Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Butler is 22 Weeks!

Baby Growth:


Baby Butler is about the size of a spaghetti squash! Almost a pound & around 11 inches….

My Symptoms: I FINALLY have some energy!! WOO HOO!! I am not a hustling bustling mess like my usual self, but I am definitely not so exhausted. Perfect timing too because I had to go back to work this week & started teaching the Bible study 2x a week.

I have managed to avoid everyone’s germs so far…thank goodness! I’m attributing it to the CitriZinc & vitamins!

I feel like I waddle when I walk, and I have to make a conscious effort to walk ‘normal’ – but waddling is way more comfortable. My pelvic area hurts and I can feel some stretching or something going on. Sometimes it’s painful when I first stand up after sitting for a while.

I have also noticed that even though I am still cold often (especially my feet!), I have started sweating under my arms! So strange! Normally I am a “face sweater,” but haven’t had that lately.

Weight/Belly: I tried putting new batteries in our scale, but it only takes a “special” kind of battery….so I have no clue right now.

Here’s the bump from this week’s “photo shoot.” (We HAVE to start taking better pictures! This was after a forever long day & right before I went to bed….Jon didn’t even get off the couch to take them.)


Maternity Clothes: I look MEGA preggo when I wear maternity tops! I’m wearing my reg pants with the Bella band and the 2 pairs of maternity pants I have. Had to give in and buy some new (BIGGER) sports bras…because back fat is not cute. I’m going to buy as LITTLE as possible from here on out, although I do think I’m going to have to buy new panties that provide a little more “coverage.” Ha!

Movement: He is DEFINITELY moving and I can feel the movements much stronger now! Sometimes the movements feel very synced… maybe he’s bouncing or has the hiccups? Sometimes this week it has almost “tickled.” It’s hard to describe….I told Jon it’s like a mix of the way your stomach feels when it drops (like on a roller coaster or elevator or going to fast over a speed bump) and some gas. Jon could feel him big time this week too! He always says “What is he doing in there?”

Sleep: I LOVE naps!! I get super sleepy around 5-6:30ish, but if I lay down for a few minutes, I usually can’t fall sleep till around 12.

And I might as well forget trying to roll over! I have to do it a few times during the night, but I KNOW I look like a rolly polly (I’m sure it’s a sight!) and I can barely catch my breath for the first few seconds after I roll over. It’s seriously an ordeal….can’t imagine what I’m going to be like at 36-40 weeks!

And we are both still cracking up about the “bat dream” from last week….

Cravings: Chocolate.

Work Outs: This was a CRAZZZZY busy week for me work-wise….between school & Advocare. I didn’t make it to the gym AT ALL, but after reading another article about all the benefits of exercising during pregnancy , it’s back on the priority list for sure! WAY TOO MANY benefits to make excuses.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: I attended two showers for friends this weekend, and I LOVED seeing them and their little babies getting spoiled! There were some super cute ideas- LOVED the idea of having someone “sponsor” a table and bring gifts to decorate (with a a specific theme) as the centerpiece. Then it’s ALL usable!! Cool!! I also LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the recordable book one of my other friends got from her parents! Melt my heart! I was getting choked up listening to it….the grandparents recorded their voices reading to the baby. I KNOW the little guy is going to LOVE hearing his grandparents. (Tearing up right now thinking about what a precious gift! That was my favorite thing I’ve seen so far….) It also made me SO excited for my own! We went to Babies R Us for the first time ever and it was AWESOME! I can’t WAIT to go back!! We didn’t get to stay long or look around NEARLY as much as we wanted…because we went right at closing time!

ANNNNND, finding out a few more special people in my life are expecting! Children are a gift from the Lord.


{New friends meeting for the first time! Baby Barfield & Baby Butler}

Goals for next week: Register & get started on planning the nursery! Woo hoo! This is the fun stuff, right? I’m also working on some serious business lesson plans for the long-term sub and getting my tax stuff together. But the baby stuff sounds way more fun!!!

Thoughts: What in the emotions is going on here?!?! I am crying over everything!! I cried when sharing Advocare with someone the other day because it has been such a blessing for us and I am so thankful it is giving me the opportunity to be HOME next year!! I already love this sweet little baby so much. It still blesses my heart to hear Jonathan talk about him too….He is going to make THE BEST daddy! And I am so overwhelmed at how loved he already is by so many!


Adrienne Rhoads said...

I have found lots of cute, cheap non-maternity shirts a size or 2 up that are long and flattering even on my giant belly at places like Marshall's. I can't get away with regular pants though so I have 2 dress pants, and 2 pairs of jeans (old navy). The rest of the time it is yoga pants. I HATTTTEEEEEEEEED buying any Maternity clothes! I'd much rather spend the money on something for baby!

Kae said...

you are the dang cutest prego lady ever! :)

Emily said...

love the idea of the recoradable story book. i REALLY want Zachs grandparents to do one for our kids!!!!

i am working on my registry post!!!!! so wait for that to register! i'm doing it just for you! it's SO long but i'm hoping to get it done soon!!!!!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you mentioned being out of breath when you roll over I was thinking how terrible I was for getting so short of breath for such a movement

Melissa said...

I'm experiencing those pains too...they are caused from your round ligaments stretching! My doc said I will have them now and again around 30 weeks. One episode of them had me leaned over on the bed bc standing straight intensified them!!!

For Christmas, Ryan's parents have our baby girl a recordable Christmas gift! It is so precious and my favorite gift so far!!!!

I am so excited about your baby boy and even more excited we will both be at home with our babes!

Nikki said...

You look GREAT! So glad things are going so well for you! Where are you guys gonna register at?

Kate C. said...

hey you are such a cute pregnant woman! I was going to suggest to you for maternity clothes or shoot even for some cute cheap clothes for baby butler. I am loving that site right now. and the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy is not always a fun ride.