Friday, March 8, 2013

Jase’s Church Shower

We are TRULY blessed with an incredible, loving, supportive, and encouraging church family. Did I mention that they are LOVNG?? I have been to several churches, and I just have to say….there is something special about ours! I am so thankful for the friendships we have made there- for the accountability and for the Godly mentors.

We had a beautiful shower in the fellowship hall last week. Seriously, it was one of THE CUTEST baby showers I’ve ever been to!  (Duh! My mom is THE world’s best party planner, and you better believe if the Pinterest Queen has a hand in planning it, it’s going to be beyond adorable!!)

It was super interactive & everyone was so involved. The games were a blast (except the whole tasting baby food thing….Jon & I will NOT be feeding our children that crap after tasting it…GROSS!!!!) & everyone was laughing the whole time.  Plus, everyone really spoiled us and Baby Jase racked up big time!


At this shower my belly straight looked like a BASKETBALL under my dress. You can’t tell as much in this picture even, but that is exactly what it looked like in person. Jonathan was showing us that he could “palm” my belly (which looks more like an egg now, just a week later!).


THANK YOU so much to everyone who played a part in making this such an incredible turnout and special memory.  Thank you for loving on us and Baby Jase!! We are TRULY blessed!!!



Emily said...

LOVE the late night diaper thing...SUPER cute idea!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

such a cute shower!

Erin said...

That is a Pinterest-worthy baby shower if I've ever seen one!! So so adorable- I LOVE all the cute animals everywhere :) :)

And you ma'am... YOU are stunning! :)

Anna Demko said...

This looks amazing! I love the theme and all the decor was so spot on. You are one blessed mama...
Happy for you and your little one