Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby Butler is 35 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Baby Jase is well over 5 lbs now & mostly fully developed. Now he is just gaining weight and growing!

My Symptoms: This week was interesting. I can TELL my body is definitely getting ready!!  I was on Spring Break & had a HUGE to-do list, but I had to take LOTS of breaks & felt like my energy was very easily drained…even during normal activities (like doing dishes, washing veggies, cooking dinner, etc.). I can also feel a LOT more pressure down there (feels like his head is pressing down on something sometimes when I walk- not all the time) & have had some pretty serious Braxton Hicks this week. The intensity & frequency has definitely picked up. I have also had a little more lower back pain, but the adjustments and massage have helped with that. I don’t feel like I’ve progressed any and am really praying he goes to 39-40 weeks because I want his lungs to be FULLY developed, but I can certainly feel my body getting ready and it’s neat to see the changes. SO cool how our bodies just KNOW what to do to get ready…..definitely a God thing! I’m not uncomfortable, but this week has been tougher just because I’ve been getting tired so easy. Guess it’s nature’s way of telling me to SLOW DOWN & REST!

I have no swelling at all. Does everyone take their rings off?? I would rather just leave mine on, but didn’t know if I should take them off.  Suggestions?

Oh, & I think I’m getting 2 little stretch marks right at my belly button. They are super small & light, so hopefully they’ll stay that way. I also have stretch marks on the bottom of my boobs…and thankfully only Jon will ever see those & he could care less! Haha!!

Weight/Belly: My belly is getting wider & I feel like Jase has moved down some, but still not sure if he’s “dropped.” Not all babies do. But, I can tell he is lower for sure. I do a lot of squatting with Bradley and can feel my belly on my thighs now when I squat. I’m right at +25 lbs.  


Maternity Clothes: Whatever. (Those in the picture are all normal clothes. I am over maternity.)

Movement: Oh gosh, it is MADNESS in there! Lil man is so outta room, & he is squirming like crazy! I can straight up feel BODY parts!! (I grabbed his little foot the other day- totally weird!) One night I was in the bath tub and he pushed something out that was about the size of my FIST on the left side of my tummy! It was NUTS (seriously, one of the strangest/coolest things I’ve ever seen!!!). I immediately went to take a pictures because that seriously needed to be documented…but quickly realized I was naked & in the bathtub, so it was highly inappropriate & decided not to capture it. I can also feel some movement going on all the way on my sides, which is definitely new. Still, the majority of the action takes place in the center of my belly where he is constantly moving around & pressing out. There is definitely a distinct difference between the Braxton Hicks & him pushing his back or booty out.

Oh, & I got my teeth cleaned over the break…so that was the first time I’d been reclined or on my back in a while. He moved NON-STOP the WHOLE time….like jello! Wish I could have gotten the video while I was at the dentist!

Sleep: I miss sleeping well. Even though it was Spring Break, I only averaged around 5 hours a night because I couldn’t fall asleep and still woke up super early. Boo for that! It’s getting a little more uncomfortable & oddly enough I prefer my right side. I know you’re supposed to be on your left (better oxygen supply), & typically I am a left side/tummy sleeper, but it’s not comfortable. I got up about 1 am a couple nights and fell asleep on the couch watching recordings of Dr. Oz.

Cravings: Mostly chocolate.  Last night I made protein peanut butter bites after dinner.

I had a banana split blizzard from DQ one night too…

Other than than, tomato & cucumber salad! I finally made some yesterday…SO good! I make mine with sliced tomatoes & cucumbers, vinegar & olive oil to taste, sea salt & ground black pepper, & a pinch of sugar. YUM!

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week:

Crossing off a TON on the before baby to-do list! I was just telling Jonathan that I SERIOUSLY could not have done this without my mom. She has been a Godsend (my whole life, but especially in helping me with this pregnancy). I am SO thankful for her & Jonathan and how they have both stepped up to take care of the things I HATE doing…like putting stuff together, taking doubles back, figuring what I still need, etc. I make poor Jon a new list every few days and he just takes it like a champ! And my mom has helped me more times than I can even count! That has made it so much easier for me to relax, rest, & focus on the things I have to get done that no one else but me can do.

The BEST prenatal massage! I’m ready for another one!!

Taking Laura & Brian’s maternity pics….they are beautiful!! Baby A is coming ANY day now!!


Except for the creepy photographer’s assistant photo bombing! As least he’s HOT!! Haha!


Thoughts: I am LOVING preparing for the Bradley method!!! I feel way more excited than I do nervous/anxious because I feel so prepared. Obviously you never know what will happen, but I am thankful for the feelings of calmness about labor & delivery for sure.

Also, I LOVE going to the gym. I feel my VERY best when I am working out and just after. It helps me sleep better & have more energy for the next few hours. Everyone in the gym (there are a lot of regulars we’ve been working out with for the last year or so) is so tore up about me being there…it’s hilarious!

Made me happy to see this come through on my e-mail though…


We are so excited to meet our sweet little man!

Jase, you are SO LOVED already buddy!!!! I don’t feel like I can love you any more than I already do right now, & I haven’t even met you yet! Your daddy & I (along with SO many other friends & family) talk about you all the time and cannot WAIT to welcome you into this world!!! Enjoy your last few weeks in there…sure has been a fun journey with you!


Tiffany said...

Hi Danielle, I've been following your blog for a while now but I don't think I've ever commented! You look beautiful, and I just wanted to wish you good luck in the upcoming weeks! It has been fun following your pregnancy. (I have 3 children so far and never documented my pregnancies as well as you have! Next time!) I am wanting to try the Bradley method next time. I have done natural childbirths but was NOT prepared. Just went in with no coping strategies. You are smart to do that now! (I hope you stay stretch-mark free too! I never had them with my first and then AFTER I had him, they were all visible! I hope that doesn't happen to you though!)

Anonymous said...

I'd take your rings off, just so you don't worry about them. It's only going to get warmer and your fingers are more likely to swell.

Love your response about maternity clothes. I never got the allure either. I found them pricey and uncomfortable.

Kate said...

You are looking fabulous! I remember that constant downstairs pressure - not pleasent but the body is getting ready.
I wore my rings all the time BUT took them off prior to going to the hospital Bc I didn't want to lose them if I would need emergency surgery Bc they would have to come off. Also sometimes they give you a lot of IV fluid and you swell slightly!

I wish you the best in the next coming weeks - when do we get to see the nursery?

Anonymous said...

Sadly stretch marks don't really show up till after birth

Kae said...

Oh wow! Getting so close love!
so excited for you

Memories by Design said...

You look so fantastic! I was able to leave my rings on the entire pregnancy - I had no swelling either - so I think it is just an individual thing. I say leave them on if you prefer! :)I did end up taking them off when I went to the birth center to deliver, just so that I didn't have to keep track of any valuables.

You're so close! So excited for you!

christa said...

You look great!

Katie said...

We must be due close together....5/12 for me! It's my 3rd and I've never had to take my rings off (and my 1st 2 were end of summer babies!). Just keep a close eye out!

Advocarerunner said...

I'm so dang excited for you. The anticipation and birth of your first child is honestly and experience like no other! You are about to experience the most wonderful, exciting ride of your life! xoxo

Unknown said...

I wore my rings in the delivery room. I had no swelling or added weight gain (only gained 22lbs in fact). I also agree that stretch marks appear after birth :( That's when mine showed up on my stomach near my belly button. I had no stretch marks from pregnancy.