Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Butler is 19 Weeks!

Baby Growth:

Haha, bless his heart….I hope he’s not as cramped and twisted as this little one!

At this week’s appointment, the ultrasound tech said our little guy is already weighing 12 oz and has some REALLY big feet (I saw them, I couldn’t believe how big they are!)…which means he will most likely be very tall. The males in my biological family are very tall, and same with the males on Jonathan’s mom’s side. Neither of us really got the height gene. I’m 5’5 1/2” ish and Jon is 5’11”…but lots of the guys in our family range from 6’2- 6’4”. Guess we’ll see!

My Symptoms: Still moody/easily irritated. I think that’s because I’m so tired…Very tired! And let the fun has begun….I’ve started getting some heartburn! I’ve had to take Tums 3 times this week (only happens at night). I also have some nasal congestion….but it’s really only an issue when I first wake up.

Oh, and shortness of breath. I’ve used my inhaler more during this pregnancy than I have in the last 5 years.

Also, there was ONE day this week I forgot my Probiotics in the morning, and it was NOT cool. I will NOT forget this again…

Weight/Belly At my doctor’s appointment, the nurse said I had gained 10 lbs since my first visit when I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I’m pretty sure it’s more than that…but whatev, I’ll take it.

My belly also “popped” out during week 19 for sure!!!! I thought I had a pretty serious bump before, but now is legit looking like a preggo belly, ALL the time, and there is no question! I love for people to rub the little bump…


Maternity Clothes: I’ve worn a few maternity shirts Mom got me, but other than that still in normal clothes as of right now. I plan to pull out all the maternity clothes friends have let me borrow TODAY to start going through them though…& it’s definitely time for some pants! I’ve been wearing Jon’s t-shirts because most of mine are smalls, and that just ain’t happenin’!

Movement: I can feel him kicking almost ALL day long! He is breeched right now, so his little feet are a few inches below my belly button. I only feel him super low…but he’s moving around like a wild man in there! I cannot WAIT for Jon to get to feel it! He always misses it….although I do think he got to feel one strong kick the other night.

Sleep: More, please! I stay so tired. ALL.THE.TIME. I went to Costco on Saturday, and it literally was so exhausting to me that I took a 2 hour nap afterwards.

And I’m still having CRAZY dreams!! 2 of them actually ended up happening, so that was a little weird. I toss and turn a lot throughout the night, but haven’t

Cravings: Still craving chocolate chip cookies….and oranges. I bought a HUGE box of navel oranges from my cousin for her FFA fundraiser, and I’ve been eating 1-2 every day.

Work Outs: I did not work out ONCE this week. We were crazy busy all week and had plans every night (a few Christmas parties)…so that’s definitely one of my goals for this upcoming week.


Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: The BIG ultrasound!!! So much fun having my parents there too. I invited both of our parents because this is the “big one” where they look at all of the organs, and I’m all about sharing this special little guy with people who love him. The heartbeat was 152 this time, and the nurse confirmed immediately that he was indeed a BOY! She said he wasn’t shy & was very photogenic! Haha! (Just like his mama….I’m always ready for a picture!) Everything looked great and he was a healthy little guy as far as they could tell from looking at all of the organs and measurements. She did say she thought he was going to be tall though, because he is already weighing 12 oz and has a big ole foot! He loves his hands and was sucking his thumb when she first started the ultrasound….and then he got all in a tizzy from us poking on him (or maybe he was just showing off) so he started jumping up and down and kicking like crazy. (He kicked for the whole rest of the day too…)

She gave us a DVD to bring home too, which was so neat. That was my dad’s first time ever seeing an ultrasound, so he thought it was REALLY cool! Of course his first thought when he heard about our “big boy” was pitcher or quarterback! Haha!! Jonathan is extremely athletic and I’m pretty decent for a girl, so who knows?!? Anyway, that was definitely my favorite pregnancy moment of the week! Mom said Jon was grinning from ear to ear the whole appointment too…love that man & how excited he is. He’s going to make THE best daddy.

Also, I’m pretty positive we have our name!!! Jon said not to tell anyone yet because he doesn’t know for certain, but I LOVEEEEEE it & am pretty set on what we have picked out. We’ve incorporated a family name & an adorable, one-syllable boys name that I have liked for forever! I actually remember mentioning it to Jonathan one time when we were on a walk at the college & looking at baby names (probably only 5 weeks preggo)….he shot it down then, but I think it’s growing on him. Of course that means we’ll have a middle named baby, but hey, I dealt with it my whole life & I came out completely normal! (My first name is Amber…)

Oh, and talking to all my preggo friends! I know 21 ladies (yes, 21!) who are pregnant right now! Talk about a baby boom!! It’s neat to be able to share this journey with all of them (and NO, we didn’t “plan” it….that would be super weird! “Hey, so what are you guys doing tonight?”).

Goals for next week: I’m officially at the halfway point now…20 weeks!!! SO, it’s time to start thinking about registering and planning for the nursery. I HATE registering and planning, so I’m kinda dreading that. (You can ask my poor mom….when it came time for my wedding, she could barely get me to make any decisions. And we had to register for our wedding before we had a house- how the heck do you know what you need?) We haven’t bought the first thing…but it just feels so overwhelming. I mean, what do you REALLY need?? Everyone says something totally different….”You don’t need a bottle warmer.” “You HAVE to have THIS bottle warmer.”

I do like to decorate though, so the nursery should be fun. Jon thinks the nursery is his job because he doesn’t want me lifting a finger or being around paint or having to put anything together….so he wants me to show him a picture and he’ll make it happen! I have to admit, I do kinda like the sound of that!

SO….I have to ask for suggestions. What are the things you CAN’T/COULDN’T live without that I HAVE to have??

Thoughts: The shooting this week was absolutely heart wrenching and such a terrible reminder of the ever-present evil in this world. We are a nation who needs GOD and needs to repent…but unfortunately I don’t see it getting any better. We are trying to push God further and further out of every arena, then blaming Him for things like this- “Where was God?”

{Love this from Mike Huckabee}

It’s scary to be bringing a precious, innocent little baby into a world like this. But I know the Lord does not call us to live in fear. He calls us to trust in HIM and do our best to protect our children and raise them in the way they should go. And that’s what we’re going to do.



My heart aches for that entire community. No one should ever have to bury a child, at any age….prayers for those families for sure. I cannot even imagine….

AND, on another note…one of my sweet blog friends wrote me last week after my whole confession about struggling with having to slow down & feeling like a lazy bum. I absolutely LOVED the perspective she shared with me and it has brought me so much peace. Her grandmother told her when she was pregnant that God was USING her to help Him create a miracle….so it’s going to be exhausting and it’s okay to slow down. Of course I’ve known what a miracle and blessing this little guy is, but I hadn’t thought about it like yet…that He is allowing ME to help HIM. That’s HARD work, and I’m thankful He is allowing me to take part. So I’m going to try to enjoy the “rest” a little more…


Brittany said...

My husband was the same way about our nursery. He wouldn't let me do anything! I told him I felt like the "foreman" of our house now because all I do is ask him to "move this and lift that" :)

Soak it up!!!

Our Little Family said...

I really loved my nursing pillows. I have two. I got a boppy, and a my brest friend. Everyone will have an opinion on what kind of swaddle to use. I recommend the woombie. I found it when James was a few months old, but wish I had had one when he was born.

lgutu said...

Look at that bump! Love it! You will love those maternity clothes!

Ragan said...

Whoa girl!! You went from a baby bump to full on BABY!! In case you didn't know I am all about some baby butler :) his feet aren't big I bet they are skinny like yours. You know I am ready to plan away just like I did for the wedding. Most brides would never let anyone pick out knives or glasses or anything else so you know I am HAPPY to help. Love you!

Laura said...

I can't get enought of my maternity jeans from Seriously, I'm always in either them or leggings! So comfy!

texas girl said...

I couldn't live with out my moby wrap I had my babies 18 months apart and had two and wore those things out! I think their like 40 a piece? In retrospect I would of paid ten times that for one my babies wanted to be held a lot this makes them feel like their being held

texas girl said...

Also I read another comment about the woodbine I agree but summers infant makes the exact same thing for a half the price trust me if your baby likes them you'll need a few if you have a blow out in the middle of the night you don't want to be stuck with out one!

Catherine said...

Love the baby bump, it's real now! You will put on your first pair of grannie undies with that elastic waist and die b/c they're so comfortable!!!!

christa said...

you look great!!

Kate C. said...

With both of my girls the bouncy/vibrating chair was a must!!!! And I agree about the moby wrap! I didn't have one with my oldest but got one after having my 2nd in Febuary and we both LOVE it!!!! It helps me to get things done when she wants to be held! Also I dont know how you feel about diy but there are websites that tell you the measurements and type of materiels to make your own. I found mine on sale for $20 at a consignment shop or we would have went with that option cause I am a cheapo!
I am soooo excited for you and love reading all of your updates as well as all of your blog post!!! Enjoy your rest, cause you are a making a baby and your body needs it!

Kate said...

You look great! I love my moby wrap/Bjorn, BOB jogger and UPpababy vista (great basket for shopping), Coach diaper bag or skip hop (my favorites they work for us), Boppy, Medela pump in style advanced (a MUST), Mustella (sp.?) products, glamour mom extra long nursing tanks, breast milk storage bags, register for a few different kinds of bottles (you never know what they will like) ... Even if BF it's nice to bottle feed some and pump to allow some freedoms , arm& hammer has a little diaper dispenser that has bags for dirty diapers (love for diaper bag), fisher price rock and play, nap nanny, Aidan & Anis swaddled wraps

Ok I could go on and on : )

Unknown said...

I am 30 wks with my second and a boy too! needless to say we are excited! But I have recently started reading your blog and love it. I am not sure where you stand on cloth diapering.. but my sister in law started her own business selling cloth diapers and at first the thought if it scared me.. but then my husnband wanted to see if it would really save us money. and my SIL swears by cloth.. but that is something you should really consider.
As far as swaddle blankets.. Aden and Anais bamboo is the best.. they are pricy but totally worth it.
My brest friend is great! and I gree on the BoB stroller.. we got one at our shower and I have been walking around with it :)
Just a suggestion if you want to have more kids in the future buy swings, bouncy chairs, car seats, etc in neutral colors so you can resuse them.. one mistake I made with my first who is a girl.

Bekki said...

Amen Huckabee!!!