures this week expect these dumb ones I took myself to send to Jon- wanted to show him I still have the guns “armed & loaded!" Ha. I’m such a loser.)


Maternity Clothes:  are SO overrated. I can think of WAY better ways to spend our money than on clothes- period! I just wear whatever is comfy. Jeans are NOT comfortable right now, & shorts/skirts are a little scary with these white legs. (I’m talkin’ WHIIIIIIIITE! I was outside 15 min one day last week at car rider duty and got sunburnt.) I would wear more dresses, but dresses require sandals (and thus a pedicure) & that I shave my legs. It’s serious business trying to paint my toenails & I’m trying to hold off on the pedicure till I’m a little closer to due date because ya know they say to get a pedicure if you’re close & want to go into labor! (not sure that all these crazy things are true- but I don’t wanna risk it! Jase’s lungs need to keep developing a little longer first!)

Movement: I thought he had slowed down some, but I was wrong. He is still a wild man. Can someone please tell me if there is any truth to the whole “how they act in the womb is how active they will be when they come out” deal?? I have a feeling I am in for a TREAT if there is any truth to that. I feel like this boy never sleeps!! Maybe it’s because he is pressed right up to the front part of my tummy that I can feel his movements so intensely? And if I am on my back for any reason, you can see him straight rolling around like crazy & kicking out over here on my far right side. It’s the CRAZIEST thing!!! Jon has seen it several times now, & I’m glad he’s been able to see it even though it freaks him out a little. I love when I can grab his little foot- he’s probably like “What are you doing, Mom?”

Sleep: Jonathan’s sinuses have been acting up, which means he’s been snoring. He never snores, so that’s been a fun new treat. I’ve had a pretty tough time getting comfy too, but have been waking up a little easier. I feel like I’m resting more being back at work than I did over Spring Break (because I was running around like crazy over SB trying to get everything done- and at work I sit on my ab ball for the majority of the day) so that has helped….but I still need naps sometimes when I get home. (I don’t get home till about 4:30.)

Cravings: I bought ice cream for the first time this week. NOT a good idea. After dominating it a few nights in a row (I was justifying it because it has protein! Ha!), I threw it out & decided not to buy any more. Still just craving sweets & sugar. And pizza when I smell it…but we haven’t eaten any because I’ve been cooking every night.

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week: Loved the doctor’s appointment! His heartbeat was 155, & we were also tested for Strep B at this week’s appointment (I didn’t love that part, but wanted to remind myself). Loved his sweet little ultrasound too. That boy will NOT move his hands away from his face so we can see his little profile though. He’s had his hands in front of his face at EVERY ultrasound so far!! My blood pressure was 115 over 71, which while still in the “normal” range is pretty high for me. I am normally  around 92 over 58-62.

Here is our little man- hiding his face. I can barely tell what anything is anyways.


Loved celebrating the twins’ birthday!

And Brian’s birthday dinner with friends!

This weekend felt like SUMMER! It was gorgeous outside, & we stayed up late Friday night watching a Redbox (Argo). We slept in Saturday morning (till 8:40, if that counts as sleeping in) & enjoyed a morning together at home & sharing Advocare with others. It made me sad to go back to work!!

Thoughts: We are almost all the way ready! We are putting finishing touches on the birth plan & nursery, & the car seat and hospital bags are in the truck ready to go! Just a few little things left to do (like thank you cards! SHEESH! I am NEVER this bad about getting things like that done!) & we will be all the way ready!

Lots of people are asking if I’m nervous.  Honestly, I’m not. And Jon isn’t either. (Normally he’s my worrier too.) I think praying has eliminated the fear for us and now we are just excited. I know that WHATEVER happens during labor & delivery and afterwards is exactly what the Lord intended. We have expressed to both God (what a cool God that He WANTS to hear the desires of our heart) & to our doctors & midwives what an ideal delivery day would look like for us, and now we just turn it all over to HIM. Ultimately, we want His will to be done- not ours. We totally trust that God is leading every step of the way and that He will have his hand in whatever happens. And Jonathan has been praying for both me & Baby Jase DAILY since the get go. We have prayed for every single nurse, doctor, etc. that we will come into contact with even though we don’t know them yet. How can you NOT feel confident when you have the power of the LORD on your side?

Can’t WAIT to meet you, Baby Jase!!!


Olivia said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who had their bags packed and ready at 36 weeks!!:)) Thankfully I did, bc my water broke at 36 weeks 3 days. Always best to be prepared!! And your arms looks great!! ;) It is hard to stay fit during pregnancy but you seem to be doing a great job!

Adrienne Rhoads said...

Rigsby kicked NON STOP even during labor, and had hiccups every single night. He's the calmest most peaceful thing ever! He does still like to kick his legs and was picking his head up the day after he was born, but he isn't nearly as hyper as he seemed inside! He does still get hiccups every night though:) And I had him at exactly 39 weeks:) No progress on Monday, started having contractions on Wednesday morning, Hospital Thursday night, had him Friday morning:)

Bekki said...

I am keeping you and Baby in my prayers!! I can't believe that it is so close...seems like a few weeks ago I read the post where you were announcing it.... :)

Taylor said...

Which practice do you use? I've been looking for a good midwife in the area.