Friday, December 28, 2012

Baby Butler is 20 Weeks!

Baby Growth:

He’s a little above average…Big boy Butler was 12 oz at our 19 week appointment! But he’s about the length of a banana now.

My Symptoms: WOAH at the appetite! I am hungry every hour or two. I get super full super fast, so I am eating smaller portions than normal, but eating way more often. I know that’s better, but it was annoying at Christmas with all the DELICIOUS food and I could barely eat any!

My back is broken out….yucko. Still rockin’ the exhaustion too, and I have also become slightly anti-social & a total home body this week. People who know me know that is NOT like me! I think it’s just cuz I’m so tired, so I hope all my fabulous friends & family aren’t taking it too personal. I think it’s been a blessing in disguise though because EVERYONE around us has been majorly sick- the flu, stomach bugs, colds, etc. The germies are definitely going around, so I’m trying my best to stay away and keep my immune system strong.

My back  started hurting some this week too. I tried jogging on the treadmill one day (for like 5 minutes…) so I’m not sure if it’s from that impact or if it’s from wrapping presents. I took a few long, hot baths with bath salts and the jets on and that helped big time, and Jon finished all the wrapping for me like a good hubby.

No swelling or anything, and I only had heartburn once or twice when I laid down too soon after eating.

Weight/Belly: Holy cow! My belly is HUGE!! There is definitely NO questioning if I’m pregnant, and everyone comments on it ALL.THE.TIME.  I seriously cannot imagine how big I’m going to be at full term. So far it seems to be mostly in my belly, but I can tell my face is getting fuller too.


I love to rub my belly and am always rubbing it and talking to the baby.  My belly button is all the way out and I cannot stand when I accidentally touch it- it feels so weird! The other day Jonathan said,” Hey babe, do you have a Skittle under your shirt?’ Hahaha!! I don’t have any stretch marks that I can see, but I can barely see the bottom of my belly anymore. My boobs are also MONSTERS, and they feel super hot.  (Like temperature hot…I definitely prefer my “normal” size.) Did anyone else experience that? I haven’t read anything about that yet..but they are seriously like heaters.

Maternity Clothes: Thank the Lord for Christmas break! I still haven’t bought any maternity clothes, so I’ve lived in yoga/workout pants and t-shirts this week. All week. And it has been AWESOME. We are going to hit up the outlets this week though because I have to have some maternity pants. I’m still rocking my normal pants with a Bella band when I have to wear “normal clothes.” And I just wear whatever random t-shirts I can find that are big enough.

Movement: Our little man is moving ALL around and some of the kicks (or punches, whichever) have become pretty strong. I still feel him the most pretty low, but this week was the first week I have felt him above my belly button. I could also SEE my belly moving from the outside! So crazy!! A few times he would be pulsing like he was doing squats or something (like he did at our little ultrasound). I love the movement!

Sleep: It is SO fabulous not having to work!!! I love that I can sleep in, take naps whenever I need to, etc. Making a baby is hard, hard work, and you HAVE to rest lots. I had a super busy week getting ready for Christmas because I put it off for so long….so I had a LOT to do, but it was fine because I could rest whenever I needed.

It is getting tougher to roll over or to get out of bed, and I have trouble breathing for the first couple of minutes after I lay down.

Cravings: Sweets! Yikes. I’ll be glad to have all of these Christmas goodies out of our house! I know I should just throw them away, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Not with the chocolate chip cookies anyway.

No other cravings really.

I’ve still been drinking smoothies & taking my multis to make sure I’m getting the good stuff I need. I make my smoothies with either almond butter or coconut oil, kale, spinach, celery, Amazing Grass, lemon juice, a banana, mixed berries, ground flaxseed, wheat germ oil, water, and ice.

Work Outs: I alternated between walks on the treadmill and the elliptical, and also did some light lifting. Mostly machines and some dumbbells for upper body. No more lunges- they hurt my knees. And I’m doing MUCH lighter weight than normal. This summer I was curling 25 lbs dumbbells with each arm (yes, for real…and I could also do multiple, real, unassisted pullups). Now I’m struggling to do 8’s! Ha! I do miss being strong and in good shape, but am glad I have enough energy to get back in the gym and just get moving. It’s SUPER important to remain active and so important for a healthy pregnancy.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Christmas with our families! Loved being able to show off the Baby Bump & talk pregnancy and babies with everyone. Baby Butler got his first Christmas gift from some sweet friends AND his first Christmas bear from Grammy & Grandaddy. Adorable!


{Not many guys can rock a flannel and a beard like my hot hubby!}


Goals for next week: No more sweets!!! I’m getting nervous about gestational diabetes, so I have GOT to chill out! For real.

Prenatal yoga. Register. Rest up before getting back to the grind of the “real world.” (It’s amazing how much easier pregnancy feels when I don’t have to work.)

Thoughts: This was our last Christmas with just us. Just me & Jonathan. There is something seriously precious about kids and the magic of Christmas….and we cannot WAIT to have our little man here and celebrate with him. We loved seeing everyone’s posts about their kiddos, the excitement, the traditions, and it got us excited about our own.

It also MELTS.MY.HEART to see how excited Jonathan is about having a baby. He talks about it all the time and I know he is going to be THE best dad. Duh, he’s the best at everything he does! It makes me love him in a whole new way I didn’t even know was possible, and the baby isn’t even here yet! Can’t wait to see him “in action.”


Erin said...

I think you look absolutely GORGEOUS! You are definitely all belly girl! :) So glad you've having the extra time to sleep/nap! :)

Lynette Marie said...

Glad to hear everything is still going so well! Love reading these sweet updates! :)

Unknown said...

I had Preston at the end of May, so I remember it's crazy to read your posts and it remind me of how I felt just a couple years ago! I distinctly remember getting some serious backaches right at this time (20 weeks). I think they ended up being round ligament pains, but they were super uncomfortable. Here's a link to that post from my blog in just on case:

By the way, you look GREAT!

lgutu said...

I've read a from a couple of sources that Magnesium is a great supplement to take while pregnant. It's supposed to help with back pain, leg cramping and helps you poop! Lol I'm going to pick some up today and see how it goes!

Jamie said...

You look great! I never liked touching my belly button felt weird!

Chelley N said...

You look so good! I hated touching my belly button once it popped, too. I always thought it was cute on other gals, but just plain weird on me :-).

Heather Forcey said...

I fell in love with my husband all over again after seeing him hold our son for the first time. Your heart will just flip inside out. My kids are now 8 and 5, and I still get teary when I see my husband hold or carry our boys. Nothing compares. You are absolutely beautiful. It's great that you are enjoying your pregnancy.

Lauren @ Love, Water and Wine said...
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christa said...

I love it when my hubby wears flannel too :)

Tracey said...

Twinkle ….
Little Star
Do you know how loved you are ?
Love, Grammy

Miranda said...

I think you look absolutely amazing. I would even say that you have a “hot body” and I’m not even lesbian.  It’s just that you are almost half way and look how you are glowing ! Wow.
All the best wishes 