Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby Butler is 25 Weeks!

Baby Growth:

That’s exactly what I feel….I can tell Jase is a cauliflower-sized little guy right there on the side of my belly!


My Symptoms: I still feel GREAT right now and I’m enjoying every minute of it!! Everyone keeps telling me it’s not going to last and I’ll get really uncomfortable again during the third trimester…..but I’ll deal with that when it comes (thank you negative nancies, for the warning!).  For now, I am soaking it up and LOVING it! I am incredibly thankful for feeling so good because I REALLY thought knew I was going to LOVE being pregnant, so I was a little disappointed that I haven’t felt super awesome and loved it like I thought I would…..up to this point anyway. I can honestly say now that at this point in my pregnancy I am truly LOVING being pregnant!!! I am SO in love with this little man already, and SO in love with his Daddy!! Cloud 9.

I have tons more energy, my skin is fairly clear, I am sleeping better, I feel happy, and it seems easier to breathe/move/turn over. I feel strong, I’m eating healthier & drinking more water, and overall it’s just been a good few weeks.

My hands are slightly swollen today….and this is the first time that has happened. That’s what I get for eating a high sodium meal too close to bedtime. (I’m not even going to tell you what it was because you’ll think I’m lying about the whole eating healthier thing…haha! But it’s because I had a ladies event at church last night till late, so Jon made dinner….and his cooking repertoire includes about 2 staple recipes…..neither very healthy.)

I have also been waking up every morning with bloody boogers, (sorry, I know that’s gross), but if that’s the biggest complaint I have then I’m pretty okay with that. I am so hoping I don’t start getting nose bleeds though. Everyone who knew me in high school can remember I used to get some SERIOUS nosebleeds!!!

OH, and I came back negative for Parvo & shingles (I’m immune to both?), thank God… so that was some good news. Ahhhh, the joys of working in a school!

Weight/Belly: I think I am up right around 20 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight, but the weight gain has slowed the last couple weeks. I’ll have to ask the doctor next week when we go for the glucose tests how much their records show I have gained total. My face is getting fuller, but for the most part I’m gaining in my belly & boobs. I know there’s obviously not a 20 lb baby in there, but that’s definitely the two areas that are growing the most for sure! Especially my “bust”….Sheesh! Those things are serious!!! I know they have grown AT least a whole cup size, and maybe even more?? I just wear sports bras every day to try to keep those suckers contained. I have constant cleavage (which I don’t usually have), and that means boob sweat. Gross.


{Ha! This picture cracks me up! My MIL is a hard core animal lover and has a soft spot for pit bulls, so she got me & my SIL these shirts for Christmas because they support a good cause. We took a picture to send to her….and who would have thought….Jon thought it was SO HOT!?!? (even with my belly hanging out the bottom!) You can definitely see my big belly here and that he is hanging out over on the right side.}

I thought I saw some stretch marks one day this week (it’s hard to tell because I can’t see the bottom of my belly) but Jon swore no….it was just indentations from my pants. Whew! I’m now using (and LOVING) coconut oil on my belly. (Thanks for the tip, Amy!) I have some I use in smoothies, and a separate jar I use for my hair. I know, sounds crazy….but saw it on Pinterest and LOVED how it made my hair look/feel, so I use it every couple weeks. Now I’m adding it to my daily routine for my belly too. I love that it’s all natural & cheaper.

I will say…I’ve read that stretch marks are hereditary and depend on each person’s skin elasticity and genetics. So really, if they’re going to happen, they’re going to happen. But surely all the lotions, creams, oils, and butters HAVE to help at least a little, right?? Everyone swears by them, so hopefully they’re helping.

Maternity Clothes: Yep, rocking em out. I still wear some regular clothes a lot of times too. Thankfully a lot of my shirts are long so they work, and even if not I just wear a long tank under and it’s cute. My MIL got me my first pair of maternity jeans for Christmas and they are AWESOME!!! Woo hoo! Pretty much everything I have has been given to me (what a blessing!) and I am SO thankful!! I just cannot bring myself to spend money on maternity clothes. I do not consider it an “investment.” I would rather spend my money preparing for the baby, putting it into savings, or paying extra on the mortgage…not on myself and my wardrobe.


{Rockin’ the new maternity jeans…..thanks, Donna!}

Movement: Jase is moving like crazy and his movements continue to get more intense each week.  I make Jonathan come feel ALL the time! I’m sure I annoy him sometimes…I always want him to stop what he’s doing & run over to feel because I want him to experience (to some degree) what I feel. I think he is surprised at how strong the movements are and he told me he gets why it takes my breath sometimes…some of them straight up feel like punches in the gut! I love that you can see him from the outside too.

It feels like he has spent the majority of this week poking his little booty out the right side of my belly. I really want to do a 4D ultrasound (or even 3D- whatever!) because I don’t have another one till 36 weeks….and I am itching to know how he is turned in there!!

I know this sounds funny, but I think he really likes going to church. He always gets SUPER wild during preaching! Haha…

Sleep: Sleeping MUCH better this week! Not enough, but definitely better! By the time we get home from work around 4:40), go to the gym or church, eat dinner & clean up, get ready for the next day, and spend a little time together, it’s 11:30! I try not to get in bed past midnight….so I usually get around 7 hours or so. Good thing I’m low maintenance in the morning & can get ready super quick! I really appreciate that extra 30 min-hour!!

I’ve been “catching up” on the weekends though when I can (I know there is really no such thing as catching up). Saturday and Sunday I took about a 2-3 hour nap and it WAS fabulous!!

Cravings: These guys…. No bake energy bites …..yum!! I have made them twice this week and eaten most of them myself, although Big Jon loves them too. They seriously taste like cookie dough to me!!! I’m not going to make them anymore for a while….I’m eating way too many of them.

Work Outs: We worked out 3-4 times this week. I jogged a little more on the treadmill (although my speed is more of a “fast walk” pace) and did some light weights and planks. I know I am making a spectacle of myself because people are ALWAYS staring at me in the gym….and it’s NOT because I look hot. I wear Jonathan’s t-shirts and the same 2 pairs of workout pants every time we go. I’m SURE it’s a sight seeing that big ole belly flopping around everywhere!! It’s always so funny to hear everyone’s comments to Jon about me while we are at the gym. And I seriously feel like I have to stop to pee every 5 seconds while we are there….annoying!

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: My biological brother (Ryan, and his wife Katie) & sweet childhood friend (Lacy) BOTH had their precious babies this week!!! I am so excited for each of them. Baby Preston & Baby Josiah are both doing well- praise the Lord!


{Check out my HANDSOME little nephew, Preston! What a little stud already! He is beautiful!!}


{And the lovely Lacy with her sweet Josiah!! She looks AWESOME for just having a baby, and so thankful he is doing well and continuing to get stronger. Prayers are being answered, for sure!}

Goals for next week: Keep working on the “to-do” lists. Nursery, bedding, taxes, long-term sub plans, etc.

OH, and we’re going to a black tie dinner for Valentine’s Day (thank you, Advocare!)….which means I get to see my hot hubby in a TUX!!! AND….that I have to find a formal dress to wear!  Like ASPA. Hahaha….this could get interesting. I’m going to check out some consignment shops if I ever get a free second. I mean, what do you even wear with a 7 month preggo belly??


Thoughts: I had the CRAZIEST dream last night about labor & breastfeeding. In my dream, I was SO groggy after the baby was born that I couldn’t walk or go to the bathroom by myself and I barely remembered the delivery…and I was so, so sad about it! I was also having a really hard time breastfeeding because my milk was super thick??

So…can you guess my two of my biggest ‘real-life’ fears?? Haha! Obviously they are both manifesting through my dreams. I am praying all goes smoothly with delivery and I am able to delivery naturally….and that all goes well with breastfeeding (there are SO many benefits for mom, baby, & family that I’m pretty passionate about it, so I would be pretty devastated if it didn’t work out). I know the classes we are starting in February will ease some of the anxiety about them both because being knowledgeable about something always makes me feel more confident and better prepared.

P.S. This has been QUITE a hot topic (natural vs. epidural) and I prefer not talking about it honestly, because I feel like this is a VERY personal decision for EACH mom and not one to be judged by others. But people are ridiculously critical- both ways!

Just to clarify… I am not against epidurals or c-sections by any means and know they can both be necessary & GREAT. I am not a HARD CORE all natural person who thinks it’s the only way and you win some super mommy points for having all natural….that’s silly. But, we have prayed about it a LOT and feel very comfortable with our decision to go that route. Obviously EVERY labor/delivery is different and there is no way to plan for the unexpected, so of course I have an open mind that anything can happen once we get in there. However, Jonathan & I are planning to use the Bradley method and are mentally preparing to go that route. He knows the few things I do NOT want….so hopefully that will be honored.


Linda Kish said...

Put a tiny bit of vasoline in the end of your nostrils before you go to sleep and it should help with your problem.

Sarah @ To Be Mrs. Collier said...

Hi Danielle,
Could you talk a little be more about your use of coconut oil for your baby belly and hair? It sounds super interesting on top of natural!
Sarah C.

jackie said...

Hey there!! I am a new follower...not sure how I even stumbled upon your blog? Glad I found you!
My daughter is now 13 months...but when I was pregnant with her I had the wierdest dreams about breastfeeding. It was one of my fears also...mostly because of the unknown and I didn't have any experience! She was a champ and it was effortless :)
I look forward to following your journey!

Anonymous said...

You are such a cute expectant mommy....all belly!

Shawn said...

Yes! Would love to hear about the coconut oil for the hair!!!

Kate said...

I think with all plans it's best to have an a and b. I think natural or epidural really is up the person. I planned on trying natural, but I had terrible back labor they was so bad I was throwing up. So my plans changed. The best layed plans - whatever is best for you is best!
I never bad in my third trimester. I felt great. I think it was all the excitement. Forget those negative people.

Breast feeding - they have lots of support for this and resources know them in your area and you will be able to do it!

Laura said...

Try asos.com for long maternity dresses. There are a couple of really cute ones on there right now that are on major sale! And its free shipping both ways if it doesn't work.

I feel you on the growing "ladies". Mine are out of control. I'm nervous about how they will look when my milk comes in!

Unknown said...

I did the all the oils, well not coconut oil, from the time we found out until the very end. I woke up stretch marks 9 days before my due date. I was horrified and heartbroken! And I had only gained around 13 lbs by that point, so it was genetic all the way. Also, I begged for an epidural, but had such a quick labor that by the time the anastesialogist was at the door, it was time to push. I was very liberating to know I did it on my own, but you have nothing to prove to anyone. It is a personal decision, and if it changes, who cares?! If it doesn't change, who cares! All you have to do is love God, and raise Jase to love Him too. Do that, and you are the best mom he can have. Also, you are looking great!

Unknown said...

oh my gosh you're the cutest pregnant lady!

PS - check out the Jack Rogers giveaway on my blog!

Jenna DeSantis said...


Those energy bites looks delicious!! And all these pictures of you are just darling- Congrats on your nephew!!

XO Jenna

Kelly Ford said...

You look awesome!
And girl, if you WANT to go natural and if you WANT to breastfeed, as long as your body allows you to do both, I know you will! Successfully :-)
I'll def be praying that things go the way you are hoping in regards to both~