Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Butler is 23 Weeks!

Baby Growth: Whew! It feels SO good to be able to finally call him by name!! Jase is measuring a week and 2 days ahead. They looked at the measurements of his head, belly, and leg to determine that. They said as long as he is measuring within 10 days of his original due date, they won’t change it. I’m guessing he’ll be here by the end of April or early May!


Jase is rockin’ it out at the size of a grapefruit!


My Symptoms: I feel GREAT!!!! I am so thankful to finally be able to say that! (Better enjoy it while it lasts!) There haven’t really been any issues at all, other than trying to roll over. Rolling over is for the birds. Who knew such a small movement could be so challenging??

Oh, and my belly button is stretched out so far, it almost hurts. It pokes OUT, so I try to wear tank tops under everything to keep it from showing. There just isn’t much I can do about it though.

Weight/Belly: We had an appointment on Thursday, and I had gained 5 lbs since my last appointment. No stretch marks, but the baby bump is SERIOUS! It still catches me off guard when someone asks me about it in public. I’m sure I react like “How did you know?” (or at least that’s what I’m thinking in my head). Ohhhh…..Maybe THIS gave it away…


I have GOT to stop taking these pictures at like 9:30 after a super long day!! Not cool.


Layers are a prego’s best friend! Haha, look how short this would be if I wasn’t rockin’ those tanks!! I mean, let’s be honest….you would see bare skin….and nobody wants to see the pale bacne I got goin’ on right now.


You can’t really tell I’m pregnant from the back, right? I mean, duh….you shouldn’t be able to. But when I turn around….WHOA!!! (And yes, I’m slightly pigeon toed.)


See the belly button? Ew!!


Maternity Clothes: Yep! Rocking a good mixture of maternity clothes & regular clothes now.

Movement: This week’s movement was INTENSE! It almost took my breath away a few times. He is DEFINITELY getting big & strong in there and you can see the movement from the outside.

Sleep: Getting right around 6-7 hours a night. Not quite enough….I know.

I am sleeping okay, but rolling over is A-NNOY-ING!!!

No more crazy dreams this week though.

Cravings: No cravings. Funny, I had way more cravings at the beginning or pregnancy than I do now. I will say that I have to eat WAY smaller portions than I’m used to because my belly ALWAYS feels so full. I have had a tough time eating grilled chicken for most of the pregnancy, so I’m doing my best to get enough protein. I’m finally eating much healthier and back to my salads, fruits, veggies, eggs, smoothies, etc. And chocolate.

Work Outs: I walked a few times this week.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Announcing the name!!! Oh, and picking out baby furniture! (Holy moly, Georgia Baby is my new favorite place!!!) We ordered it Sunday and it will be in sometime between 4-8 weeks.


We are going to stick with a very “simple” theme of just a few patterns and his monogram.  I LOVE this bedding…& then I can pick a couple of bright colors (maybe teal & red? one or the other? both? don’t know yet) to accent with. L.O.V.E.


I love the name on the wall too, so I’m going to find a way to get JASE on there somewhere.


Who would have ever thought to put a rug on the wall?? Such an awesome idea….how come I haven’t seen that on Pinterest? We will DEF be doing that….super cute!IMG_2351IMG_2352

This is our furniture set. LOVE it. It’s GREAT quality so it should definitely last us through all of our kiddos, & love that it transitions to toddler bed and even full size furniture set. That is brilliant in my opinion!!


I’m also getting Big Jon to transform our room by adding some bead board, painting the trim & doors white (it’s cream right now), and painting the walls light grey. Something I’ve been wanting to do for a while anyway. So it will go from this….


To more like this….


We also started registering…Babies R Us & Target, and plan to get on myregistry.com. Mom has been a huge help because I HATE doing that kind of thing. It also REALLY helpful to have a few friends’ “can't live without” lists. I printed those bad boys out & they were super, super helpful!!  Check out Emily’s Ultimate Baby Registry Guide!

We also heard his heart beat @ the appointment (it was 130 this time) and met one of the other doctors at the practice. He was super nice and has 3 sons himself….two of whom I have taught! Small world, huh?

Goals for next week: Start some “Can You 24?” and prenatal yoga DVDs. Finish the registries. Finalize shower dates. It’s getting REAL, friends!!!

Thoughts: We signed up for some classes at the hospital….both childbirth and breastfeeding. Most people have told us they opted NOT to do them, but it’s only $100 and I am the kind of person who likes to be as prepared as possible. I don’t have as much free time right now to research the snot out of everything like I normally do (long-term sub plans, paperwork for maternity leave, taxes, Bible study, etc. are taking up most of my “free” time), so this seems like a great option & Jon can be involved too. It gives us some set time to talk about, think about, learn about, and prepare for the baby, and I think it will help us both feel better and not like we are going in to this totally blind! Plus, we’re going with some of our other friends (the Adams') who are due within a couple weeks of us, so I KNOW we will all make it fun! No worries, I’ll be sure to take pictures!


Unknown said...

I Love that gray and white bedding! It is so perfect to pair with accent colors.

Emily said...

1. LOVE the bedding...just remember...dont use the bumper!!!
2. PRETTY furniture!!!!
3. TAKE the classes!!!! SO GLAD you signed up for them! VERY worthwhile!
4. Let me know shower dates...I'd love to make it up for one if possible ;)
5. Your belly pic had me laughing...that shirt is so short on you hahaha you crack me up!

Sophie @ Mortice Knobs said...

You’re so lucky and I’ll be waiting for the photos.

Laura said...

you look great! love the idea of grey walls and white bead board! The furniture will look great in there!

Dash Interiors said...

YOu look way too darling I cant even stand it !! Congrats on the lil one!

Unknown said...

I second no bumpers!!

Mateya said...

New follower here! I found you're blog from Pinterest actually. I just started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Anyway I just had a baby boy last May, Hayden. Being a boy mom is the best! :) Congratulations!

I blog at http://robbieandmateya.blogspot.com