Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Butler is 28 Weeks!!

Baby Growth: Jase is the size of a Chinese cabbage…AKA about 2 1/4 lbs & 15”!!! At my doctor’s appointment on Thursday he was measuring a week ahead…



My Symptoms: I feel AWESOME!!!

The only symptom I can even think of is that my feet are growing. They are not swollen or puffy but my shoes feel too tight. I’m thinking about starting to rock tennis shoes….with my dress pants…ha! Don’t judge.

Oh, and the emotions have kicked into high gear. Hello, tears…nice to see ya, wish you had a reason for being here? (Seriously. I almost cried last week because I forgot my Kroger card. Gimme a break!)

Weight/Belly: I am up 21 lbs from pre-preggo weight. I got a copy of my chart to take with us because we flew to TX this weekend, & it was interesting to see my weight & blood pressure from each of my visits. Just gotta say, my BP is the BOMB. It’s consistently 100/63. No stretch marks, but I’m wondering if I’m getting that dark line? It’s hard to tell anything because I always have so many lines and marks from all my 8,000 layers I wear, so I’ll have to ask Jon tonight.


{Ignore the awesome background}

Maternity Clothes: I’m a little bored with writing about this. It’s the same- I wear a mix of maternity & regular, & definitely don’t like any of them. I honestly just wanna wear workout clothes all the time. Don’t y’all think it should be acceptable to wear workout clothes to work if you’re over 7 months pregnant?? Yea, me too. Danielle for president!

Oh, I did rock this little $33 beauty this weekend (thank you to whomever recommended Asos.com for maternity formal wear!).


Movement: Like Jon always says, Big Jase is a STRONG boy!!!  Even the ultrasound tech commented on how much he is moving & how strong he is. I love it! And I LOVE for people to feel him moving!! (So if you ever see me, feel free to give that baby some lovin’ & see if you can feel him moving!) I try to get Jon to feel him like 8,000 times a day because the movements  are so strong- and it kinda freaks him out. Ha! Jon always says “I can’t wait till he’s here with us…” Gah, so sweet!

Sleep: I’m sleeping pretty good…can’t complain, other than rolling over.  Oh, and sometimes the bottom of my feet cramp up. One night I woke up crying because both of my feet (never calves or muscles, just feet?) were cramped & I couldn’t get it to stop. I woke poor Jon up at 1:30 am squalling…

Cravings: I can’t think of any cravings really other than chocolate & sweets, which I am trying to limit. Oh, and I finally used my juicer! LOOOOOOOVE it!!! If you have any tips or recipes, feel free to share! We tried out 4-5 different recipes and it was so refreshing. I can’t wait to use it some more!! I have a feeling it may become my newest obsession.

Work Outs: I didn’t really work out much this week because we spent 4 days in Texas & traveling, but I did walk a good bit.  I’m also making more of an effort to stretch & do my Bradley exercises.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: SO many!! We had a FABULOUS weekend!! I got some BEA-U-TIFUL flowers from Big Jon & my in-laws for V-Day. I seriously love flowers. I know they’re expensive, but they just make me happy.


Like I said, we spent the weekend in Ft. Worth, TX for an INCREDIBLE weekend!! We have met some of the BEST people through Advocare & I am so thankful for those friendships.

{Jon took this picture with my phone…pretty cool, huh??}


Then we got to enjoy an incredible dinner with friends & some other Advocare leaders while listening to the TEMPATAIONS sing live! SO cool!!


Dana is also expecting!! She is 15 weeks….doesn’t she look STUNNING???IMG_2486

My hot mama friend from Louisiana, miss Jeanne!


I told y’all my hubby is a STUD in a tux!! Owww owww!!!!


And that wasn’t even all! We got to hear from George W. Bush (who is HILARIOUS, by the way!), Andy Andrews, see Drew Brees & Jason Witten, and attend worship led by Michael W. Smith! (Speaking of….did you know he is 55?? Can you believe that? Must look so young because he’s an Advocare user!)!


{The twins…so cute, huh?}


Plus, we got recognized for earning a FREE, all-inclusive trip to Hawaii in May!!! We can’t go because I’ll have a newborn, but it was still very cool to have earned it!! I LOVE this company! It’s mind blowing to me that I actually get paid and get to go on trips like this, all to help people become healthier & with their finances….something I am passionate about anyway and would totally do for free!



Oh, and our furniture came!!! Oh gosh y’all, it is GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to post pics!! I also chose & ordered the fabric for the nursery- can’t WAIT to see the bedding!!

Goals for next week: Continue reading Bradley & start practicing with Jonathan. Get to the gym more. Finish up taxes & sub plans.

Thoughts: I am SO thankful for Advocare and what it has done for our family!! I am SO in love with this little fella already, I cannot even imagine having to leave him to go back to work in August. I am thankful I now have an opportunity to help other moms come home too. What a blessing for our family & love being able to pay it forward!

Jon & I also started reading our Bradley books and both feel even MORE confident in that decision. Like 100% and I wouldn’t even consider another route unless it was absolutely medically necessary. (Strong opinions, I know…but it just makes total sense and lines up with what I already believe.) I strongly recommend reading them if you haven’t- great reads with some really interesting insights.

Also, I am seriously blown away by how kind everyone is when you’re expecting. I feel like I am totally getting spoiled by EVERYONE around me- even strangers!! People are SO NICE, helpful, and ALWAYS smiling at me. I wish when you were pregnant you had the big belly right away…I could totally get used to being showered with all this lovin!

And seriously, is it too much for a girl to ask to have a tan??


Danielle @ It's A Harleyyy Life said...

girl you are beautiful! I hope I look like you when I'm 28 weeks pregnant!

Ashley said...

You look gorgeous in your black dress! So glad yall had a great time but I didn't expect anything less! :o) I can't wait to see what Jase looks like!

Advocarerunner said...

Saw you on stage! You looked beautiful! Congrats on the trip!!

Lisa@Sonographer said...

All I can say is that you are a very lovely pregnant lady! Even at your 28th week of pregnancy, you can still fit in a beautiful black dress. And good luck to your trip to Hawaii. Have a blast there, enjoy!