Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jase’s Family Shower!!

My family throws some serious business showers!!! My mama is the PINTEREST QUEEN (she is my favorite person to follow on Pinterest!)…and the great thing is, she actually brings all the ideas to life that most of us just pin. She is SUPER talented & crafy!!  Come to think of it, she might be one of the most talented people I know. She can do EVERYTHING & always has THE cutest ideas!!! I can’t wait till I can stay home & spend more time with her…there is a LOT I want her to teach me how to do!

So we had our family shower this weekend, and it was such a blast! (Sorry, I know I need to chill out with all the exclamation points, but I am just really excited….ha!). It was a GREAT turnout & I loved seeing so many of our friends/family there. It was a really, really nice surprise for Chelsi to come! I didn’t think she was going to be able to make it all the way from Tifton, & it was an AWESOME surprise to see her!!! Made my already great day even better!

Of course we had a spread, as usual….yum!! Huge shout out to my Aunt Terry for helping out with all the cooking & food. LOVE when she helps cook!!


And of course my mom’s specialty….the dessert tables!


SO cute!! And she handmade & hand painted all of the little decorations. I so appreciate how much effort she puts into every little detail…it makes everything extra special (and cute!).


I mean, seriously…


Jonathan’s sister, Jade, is a really talented baker & cake decorator (she made the groom’s cake for our wedding too & did an awesome job), so we asked her to make the cake for the shower. We had NO IDEA she was going to go ALL OUT with this bad boy!!! Check it out…is that not SO cute??? The little monkeys on top are our little Butler family, even complete with Jon’s UGA hat.


And the blocks (made out of rice krispies treats….everything was edible!) spelled out JASE. SO ADORABLE!! And soooooo stinkin’ yummy!!! The bottom was vanilla with cream cheese icing, & the top was chocolate for her bro. It was SO GOOD.


I love how excited Aunt Jade is about her new little nephew!!


Even the balloon/lantern collage was PRECIOUS!!! (& WAY bigger in person!)


It’s all about the details.


Jonathan & I had such a great day & our little family was  SO beyond spoiled. We were BLOWN away with everyone’s generosity & love, and I feel sooooo much more prepared now! (We got a lot of the things we were really needing taken care of, whew! What a relief!)


Oh, and had to show this off! One of my super talented cousins MADE this!!!! & Jon has a shirt to match!! (Check out Big Jon’s arms….owww owwww!!! And he’s not even flexing…STUD!)


And how stinkin’ cute is this!! One of my nieces drew this on the white board my mom has on the back door. Pretty good sounding out for a kindergartner!! (Or 1st grader, depending on which of the 3 did this….I’m guessing Gracie?)


I know I say it every time, but I am SO BEYOND thankful for all of the incredibly loving & supportive friends and family we have.  I know everyone is not as fortunate to have such a strong support system and we are truly blessed. So grateful for all the people God has placed in our lives and that Baby Jase gets to enter this world already so loved.


Emily said...

WOW!!!! Your mom did awesome and that cake is AMAZING!!!! hate i won't be there to see all the mad skills in person for the next one ;)

P!nky said...

What a beautiful shower!

And you use those exclamation points girl, this is a JOYOUS TIME!!!!!!!!


Anna Demko said...

You have an amazing family and such a talented mom! Seriously, how many showers are you getting sista? It's usually one and you are
I love all the decor and the cake is super duper adorable!