Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby Butler is 24 Weeks!

 Baby Growth:


(I am technically 25 weeks in this pic, but I just got the stickers…)

Jase is the size of a cantaloupe!!!

My Symptoms: I still feel really good!! The “honeymoon phase of pregnancy” that comes during the second trimester is NOT a myth, after all!! (I was really starting to think everyone was lying to me!) My energy has picked back up, I feel happy, and am enjoying the changes my body is making- especially feeling big boy moving ALL.THE.TIME.

I am SO thankful I’ve been healthy up to this point, too, and am praying that continues. I’m attributing it to my Advo vitamins & LOTS of hand washing (and of course being covered with my hubby’s prayers)… because sickness is seriously ALL around! As a teacher, I come into contact with TONS of students every day. I teach over 150 kiddos just in my classes alone (all coughing, sneezing, and sharing their germs ALL over their keyboard & mouse). People have been dropping like flies with the flu….and not only that, we’ve had some crazier stuff going on. (Parvo, shingles, & hand-foot-mouth.) I know Big Jon prays a big hedge of protection around me & Baby Jase every morning, and I am so thankful for his prayers! They are working!!

I am starting to get some heartburn…but it’s nothing unbearable. (actually…there have been 1-2 times I’ve felt like I’ve thrown up in my mouth.)

Weight/Belly: Loving this belly!!! Looks like a straight up basketball! Jon said you can still see the lines from where I used to have abs on the sides. I don’t really know about all that, but I decided to show you guys some raw belly pics this week. (I don’t know if that’s gross or offensive to anyone….??)


Maternity Clothes: So thankful for a sweet friend hooking me up with some of her maternity pants….definitely expanded my wardrobe! (You can see Big Jon in the reflection…)


Movement: Ohhhhh, myyyyyyy, gooooooodness!!!! Jase is a WILD MAN!!! I can see him HARD CORE from the outside of my belly now….all the time. It is still SO cool to me every.single.time and I am awestruck seeing all those movements. What a fun blessing! I stop and stare (and talk to him when no one else is around) every time he is moving. I could feel either his head or booty (not sure how he’s turned) pressing out on the right side and can tell my belly looks a little lopsided today. His movements are so intense that they “tickle” on the inside (I don’t know how else to explain it) and even take my breath sometimes. It is SO NEAT!!

And I have to say, I’m even more thankful than ever for those movements. One day this week I was NOT feeling so hot. My belly was really hurting (I assumed it was round ligament & some stretching, but still, you can’t help but feel nervous) any time I stood up and I couldn’t lean back in my chair or put my feet up. I couldn’t feel Jase moving as much as normal either, and I ended up taking two Tylenol (the first time I have taken ANYTHING besides vitamins this pregnancy….I HATE taking medicine). I decided if I didn’t feel better by the afternoon I was going to call the doctor, but thankfully I ended up feeling better.  Still, it was enough to make me appreciate EVERY kick & flutter even more.

Sleep: I am sleeping better now. I am not waking up to potty as much and the only time I really wake up is to roll over. Rolling over is still a challenge, but it helps to roll over slowly on my tummy (I actually end up getting on all fours rather than putting any pressure on my belly) rather than across my back, which left me totally breathless. Thanks for the tip, Catherine!

Cravings: DUH! I just realized….I have eaten an orange almost EVERY DAY of this entire pregnancy!!!

Work Outs: I walked a few times this week (even jogged a tiny bit….I mean, if you can call it that…) & did some light lifting. I have also been doing some squats & planks to try to keep my core strong, but still REALLY need to get on some prenatal yoga. I am such a believer in yoga period- you’d think I’d be more disciplined in doing it. So far I haven’t at all….blah!

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: We ordered some fabric swatches for bedding, finalized shower dates, & started getting the invitation lists together. We ordered the invitations & are getting going on planning the showers.

Goals for next week: Still working on & finalizing the registries (we ended up going with Babies R Us, Target, & myregistry.com). PRENATAL YOGA DVD. Get a juicer.

Thoughts: It is really, really starting to feel REAL!!!

I love hearing everyone else’s birth stories too…because thankfully I have FINALLY come to the realization that EVERYONE’s delivery is TOTALLY different. There is no way to predict anything, so now it’s just interesting to hear all of these stories & helps me feel a little more prepared for WHATEVER may happen.

I will say….I’m thinking about writing a book & calling it “Things you DON’T say to a Pregnant Lady!” Here are just a few of the fun things I’ve heard lately. “Are you SURE you’re not having twins? Or triplets?” “How much longer- like another couple weeks or so, right?” “I wasn’t NEARLY as big as you at this stage in my pregnancy!” ”Yea, my friend just had a 12 lb baby.”


Alaina @ Fabtastic Eats said...

I just found your blog via Eat yourself skinny...I love it! Congratulations on the pregnancy! I just had a little one 5 weeks ago..I totally get how exhilarating and exciting it is! Can't wait to see more! :)

Emily said...

I personally am not at all offended by belly pics...hellooooo go look at mine from my pregnancy with kye! i thought it was a "must do" but i totally hate all of them now ;)

your short shirt is STILL cracking me up ;)

I AM SO JEALOUS about you feeling him move so much. You WILL miss that feeling. I miss it so very much. Britt was so active like that (and just a warning...she's also ALWAYS moving now. like legit, child NEVER stops haha!!!!) and i can still remember how it felt to feel her little sweet kicks. Savor every second!!!!!

Mama’s Minute said...

Yay! Time is flying by! Please write the book! It'd be a baby shower hit!!

You look great!

Kelsey said...

I don't know how anyone can be offended by belly pictures you are growing a human! I can see what Jon is talking about you can see the lines of how your stomach used to be flat and not its just straight baby! I love the name.

Unknown said...

I love reading your blog and your pregnancy updates. It makes me miss those little moments with my son while being pregnant, but it's such a blessing to have him here and playing.
I believe no one should be offended by the bare belly pics, because it's just showing an amazing blessing from God that our bodies are capable of carrying.
Congratulations on your precious boy Jase. BLESSINGS!

Miranda said...

Your stomach looks absolutely just beautiful with or without clothes on.
I can be quite envious of how fine a stomach you have. It is as you say a really good basketball and you are so small. For me, it can hardly be nicer!

Anna Demko said...

It's a wonderful experience! just wait until he jabs his little adorable feet into your stomach at week 37! Ohhhh my! lol
I agree with writing a book. I've heard it all! At first I didn't even want people to acknowledge my growing belly but constant comments like
'ohhh wow! You are showing'

'look at your belly' (calling out at the entire store)

'your belly is huge' (Seriously???)

'love seeing you roll (?) around like that - cute'

the best are the suspicious looks you get when you are buying clothing at the store. "are you sure you don't need a size bigger?"

so, if you need help, just let me know!