Monday, February 25, 2013

Jase’s First Shower!!

It has been SUPER cool to be pregnant at the same time as some of my best friends!!! We get to talk all babies, all the time….share in the excitement of preparing for our first child….and of course compare notes to encourage each other that everything we are experiencing is “normal.”

Laura & I are about 13 days apart!! (And NO, we didn’t plan it. That would just be WEIRD. Thank you to everyone who asked though.) We could totally be in the hospital at the same time- crazy, huh??

Punta Cana 213Punta Cana 135

She found out a few weeks before we did, and it has been so cool to share this journey with her. Our hubbies are BFFs too, so this has been especially fun for them to get ready to be first time Daddies together too.

Laura & I teach together, so the staff at work asked if we would mind having a joint shower. Of course not!!  It was a GREAT turnout and we are truly blessed to work with such wonderful people who have spoiled us as we get ready to welcome our lil guys! We got some of the most wonderful gifts for Jase and felt so loved!!


And no, just as we did NOT plan our pregnancies together….we also did not plan our matching shower outfits OR to wear our hair the same. (Although I’m pretty sure no one believes us anymore at this point!) Great minds think alike, I guess!


Preggos go first! (Duh!)


Seriously….it looks like I have one of those balloons UNDER my shirt!! Hahha!!!


With the baby daddies….


OMG-  this is real life! We’re about to all be PARENTS for real!!!


LOVED seeing Jase’s name on his gifts!!


With some of our lovely hostess’!


So glad Big Jon’s mom & sis got to come!! Mimi & Aunt Jade are SO excited to meet Jase!!


The Butler girls!!


My mom, sister (Tammie), & niece Morgen all got to be there too.


Whew!! Thank goodness….now we actually have some stuff for Jase!! Poor little guy had NOTHING going in to this shower, and we got some really special, unique, thoughtful, and useful gifts! So thankful for awesome co-workers & a fabulous first shower!!! We are blessed!!


Megan C said...

So cute that y'all are pregnant together, that must be so much fun! You look great!

Emily said...

awesome that all the fan got to come to the work shower!

Kelly Ford said...

Your mom looks AWESOME! :-) Skinny Minnie!

You are just beautiful, friend. Your bump is adorable. And believe me, I remember being 7 mo preggo w/ Mack (my BIG boy) and people swearing I was about to deliver. Some boys just like to be seen before they get here :-) And you look fantastic carrying him :-)

Exciting to have some things! Time to start getting it organized! (my favorite part!)

Liz said...

That was nice that you shared the shower at school. Last year we had an influx of pregnant ladies at school. We tried to combine two of them that were due just a few weeks apart like you and your friend. One said yes and the other said no. Oh well! At least she was honest!

It does look like you have a balloon under your shirt! You are such a pretty pregnant lady!

Kae said...

SO adorable! how exciting to be so close together :)