Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Butler is 29 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Jase is the size of an acorn or butternut squash! He is 2 1/2- 3 lbs!!


“Baby's energy is surging, thanks to white fat depositing beneath his skin. And since he's growing so fast (weight will triple by birth), things are getting kind of cramped in the womb. What all this means for mommy: Get ready for some more kicks and jabs to the ribs.”

My Symptoms: Thankfully I still feel really good!! My hands are a little more swollen than normal, but not too bad. (I’m getting nervous I may have to take my rings off- is that something everyone has to do?) And my feet really are growing. I’ve heard they don’t go back to normal size afterwards. Anyone had any experience with that? 

Oh, and I did it….tennis shoes with dress pants! Yep, for real.


Other than that everything is going really well….healthy baby, healthy mama. And I feel great! Very thankful for that.

Weight/Belly: I’m just so used to it now that I can’t even tell it’s growing. In fact, I run into stuff all the time with my poor belly and am always trying to squeeze through spaces (that I would normally be able to get through) that I CLEARLY cannot fit my belly through.  We even have to move the table away from me when we go out to eat so I can squeeze in the booth.


BUT, even though I forget it’s there sometimes, this belly is DEFINITELY growing!! My mom says I get bigger every time she sees me and she can’t believe it…even from day to day! I go to the doctor Thursday and I’ll find out about the weight then. Right around 20 something lbs, and I have about 6-10 weeks left till this little guy makes his appearance!

{I just woke up from a min cat nap before church, so ignore my sleepy face & hair!}


We did learn in childbirth class that women gain an average of around 8 lbs of baby and around 20 lbs is placenta, blood, fluids, umbilical cord, etc., most of which is gone right after the baby is born. It’ll be interesting to see how accurate that is after Jase arrives! I know I’ve seen a few mommy friends lately who look absolutely PHENOMENAL and are even smaller now than they were pre-baby!!

Maternity Clothes: So far I have spent less than $100 on maternity clothes, & half of that was for bigger sports bras. I feel pretty good about that since we are in the home stretch!! Thankful for my mom hitting up yard sales & my friends who have hooked me up with some of their clothes.

However, I probably shouldn’t be bragging too much. That does mean my workout wardrobe looks like this…. (did y’all think I was kidding about looking homeless? It is rough.)


Yes, there are paint stains on my shirt.

And I love this….you can’t really tell I’m pregnant from the back….


And then, BAMMMMMM……I turn around!!!


Movement: Jase’s favorite time to move like a CRAZY little man is right when mommy lays down to go to sleep! Megan has a good description….like a lava lamp! Seriously, I can SEE and FEEL my WHOLE belly move!! It’s crazy. I’ve been describing it as jello.

He loves Chelsea too….he always moves like a mad man for her!

Sleep: I woke up at 5 am one morning with my chest burning like crazy! Not chest pain; not heartburn…it’s that weird pain that feels like my skin is raw right underneath my boobs in the center. Jon looked it up one time & said it was most likely just that the baby is pushing on a nerve right there. SO strange! It’s not unbearable, but it’s not comfortable either. I have been sleeping pretty well, but the last couple nights have been a little more rough.

Cravings: One day I randomly wanted potato salad and one day I randomly wanted Fruity Pebbles. Those are both incredibly random because I never really eat either of those foods, but I didn’t end up getting them.

Other than that, nothing really.  Most of my cravings were during the first trimester.  But sweets sound good ANY TIME!!!

And I also have to pack a lunchbox to bring to church on Sundays. Seriously….you know you’re pregnant when you have to do that! We leave the house at 7:50 & go to all three services, so we don’t usually get home till about 12:45. That means Jase & I have to have a snack….because that is TOO long for this mama to go without eating!!

Best Pregnancy Moments This Week:

Our first shower!!


Celebrating Baby A with Laura!!


{Side Note: I quite obviously prefer a messy hair look, but it does not photograph well. I really did fix my hair that morning, even if you can’t tell in the pic.}

Our first childbirth class & breastfeeding class! We already learned so much & feel so much better about everything. Jon was cracking me up through our childbirth class BIG time (seriously, I felt like a middle schooler who couldn’t stop giggling!), but he was pretty serious during our breastfeeding class.  When Laura told me there was fake boobies on the table, I knew we were in trouble, but we weren’t so silly in this one & I loved that Jon kept saying “I can help with that” when she was talking about different things….like how to clean the breast pump, for example. I’m so thankful he is so helpful!!


I couldn’t resist a pic with the boob! But on a serious note, I can’t WAIT to see him with Jase!!! Gah, melt my heart!! I think he will be such a natural daddy….which is so funny because when we first got married, he was NOT comfortable holding a baby…at all!! (I mean, it was humorous how awkward he was.) Now, he is SO READY to meet our little man!!

Goals for next week: Finish reading our Bradley books. Practice with Jon. Start working on birth plan. Massage.

Thoughts: I don’t know what it is about the number 30, but 30 weeks makes this seem SO REAL!!!! I mean, we are really going to be parents….and SOON!!! Jase is going to be here any time in the next 6-10 weeks!!  I’m focused more on praying specifically for labor & delivery & to have good nurses…


jackie said...

I lost all my weight PLUS some within days of delivery. Breastfeeding helps a lot too!

Erin said...

You look great!! I got pretty puffy towards the end (and that was August in Houston) but it was more my feet. Never had to take my rings off, and have faith... my feet went right back to normal after my daughter was born and they got scary huge at the end!

Anna Demko said...

looks like you are doing everything by the book! And your feet do go back to normal don't worry (I mean unless you gain like 50 lb).
I was gaining wait at pretty much the same pace as you but the last 2 months got me in trouble - the weight just kept piling on. I gained the max and sorry for it now. It's been two weeks but I have 20 extra pounds on my at this point. So, my advice (not that you were asking for it lol) is be really diligent next 10 weeks because it will come to bite you in the butt.

Unknown said...

I couldn't wear my rings at the very end....or my shoes. They both went back to size. :)

However, I spent the most $ on maternity clothes from week 27-40. There was no more fitting into regular clothes, and I didn't want to stretch anything out. Plus, you'll feel like your belly keeps growing and growing and growing....it's absolutely amazing how much that thing will stretch! I KNEW I was going to pop. I literally worried about it. I googled it too, no worries hasn't happened, but you'll feel like it! You look GREAT by the way! I love your back shot b/c your right-you do not look pregnant from the back!

Unknown said...

Hey danielle!!! You look so great at 29 weeks! Glad you are doing well. I emailed you a while back... (crazy girl w 7 kids... wanting to get back on the wagon.. and lose 20) remember me? Ha! If you have emailed me in the last week ...I cant get into my email! I tried to change password.. no luck. Grrrr dont know what to do... you were going to mail me a sample of the berry shake.. but I havent gotten it yet. If you need to email me plz use my husbands.. shepardandsons@gmail.com or

text...6629344103 also on a sadder note.. I got my tubes tied today.. our family is complete so it was time:( still feels strange. The anesthesia made me sooooo sick. Now just trying to keep the little ones off of me. Pitiful because I cant pick up my baby. :( anyhoo... sorry if u emailed me and I didnt respond.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I think your hair looks great for what it is worth! xo!

Chels said...

I LOVE baby Jase already!!!