Monday, March 18, 2013

Even More 24 Day Challenge Results…(And more FAQs answered)

Jonathan is currently on day 14 of his 24 Day Challenge and he is feeling AWESOME!!! He is down about 3- 4 lbs already and can tell his pants are fitting looser.  Gotta admit, I am a little jealous & wish I could do it with him because I LOOOOVE the challenge!! But hello, obviously 8 months pregnant is not the time for me to be cleansing OR losing weight. He’s doing it with his business partner/buddy instead. (It’s awesome to do the challenge with a partner for accountability, encouragement, and maybe even a little friendly competition.)
Here’s his BEFORE: (Yes, I know…usually you don’t post before pics until you have the after to go with it. Gotta wait10 more days….sorry!)
When I’m not pregnant (which is obviously all the time prior to these last 8 months! ha!), we do the challenge together EVERY 3 months like clock work. It’s important for us because it helps us keep on track and the (gently & uneventful) cleanse is AWESOME for flushing out toxins & resetting our system so we can absorb nutrients better.  We do it to maintain our weight of course (everyone is maintaining their weight, whether trying to gain, lose, or maintain), but mainly for health purposes. After hearing Dr. Redman (from the  Science & Medical Advisory Board) speak this past weekend, it just further validated for us why these products are safe, healthy, and necessary.

It keeps your body functioning the way it should, your metabolism burning, restores balance, and fills in nutritional gaps of your diet. I wrote a post a while back about WHY we need supplements to begin with.
So, here are a few of the FAQs I get asked often: (Here’s a previous FAQs post I wrote about the challenge.)
1. What IS the challenge?
This little 5 minute video gives you a pretty good overview, and you can learn more HERE too. In a nutshell, it’s a jump start to a healthier lifestyle.
What is the 24 Day Challenge?
And it comes with ALL this!

And WHY do I need it??
This pretty much sums it up.
2. What do I do after the challenge?
This is where your coach comes in. If it’s me (and I’d LOVE to help you get started! If you can’t tell, I am SUPER passionate about helping people live healthier lifestyles), you & I will talk about your goals and decide towards the end of your challenge what you’re looking to accomplish next to determine the next steps for you. Wanna keep losing? Start leaning out/toning up? Build some muscle mass? Maintain your current size? It’s totally customizable & we can figure out exactly what’s best for you. Of course you don’t HAVE to continue taking anything, but once you try the products, I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love.
Here is what Jon & I take daily between our challenges:

Danielle: (Again, this is when I’m NOT pregnant. Here’s a list of what I’m taking now while expecting. I also added in Pro20 because I started taking that too after researching Bradley & the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. Protein is SO important for expecting mommies- 100+ grams a day- and that can be a little tough when meat is grossing you out & you have to be cautious about fish consumption, which is one of my go-to sources for protein.)
  • MNS
  • OmegaPlex
  • Catalyst & ThermoPlus
  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Spark & Rehydrate
  • Citrizinc
  • Arginine & 02 Gold before workouts
  • Post-Workout Recovery after workouts
  • Coreplex
  • OmegaPlex
  • Probiotics
  • Joint Promotion
  • Clear Mood & Oasis
  • Spark
  • Before Workouts: Muscle Fuel + Arginine + Mass Impact
  • During Workouts: Rehydrate
  • After Workouts: Post-Workout Recovery (Nighttime Recovery after intense workouts)
  • When cutting grass: Rehydrate Gels
  • When golfing: Slam
3. What do I eat while on the challenge?
This Daily Virtual Coach gives you an idea of what each day on the challenge looks like, and here is a sample grocery list. What I love about the challenge is that it’s not a fad diet, diet pills, crazy weight loss system where you starve yourself, etc. It’s BASIC, HEALTHY EATING principles paired with the top nutritional supplements on the planet. The challenge just gives you the tools to get started & to maintain it as a true lifestyle change. Just gonna be honest….you have to have a desire to make some changes. If you want to keep eating your junk food every day, this is not the plan for you. But if you’re truly ready to make some changes, then this could be for you. You drink a LOT of water, eat lots of lean protein, veggies & fruit, & healthy complex carbs, & take your supplements the right way. (I can give you some meal suggestions too.) Here was our dinner one night last week just to give you an example (quick, easy, & delish!!!!).

4. Can I afford it?
Well, that’s up to you. To us, it’s more of a question of “Can I afford NOT to?” First of all, we consider it an investment in our health. We would MUCH rather pay for prevention now than medicine/illness down the road.  Secondly, it has honestly been a trade out for us. We stopped drinking expensive coffee, quit eating out as much, and quit stopping at the gas station or driving through for random convenience foods. Plus, with our discount, the challenge costs less than $5 a day! The average American could save that by simply packing their lunch instead of eating out or going to Starbuck’s. Right?? Plus, you can become a member to get a discount.
5. Is it really worth it?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Of course, that is simply our opinion. But YES!! I have heard nothing but RAVE reviews from all of our friends & family we have helped get started on Advocare. Especially with Spring/summer (bathing suits, shorts, tank tops, etc.) just around the corner!!!
6. Does it really work?
Yes. End of story.

My real life BFF Dana (pictured with me below) has posted some of her success...

And of course my girl, Niki…who has had fantastic results. (You can read more of her story HERE!)

Oh, and this Nikki has her success story as well as our friend Jenn!

We could go on…

6. How can I order?
If you don’t mind paying retail (I mean, this is seriously worth EVERY red cent!) you can order HERE.
If you hate paying full price for anything like we do, you can become a member. It is $79 to become a member, and that comes with $50 of Spark & Slam.  You’ll get a 20% discount immediately (up to potentially 40%, which is where we are now), and the BEST part….NO monthly minimums, quotas, autoships, etc. It works JUST like a Sam’s or Costco membership!! If you do choose to share with others, you have potential to get paid by Advocare for the referrals (which is part of why lots of people start sharing…to get their products paid for), but of course you can just use the discount for yourself. HERE is the link if you decide to go that route.
Those are some of the main questions I get often….but of course you can e-mail me if you have any other questions. I just thought I’d share because I know warmer weather is right around the corner, and lots of people are ready to refocus on their health (or just want to look better, we can be honest here). This is just such an AWESOME starting place for people looking to jump start a healthier lifestyle & we highly recommend it if you’ve been looking for something!


Helena said...

While the people in your pictures all look great after the challenge, the emphasis seems to be that the absolute goal is to be skinny or at least lower your body fat a lot. Six-pack = healthy? Could you maybe do a post about the benefits in terms of internal health - you mention Jon's blood pressure but does that happen for other people too? And what about, for instance, cholesterol?

jenny collier said...

Love this post, Danielle. Especially all of the before and afters. I am a huge Advocare fan and a member. You are a rockstar!

Kristin Kliethermes said...

I just signed up to be a distributor last night:). Would love to talk with you more about it. Can't seem to find your email. Mine is Thanks!!

Kristin said...

Could you possibly post or email me the recipe for the yummy cucumber/tomato salad you have in your dinner pics?

Rikki said...

I've been researching this cleanse and this post was super helpful. Thanks so much and congrats on your new baby!!!