Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Butler is 30 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Oh goodness!! Big boy was measuring 32 weeks at my 30 week appointment. That could mean a few things…..for example, either they missed my due date (which is highly possible because I didn’t have a missed period or anything to measure it off of in the beginning), OR that Jase is just a big guy. I almost had a panic attack because we are just NOT ready yet…bags aren’t packed, nursery isn’t ready, heck- we don’t even have a carseat yet!! BUT, everyone made me feel a lot better when they confirmed that it doesn’t matter much as far as when the baby actually comes.


We learned in one of our childbirth classes that most first-time moms who are not induced typically deliver around 41 weeks…so that’s what I’m hoping for! As long as he’s healthy though, I honestly don’t really care. I just want him to come when it’s GOD’S timing for him to come…and hopefully he will have had long enough to cook that his lungs are fully developed. And I do NOT want to be induced…as that typically leads to many other interventions that I do NOT want any part of.

My Symptoms: Still feeling really good!! I’m starting to get back into the whole exhaustion thing, but for some reason it doesn’t seem as bad this time?? (Don’t get me wrong, I’m still as tired as I was before, but I’m used to having to take it easier now, so it’s not as hard on me mentally that I’m having to slow down.) No other crazy symptoms except that I still have some yucky bloody boogers when I first wake up (which doesn’t bother me) & I can (and do) cry pretty easily.

I can’t believe how much BETTER the second half of my pregnancy has been than the first!!! No wonder people love being pregnant- I feel fantastic! It’s so nice to be able to say that and mean it. During the first half when people would ask me I would say “I feel okay”….Because I didn’t want to lie or seem ungrateful for my sweet blessing. But I felt pretty crummy. Now I feel awesome and I am so thankful for that!!

People keep telling me I look like I’m ready to pop & suggesting that I must be ‘so ready & just miserable.’  I know other moms have told me that may come later, but for right now I still feel great & there is definitely no rush. I’m not to that point of being “beyond ready” or even “miserable.”  (And honestly, I prefer not to EVER refer to myself as feeling that way.)

Weight/Belly: As my last doctor’s appointment I was the same weight as the appointment 2 weeks before, & actually had lost a couple ounces. That puts me right around +20 from pre-pregnancy weight.  My belly is definitely still growing though, as are “the girls.” I have constant cleavage (which I do not normally have) and I NEVER take my sports bras off. Ever. I just need the support.


Haha….my hair cracks me up in these pics with that crazy piece standing up. Jon asked me if I wanted him to retake them, but I said “Nope, might as well document what I REALLY look like & not my made up, edited pics!” There it is folks. Messy. But real.


Still no stretch marks, but my belly button looks so weird to me & I am SO pale!!! Tan pregnant bellies are definitely prettier than pale ones! But I am thankful I’ve been pregnant during the winter, even if it means I am whiiiiiiiiiiite.


Maternity Clothes: I’m makin’ the wardrobe work. My mom keeps asking me what I’m going to wear to my showers & encouraging me to go shopping for some new outfits, but I refuse to go buy anything new (waste of money!), so I just piece together random stuff I already have. And it works. Check out this little number, for example. IMG_2702

(I wore this as a DRESS this summer!!!! Hahahaa!!!!)

[a%2520005%255B8%255D.jpg]a 005[a-0064.jpg]

(By the way, here’s a post I wrote this summer when I looked like that & how I did it….HERE!!)

Movement: He is the WILDEST little man ever!!! I have never seen a baby move this much, & his movements are so strong/intense. It kinda freaks Jonathan out a little (understandably), but I still want him to feel him all the time! I want him to feel what I feel, but I know it’s not quite as cool of a feeling from the outside as it is from the inside.  That’s definitely something special I get to experience with Jase that no one else does- pretty neat!!! 

One night Jon wouldn’t get up to come feel the baby move, and I may or may not have cried. Hahha!!!

Jase gets especially active when mommy lays down to go to sleep. Perfect, huh? He was head down at our last ultrasound though. Yay!! Hopefully he will stay that way!

Sleep: Not sleeping as great. Boo! I’ve been forgetting my cherry juice, so maybe that has something to do with it. I wake up a couple times each night to pee and also to switch sides. I am normally a tummy sleeper, so I thought it would be an adjustment to move to my side, but the pregnancy pillow has made the side sleeping a doable experience. I’ve read it’s best to sleep on your left side, but I prefer my right. And rolling ever has finally become a little easier. (Or maybe I’m just getting used to my new method.)

Cravings: None really. I did end up going to get some Fruity Pebbles, but only ate a bowl or two and I was over it. I didn’t eat very healthy for a few days in a row (pizza Fri night; cake, cookies, & other goodies at my shower Saturday & then leftovers throughout the day; & then some WH on Sunday)…. and I could tell a HUGE difference on Monday. I felt like crap, my tummy hurt, & I won’t go into details, but things didn’t go as smoothly as they normally do with my digestion. Not fun….lesson learned!!! No more of that garbage. Nutrition is crucial and makes SUCH a big difference. It’s easy to take for granted how good you feel when you’re eating right, so that was a good reminder for me for sure.

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week:

Our church shower!! We are SO blessed with such an incredible, loving, generous, and supportive church family!!


Touring the hospital. Lots of people told us not to bother taking the childbirth or breastfeeding classes, but I have LOVED them!!! Jonathan & I both feel so much more prepared- they have been super informative and insightful. And we are taking them with Brian & Laura, so I’m sure that makes them more fun for us! Still, I HIGHLY recommend them!! Last week we did a hospital tour during the second half of our class, & I LOVED seeing the beautiful new maternity wing where we will deliver. It is SO nice!!!

30 Week Appointment. We met with the other midwife at our practice, & she is INCREDIBLE. I LOVE both of the midwives & am praying we can get one of them to deliver Baby Jase. They are both on call every day (they alternate days), but so are the doctors. Meeting and talking to her made me feel so much better about everything- natural delivery, having a birthplan, etc. She gave us tips too, but more than anything, she just totally eased my anxiety. I was so worried about what the staff would think because I have heard over and over that the nurses and doctors roll their eyes at birth plans, think natural childbirth is ridiculous, and pretty much tell each other to get the OR ready when a mom “like me” comes in.

Goals for next week: Work on birth plan. Work on nursery. Practice Bradley exercises/techniques with Big Jon.

Thoughts: We are getting close!!! Still have a lot to do before Jase’s big birthday, but I know it will get done. The second I start feeling overwhelmed I just have to stop and pray, and honestly, I haven’t felt AS overwhelmed since I finished my taxes, maternity leave paperwork, and sub plans.  The rest is all fun stuff! I can’t believe he’ll be here in less than 10 weeks!!!! A huge thank you to everyone for the encouraging words, comments, e-mails, and especially the prayers!! I am incredibly grateful for all of the support. Little Jase is SO LOVED already!!!


Erin said...

Eek! So so exciting girl! I think you look absolutely gorgeous, and not like you're ready to 'pop' ;) You look fantastic! I hear you on not wanting to buy a bunch of maternity clothes... I think my goal will be similar one day! :)

Megan C said...

You look great and love the outfits you are putting together. We just announced that we are having a baby in October, so I am excited to read more of your post! (I started following when I knew but we weren't telling anyone!)

CnKorthanke said...

Hey girly, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I also wanted to encourage you for doing your research and choosing the natural, low intervention, midwifery route. Ill be praying for a safe delivery and look forward to seeing pictures ;)

Bekki said...

Praying for you. it is all in Gods timing....you look gorgeous.