Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Baby Butler is 26 Weeks!

Baby Growth:  Jase is about the size of an eggplant now. He weighs almost 2 lbs according to all the pregnancy websites & is around 14 inches.

He is “soaking up my antibodies, getting his immune system ready for life outside the womb. Eyes are forming, and he'll soon be practicing the blink...perfect for batting those freshly grown lashes.” (I hope he has his Daddy’s gorgeous eyes & eyelashes!! They are the PRETTIEST color & shape!)


My Symptoms: I feel okay. (Just okay.) Last week was definitely better. I go this week for my glucose test and have another ultrasound next week. I can’t WAIT to see the little man….I am itching to know how he’s turned because his movements are SO incredibly intense! I tried to schedule a 3D or 4D, but they were booked.

I do think I have begun “nesting” this week, as I have cleaned out & reorganized all of the drawers, cabinets, closets, and the pantry & laundry room. I have also completely cleaned out my car. Jonathan is “helping” with my nesting by completing several projects around the house- painting the nursery & trim, putting up bead board, finishing the farmhouse table for our dining room, re-grouting the bathrooms & showers, etc. What a good man!

I am also EXTREMELY emotional and irritable, and that’s not a fun time for anybody. There are multiple times a day when I visualize karate chopping somebody in the throat…isn’t that so ugly?? There are no excuses (nope, not even pregnancy hormones- I know!), but I wonder if it’s because so much of the room in my heart is being taken up with love for my little man.


Weight/Belly: I feel like this belly is growing every day!!! It’s hard to believe this bump is going to stretch any more (although I KNOW it will!) because it is already super tight and there is NO extra skin really. No stretch marks yet, but we’ll see. Rings are on, belly button is out. I have a new battery in my scale now, but I think it’s messed up because it says the EXACT same weight (to the ounce) every time I step on it. There is no way that is accurate.


Maternity Clothes: Yep, mostly maternity now.  I still do NOT see what everyone thinks is so awesome about maternity pants? I am not a fan. I totally prefer workout clothes & yoga pants. I’ll be glad to pack up these maternity pants and get back in “normal clothes” post-baby.


Movement: Goodness gracious…..this little guy is SO active!! I’ve heard they have 45 min sleep cycles in the womb, but I feel like he never sleeps! (From what I hear, an active baby in the belly means an active baby after he’s born! I’ll let ya know if that’s true in a few more months!) I am CONSTANTLY feeling him moving, and they are not little movements by any means….they are INTENSE! (You can see them hard core from the outside of my belly too.) It takes my breath away a lot of times. (Jonathan keeps commenting on what a “strong boy” he is! Ha!) I love letting other people feel him move now, & he’s been showing off at school & church so my students can feel him. (It doesn’t bother me AT ALL for anyone to feel my belly- I know a lot of women really hate it, but I could care less!)

Sleep: No time for naps…bummer! I LOVE napping! I’ve noticed I sleep much better when I work out too. But I have given up on the whole ‘going to bed earlier’…it’s obviously not going to happen. I don’t know how other people get everything they need to get done in order to be in bed by 10? Or have time to sit around & watch hours of tv every night?? Jon & I talk about that all the time because we NEVER just come home and sit around…we are both ALWAYS doing something around the house, something with Advocare or church, studying or preparing lessons, or going to the gym.  That’s why we revel in our vacations so much….we NEVER have “down time.”

Cravings: SWEETS!!! My gooooodness I’ve been craving sweets this week…..and I mean RAUNCHY ones like cookies, cake, doughnuts, cupcakes, etc.  I’ve been doing pretty good avoiding them by choosing healthier alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth- so I’ve made these a couple more times >>> No bake energy bites.  But Jon has brought home some sweets a few times (candy & some really ridiculously yummy pastry thing)…& they didn’t stand a chance. I keep telling him NOT to bring them into the house. I’m perfectly fine just talking about cravings without acting on them, but I know he is just trying to be nice. Jon, if you’re reading this babe, please stop bringing home junk. Jase & I don’t REALLY need it…I’m just saying that at the time, so don’t believe that preggo talk. (Thank you for your efforts, though. I love you!)

Oh, and we did ate Cracker Barrel Sunday after church. I ordered pancakes, which I don’t think I’ve ever ordered before. They were hands down THE BEST pancakes I have ever put in my mouth. Fo real. But my tummy wasn’t so happy & I was pretty miserable for the next few hours. I couldn’t even enjoy “tux shopping renting” with Jon (& he was being HILARIOUS at the store) because my belly hurt. I do just have to say though, that I am convinced there is not a MAN on the planet who looks better in a tuxedo than Jonathan Butler. Mean it. WHEW!!! Just callin’ it like I see it!


Work Outs: We are working out pretty consistently 3-4 times a week. I feel like I do the same thing every time I go, but I know it’s just gettin' moving and active that is important. I didn’t feel quite as strong this week as I’ve been feeling so I took it kinda easy. I’m really cautious to listen to my body, and if I feel good, I work out a little “more intense’…

We went to the gym Sunday night during the Super Bowl (I had zero interest in watching & Jon didn’t care about it either), & it was pretty awesome having the whole place to ourselves while everyone else was at home stuffing their face with junk. I’m so thankful that working out is something we enjoy doing together because it really makes is easier to go…keeps me accountable, and we still get to spend time together while we’re there.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Lots of my yearbook kids & SS class got to feel Jase moving…and I LOVE how excited everyone gets when they feel him!! 

I also received fabric swatches in the mail this week so I can start designing Jase’s bedding! Yay!

OH, and my mom got me some books I’ve been wanting! I cannot WAIT to read them!! I am so excited for Jon to be such an active part of the childbirth. I know he will be an absolute STUD…


Goals for next week: More Kegels (is that TMI?). More stretching. Keep working on “before baby is born” to-do list.

Thoughts: I had a BREAK DOWN this past week about the labor & delivery. I’m talkin’ borderline anxiety attack. After hearing about another friend who just had a baby & her experience, I began thinking….and honestly the thought of an episiotomy or tearing makes me seriously, seriously want to faint. I CANNOT handle cuts and do not even want to think about having to take care of that or recover from it.

I’m not so nervous about the actual labor (and just that one part- the cutting/tearing)…I know the pain is going to be beyond anything I can imagine & I’ve resolved that in my mind. But I also have full faith I can do it with Jon’s coaching. When we pray about something and feel a peace that we are following His will, and when I have Jon’s full support, I honestly feel like I can do anything. I don’t mean that boastfully at all, because it is certainly not in my own strength and power, but I am very confident. I am very mentally tough & disciplined and have a high pain tolerance (except when it comes to cuts- and it’s not the pain that bothers me, it’s the thought of it….I used to have nightmares as a kid about getting cut…so strange…). Plus, I also know 100% that preparation is key….both mental & physical preparation, practicing techniques, etc.  I’m not going into this ‘blind’ just hoping I can handle it naturally. Jon & I are both very disciplined and will have no problem putting the work & effort into preparing (as much as possible anyway).

Like I’ve said before, I am open minded that things may not and probably will not go as planned. I have also resolved that in my mind to be accepting and trust the Lord’s plan, whatever it may be. My biological mom had back labor with all four of her children, so if that’s hereditary, I will probably opt for an epidural (still have to talk to the dr about it). However, “my plan” is to go natural. Like Jon reminded me, I NEVER take medicine. I’m NOT a fan & try to avoid it at all cost (just a personal preference), so that just wouldn’t be my ‘style.’ Ha!

SO, like I said….that one aspect is truly my only concern. I couldn’t even sleep one night because I was thinking about it non-stop…so I stayed awake the majority of the night doing research & praying for a peace about it.  Since then I have felt SO much better- it was just that one night of a break down.  Jon was INCREDIBLY reassuring, and I am so thankful for his encouragement- it helped a ton. It made me feel good that he TRULY believes in me and knows without a doubt that I can do this. And as far as the “unmentionables”…I’m going to make sure the doctors know that is an absolute LAST resort!!! (And if they have to do it for whatever reason, I do NOT want to know about it!) Obviously I want what is best for the baby, but I’m not cool with any “quick to cut” or “hurry and get this baby out” kinda deals. I’m praying they are receptive and respectful of my “birth plan.” (I’ve heard from multiple sources – including a few of my nurse friends- that many medical professionals “make fun” of birth plans and women who choose anything natural, which is really not very cool in my book.) The doctors at our office are phenomenal and I doubt I’ll have that issue, but it’s still a concern.


alex m said...

I had ALL back labor with my daughter and it wasn't bad at all. Well, it was bad but it was much more manageable. I used a heat pack on my back at home for as long as I could manage and when I got to the hospital I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was at 10cm!

Hanna said...

Hi mama!!! Congratulations! Long time no see! I'm 35 weeks with baby #3. first of all you look great, second do not worry about the birth!!! Just trust me! You will go into instinctual mama mode and I hate to tell you but you wont feel any rearing or cutting, after hard labor, trust me, you'll be completely nb down there. I have to have about 20 stitches wih both my babies deliveries and I has no idea I even tore because of the other pains going on. Just try not worry because it will all just happen the way iya supposed to. I know, so hard to do especially your first time around when iudont know what to expect! Congrats! Your doing great:)

Unknown said...

:) You look so Great!!! You are almost there <3 sending prayers and love your way for a easy quick delivery :)

Unknown said...

I agree about the maternity pants, I would much rather wear yoga or sweat pants bc that big band on maternity ones are just annoying.

Anonymous said...

My son just turned 4 months and I, like you, was terrified of feeling ripping. Turns out I didn't rip at all and my big boy turned out to be 10lbs. So don't fret, not everybody tears! I know it sounds awkward but there are stretches you can do down there with olive oil that help prepare the skin to stretch to accomodate the baby. In the end, its only a few hours of pain for the greatest love you will ever know.

Unknown said...

The size of an eggplant, oh my soul, he's getting so big! aha. I feel an attachment after following this blog. I love these baby posts!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

You look gorgeous!! I hear ya about the maternity pants. They're still killin me!! I swear by leggings and I too live in yoga/sweats. Thank goodness I'm mostly home all the time! I cannot wait to see how you do his nursery...Your style is amazing and I know it will be awesome! Stay healthy and enjoy that bump!! xox

Ruth said...

I have been reading along with your pregnancy and I hate that you are getting anxious about the delivery. It will be fun - your husband, family and doctor will be there. You will laugh, cry, moan and more. This is such a special time that NOTHING can change that. Do NOT worry about tearing. I tore and had 40+ stitches. It happened so quickly and then the baby came and everything was forgotten. That little cry is all you need to know it was more than worth it. I left the hospital saying I could do it all again. That tells you something. If you get back up and do it again right after, it must not be that horrible. Did the stitches hurt? Somewhat. Nothing crazy. I did not take the painkillers at home or at the hospital because I breastfed exclusively and didn't want to interfere with that. When I took them right after having the baby, she slept alllllll of the time. I knew that was not the route I wanted to take with her - I didn't want her drugged up. (JUST MY OPINION and may not work for everyone) I just had to slow down a little, sit on a cushion and take care of myself a little more. I bathed frequently so that I could soak and that felt great. You will do fine - you have support and much more than you need. Don't worry. I hope that you get your wish and go natural. I will be looking forward to your beautiful birth story.

Denise said...

Wow he'll be here before you know it. I just noticed you guys won the Hawaii trip! I guess you won't be able to go thanks to Jase. Need someone to take it off your hands? Haha

I hope through all the reading and your awesome hubby's support, you'll start feeling better about his arrival.

Kristin M said...

Hi Danielle-I've been following along on your blog for a while now :)
With both my kids I tore(TMI sorry) and I was so ANXIOUS about this happening while I was pregnant. Funny thing was I never even knew it happened till after delivery and my doctor mentioned it to me! Had a few stiches, but healed quick and really never would have known if the doc hadn't told me. I know everyone has a different experience, but just thought I would share mine to possibly put your mind at ease a bit. Thanks for sharing your journey!

Tiffany said...

Just wanted to let you know that recovery from a tear isn't as bad as you would think. Keep a little bottle in your bathroom and fill it up with warm water to put on yourself when you go to the bathroom. It is SO soothing. Witch hazel pads on top of your maxi pad will also be incredibly soothing. Also, taking sitz baths a few times a day will work wonders. You can do this!