Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Healthy vs. Skinny- A HEALTHIER You in 2013!!

This has been on my mind a lot lately.

It seems as if there has been a shift in society to be more health conscious and I LOVE it!!

I mean, hello, we HAD to do something…Look at all the illness going on in our world- something had to give! I think as a result, many of us are gaining a better understanding of our HEALTH and making it more of a priority, but I think there is still a lot of misunderstanding about “healthy.”

Being healthy is something I became passionate about when I realized that I HAD to take the BEST possible care of myself (since I’m adopted and don’t know my family medical history). Turns out, focusing on my health has helped me FEEL better than ever. It’s extremely rewarding for the effort, and as a result, you’re also a great example to others.

When I met Jonathan, he wasn’t very healthy. He was eating out 3 meals a day (if even eating breakfast), drinking a lot of Cokes & beer, & not working out. He had high BP & cholesterol (his doc wanted to put him on meds- of course- the answer for everything!) and struggled with really bad heartburn and headaches.

Let’s just say I was a positive impact. Smile No more high numbers, no more heartburn, and NO MEDICINE. My hubby is the MAN!!! And a healthy one, which makes me (and him!) very happy. Plus, he is strong as a dang ox (from working out). And hot. Anyway, enough about him. Here is his “health story” in more detail….Big Jon's Story!

So here’s the deal.

I wanna get REAL about what healthy looks like. Just because someone is skinny does not mean they are healthy. I know plenty of 'skinny people’ who have poor health.


And unfortunately, I think many people assume because they are healthy now (even though they don’t live a healthy lifestyle or make good choices) they will always be blessed with that gift. NOT TRUE. Your youth picks up a lot of the slack for poor lifestyle choices, but eventually they will start wearing on your health. What you do with your body now determines how you will live in the future.

(**That’s why I don’t understand when people say they can’t “afford” healthy stuff tot ake care of themselves- food, vitamins, etc. The way I see it, you can’t afford NOT to! You can either pay to be healthy now, or you’ll pay to be sick later. Medicine/doctors’ bills are WAY more expensive, and the financial “cost” of those things doesn’t even compare to the true cost of having an illness. America has only 5% of the world’s population, yet we consume 50% of the world’s prescription medicines. That’s a pretty disturbing statistic.)

At the same time that being “skinny” doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy, being overweight can also have terrible effects on your health. Check out this link from Dr. Oz where he covers 10 benefits of losing just 10 lbs….JUST 10!! (Including lower cholestorol, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of heart attack, reduced risk for cancer, sleep apnea, diabetes, & joint paint.)

Did you know that 8 out of the top 10 killers are PREVENTABLE??


We are a generation of convenience!! We are a “fast food nation” and we pull through & take every short cut possible because of TIME. We choose convenience over quality, and as a result, 1 out of ever 3 Americans are obese and 2 out of every 3 are overweight. Not to mention, our food is not made the way it used to be. Check out this post I wrote about WHY I think we need supplements, even if you are already eating “clean” or “healthy”….WHY SUPPLEMENTS??


Here’s the deal. I know transitioning to a new lifestyle can be scary. Overwhelming. And difficult. But if you start small, it’s totally possible to make small, daily changes into new habits. And you will absolutely reap the rewards and eventually see that those changes (which seemed so tough at first) ARE your new LIFESTYLE….ARE super simple….and you can’t imagine your life any other way!!! I’m telling you, as rewarding as it is to look better and feel better, it is WAY more rewarding to know I am taking care of myself so I can have a better quality of life in the future.


I have TONS of resources under the Health & Fitness Junkie tab at the top of by blog that I think are a great starting place for someone looking to get healthier, but we can get even more basic.

Think like a caveman. Or even your great grandparents! If they wouldn’t eat something, you shouldn’t either. I could go into WAY more detail on some of these, but I’m going to keep it simple!

*Drink MORE water! Water, water, water. No soft drinks, sweet tea, sugary coffees…that is all JUNK!

*Stay away from processed crap. If it comes in a box, bag, or package (for the most part), you don’t want it. Eat REAL food.

*Fill your diet full of lean protein, veggies, fruit, & good fats. I LOVE eggs, leafy greens, berries, & raw nuts.

*Eat till you’re full…..then stop. Pay attention to your body.

*MOVE!! You do not have to have an expensive gym membership or pay for a trainer to get into shape. Just make time to MOVE every day. The more active, the better.

*Get enough SLEEP. Sleep is crucial to your overall well being. That is when your body and brain recover from your day.

*Cleanse periodically (I recommend every 3 months) to get rid of the toxins in your system. It feels SO good to hit “restart” on your body.

*Take time to breathe deep, stretch, and do things you enjoy. Spend time with people you love and do the things that make you happy.

*Pray! Spiritual growth is one of the most rewarding types of growth, in my opinion. I am the MOST content in my life when my walk with the Lord is the strongest.

*Take vitamins!! Did you know your immune system is directly correlated to your gut? That means you need to take vitamins, probiotics, and eat healthy. Poor nutrition results in a weak immune system.

**And if you’re looking for a jump start, the 24 Day Challenge (which I have written about MULTIPLE times….search for it over in the search bar to see what it is, success stories, & my story with it) is STILL ON SALE till January 15th. Only one more week!!!

Simple enough, right?? 

What habit can you start TODAY to become a healthier YOU in 2013??


Ashley said...

Healthy is my 2013 word of the year!!

Im hoping to get my health in order. Eatting cleaner, living a healthier life style, etc.

Good luck!

Adria @ A Spoonful of Healthy said...

What an AMAZING post!!! You are inspirational!! Thank you

Danielle said...

I have also noticed the shift from 'skinny' to 'healthy' and it's so refreshing. Skinny-fat is also a big topic I have been reading about lately. It's nice to see more and more of my friends on my FB list are trying to eat clean(er) and work towards a happier and healthier future. And honestly, shopping for healthy foods is actually cheeper than junk food. You need less of it to be full and eggs for breakfast sustains you a lot longer than a doughnut!

Sierra said...

Agreed! Life is too short to live with sub-par health. Simply things can make all the difference. Everyone has the ability to change their health and their life.

Start small, find a routine that works for YOU, and seek out knowledge and resources. You cannot put a price on your health and wellbeing.

Way to whip your husband into shape...he looks fantastic!

parking in Paris said...

I agree with you in this point and it will give you a lot more advantages in the future.