Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby Butler is 21 Weeks!

Baby Growth:


Baby Butler is beginning to look like a legit newborn! Looking at that picture, I see why he is so cramped up in there and always kicking like crazy! Jon could feel him this week too….

Our little guy definitely isn’t average. At our 19 week appointment, he was already 12 oz….so I can’t wait to check out his size at our next appointment!

My Symptoms: Nothing that sticks out this week. You can DEFINITELY tell I’m pregnant and I know that, but for some reason it still catches me off guard that other people can tell! Ha! We went car shopping at a particular dealership about 3-4 weeks ago (it was dark), and when we went back yesterday one of the car salesman said to Jon “Man, she really popped out since last time I saw her!” I was surprised he even remembered us, much less my belly!

The only other thing I can think is that I am a MAJOR homebody at this stage in the pregnancy. I do not want to leave the house! And as much as I love everyone, I don’t really want to be around people. (Ha- that sounds SO much worse typing it out than it does in my head. Just being real though.) I am normally very social and love hanging out with our friends & fam, going out to dinner, etc. But right now I just want to be AT HOME with as little social interaction as possible.

Weight/Belly No stretch marks, but belly is still there & growing! It’s hard as a rock too.  I’ve had several people tell me how much bigger I am than they were at this stage in pregnancy, but I am completely confident in the fact that every woman grows and shows differently. That’s just not something you can compare….so I don’t.

My belly button is flat and the skin on the top part of it pokes out sometimes. Not sure about my weight because I haven’t put the batteries in our scale yet. My rings are LOOSE on my fingers sometimes…sorta strange. No swelling or anything.


Maternity Clothes: I finally splurged and bought 2 pairs of pants from Kohl’s since I had Kohl’s cash & a coupon.  The don’t have a huge selection, but I did find 2 pairs of dress pants to wear to school.  They work, & they’re decently comfortable, but not as comfie as I was expecting! Everyone acts like maternity pants are the bomb, but I think they suck. I really just prefer yoga pants…

And I finally went through all the clothes my friends let me borrow. Not trying to be unappreciative, because I am incredibly grateful for the gesture, but they are not really my style. I doubt I’ll wear any of them.  I’m fine wearing as many of my regular clothes as I can for now…

Movement: I can start to tell his sleep cycles! Our little man stays up WAY too late (like his mom)!! And when he’s awake, he’s an active little guy. You can see the movement from the outside of my belly now, and can definitely feel him from the outside. The majority of the movement still happens very low- a few inches below my belly button.

Sleep: I slept really well this week. I LOOOOOOVE being off work!! I didn’t accomplish nearly as much as I planned….well, anything actually….but I’m okay with that. I got to enjoy a LOT of time with my hubby. We stayed up late, slept in, made breakfast together, took naps when we wanted, & squeezed in a few workouts. To-do lists can wait, right?

I did have a CRAZY dream one night that a bat was on my leg. Yes, like the little yucky black animal…a bat! I woke myself (and Jon) up screaming OUT LOUD. Hahahha!!!! Looking back now it’s hilarious. Jonathan was very sweet and comforting, assuring me there was nothing on me. Ha! Thanks, babe, for protecting me from the bats.

Cravings: Nothing strong this week. One day this week I saw a Reese’s commercial and was craving one after that, but it was too late and of course we don’t have them at the house, so I never ate one. I have also been wanting some mustard (SUPER random!), and we don’t have any of that either? I wanted to dip pretzels in mustard.

I am really loving some Moe’s though….

Work Outs: I worked out a few times this week. I do the same thing pretty much every time I go to the gym- alternate between walking on the treadmill/elliptical & some light weights. I alternate upper and lower body, but nothing too crazy. STILL no yoga….what the heck is wrong with me?

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: This was our last Christmas “just us.” I don’t think it’s much of a secret that I’m really ridiculously in love with my husband. I mean, he is THA MAN. And we LOOOOOVE our “just us” time….but we had so much fun talking about Baby Butler and dreaming about what it will be like when he’s old enough to enjoy the holidays. I think kids just make Christmas even more special! I remember believing in all the magic of Christmas as a kid…and I can’t WAIT to be on the other side of that and watch our kids enjoy Christmas in that same way. Everyone’s post with their kiddos made me SO excited- they looked like so much fun!

We did enjoy our “lazy” holiday together though.

Goals for next week: Sheesh! As much as I enjoyed break, it’s time to buckle down and get serious. I have SOOOO stinkin’ much to do, so I’m trying to remind myself to take it day by day and not get overwhelmed. To name a few things, I have to: start getting stuff together for our taxes, register for Baby Butler, start on the nursery, finish reading some books & try to take some classes, write out EVERYTHING all my classes do & start thinking about sub plans, another yearbook deadline, start filling out paperwork for short-term disability/FMLA, continue studying for the Bible study I’m starting this week, get ready for some friends’ baby showers, plan for our trip to Texas in Feb…and the list goes on.

Thoughts: I have NO DOUBT future pregnancies will be easier since I won’t have to worry about work. I know it is a LOT of work to be a parent, and I know that can be exhausting….but there is just a major added stress from being stuck at work 40 hours a week and leaving completely exhausted every day. Not to mention all the other “junk” you have to do for work….it’s really getting in the way of me planning for the baby! Ha!

BUT…you just do what you gotta do. And I’ve got to finish out my contract. Like Jon said, I WILL get it done because that’s just what I do.


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Lookin good little mama!! Looking back I am so glad I did as much as I could prior to the third trimester; with as much weight as I gained, everything became so much harder (and I rarely leave the house at this point, so that urge to nest/be a homebody only increases!!) You'll get it all done. Stay healthy and not stressed and everything will be fine. :) Check out gap/old navy (sign up for coupons/emails) as they usually have deals every week. Their leggings are so comfy and I loved maternity stuff, without paying full price. Can't wait to see everything coming along for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say that future pregnancies will not be easier. I owned a bustling law firm during my offense, but much more stressful than teaching children. This pregnancy with my 19 month old I way harder. Even though I am a SAHM there is nothing as worrisome as raising kids. Sorry! Enjoy this one while you can!

Miranda said...

What a beautiful view there in the background. Is that how it looks at around your house? Lovely.
Yes there is no doubt that you are pregnant but not to worry. Like you said yourself – everybody gains weight differently and everybody looks different when they are pregnant. You look GREAT!
I’m new at your blog – what is it precisely that you are going to work with after teaching? Is it correctly understood if I got it for something to do with Avocare? (Hopefully that’s correct spelled)
Im from Denmark, and as far as I can tell I can buy it here. In Denmark its difficult to buy things from the US. Do you have any recommendations for product to buy in Uk or Europe?
Do you by any chance have any good ideas on how to lose weight, get more fit and so on? I miscarried just before Christmas (I was in week 12) and I gained almost 2 kg (I think that’s around 4.4 lbs or something) those weeks. I’m normal weight and prior to pregnancy’s I was 4 kg heavier than I would have loved to be. Now I thinks it’s time to get in better shape but I have no patience (I know – it’s really bad, but at least I admit it ) for the results to kick in. I do think that it’s possible to get more fit and lean (and lose the extra pounds) in a short time, but I don’t know how or what the best way to do it.
Do you have any advice?
I hope it’s ok that I write this in a comment? I love to read your blog and to watch baby butler grow  and I’m sorry in advance if my English is really bad (or at least the grammar). We don’t write or speak English as our mother language.
kind regards Miranda