Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Baby Butler is 18 Weeks!

Baby Growth:

Our little guy is the size of a sweet potato or a bell pepper!


My Symptoms: Just exhaustion! No more sickness, thank the Lord!  My hair is pretty awesome when I fix it on random occasions, but that doesn’t happen often….can you tell?IMG_2142[1]

P.S. Getting pictures has been tough since Jon hasn’t been getting home till so late. I’ve tried taking my own pics, and I stink at it. By the time he gets home, I am usually in workout clothes (AKA lounging clothes…not to be misconstrued to make you think I’ve been working out), a nappy ponytail, and no-makeup….and thus in NO mood to have my picture taken. Can’t you tell I look worn out?

Weight/Belly I haven’t weighed in a few weeks now, and honestly as long as it’s in the healthy range, I don’t care. I’m going to breastfeed AND I know how to work out hard & eat right….Plus, I have the TOP nutritional products on the planet, so as long as I’m healthy now, getting the baby weight off isn’t even a concern for me. So I’m going to change this category for future posts. I’ll just talk about body changes! I think a lot of people expected the body changes to be tough on me because I’m used to being very fit, but I have to be honest….I like the way I look. I think the bump is super cute. I love that strangers ask me about my baby because it gives me a chance to talk about this sweet blessing! Babies are a truly a gift from the Lord & I love when other people are excited to celebrate this with us, even if they are complete strangers!! I also love seeing how my body is changing because it’s a constant reminder of how BIG are God is and how He works out every little detail in creating the miracle of a little life. Yes, I may be totally forgetful, have skin issues, and almost pass out when I put my socks on because I can’t breathe bending over, but God totally orchestrated all that so our little guy can grow.


Anyway, here’s what I’ve noticed. My belly button has become flat and even pokes out after I eat! My bump is hard as a rock.  No stretch marks & rings still fit, but my veins are getting darker. (I have “thin skin” anyway.) I’ve noticed that my face looks fuller in pictures too. Jonathan is still totally diggin’ my new curves. (I’ve always been curvy, but it’s a whole new level of “fullness” now.) He keeps joking that he’s going to “keep me pregnant” because he loves the way I look right now. It’s been a good reminder that men appreciate curves…because I know I certainly prefer to be lean/cut/tone & seeing muscle definition.

Maternity Clothes: I haven’t bought any. Mostly because I’m cheap frugal, and I can still make my clothes work for now. I’m just wearing lots of long, tight tank tops underneath my tops and leaving my pants unbuttoned and unzipped. The tank tips (that are $6.99 at a cheapo store in the mall and come in all different colors) cover the fact hat my pants aren’t buttoned, and they look cute. I can still zip and button 2 pairs of jeans so I wear those any chance I get.

Movement: We have an active little guy fo sho! I feel him rumbling around in there all the time! Especially in the evenings if I sit or lay still after supper…It’s still very light and fluttery and very low on my belly.

Sleep: I spoke too soon last week. I haven’t been falling asleep as easy this week. Boo!! It makes me sad because I look forward to sleeping all day long, and then I can’t.

Cravings: I randomly wanted hash browns with ketchup on Sunday so we went to Waffle House after church. (I know…disgusting. But Jon loves WH for some reason, so he was all about it.) Other than that, none specifically. I’ve been eating a lot of cereal though.

This picture shows CLEARLY why I was craving some….I mean, so appetizing, right? HA!

Work Outs: I walked with dad one day around the track, and walked two other times for about 30 minutes on the treadmill (I feel like such a weenie with my slow pace & heavy breathing.) I also did one very short upper body and lower body workout. No more lunges for sure….my knees were KILLING me.

Best Pregnancy Moment This Week: Going on a walk with my dad and talking to my mom so often.

Goals for next week: YOGA, YOGA, YOGA!!! I 100% believe prenatal yoga helps with a smoother delivery (even if it will help me mentally feel more prepared) and I have GOT to start incorporating this into my week. I also have to order Christmas cards AND get our Christmas shopping done. I’m normally WAY done by this time, but I haven’t even started this year. Ha! I’m telling you, it takes an act of Congress to get me off the couch.

And read more! Right now I’ve been using my few moments of motivation each day to do the things I HAVE to do, so that doesn’t leave much time for the things I WANT to do. I am so incredibly thankful for the next two weeks off!!!!!!!

Thoughts: Okay, I’m going to be totally transparent here because I’m sure there are other ladies who can (or will someday be able to) relate to these feelings. I know God is doing a work and teaching me things through this pregnancy, so I want to share.

I am so used to being a “go-go-go” person...I’ve been that way my whole life and I don’t know how to be any other way. (Trust me, I am not bragging about that. Sometimes it’s a really terrible quality.) I have NEVER been one to sit on the couch and watch tv. Ever. After work I am always doing something- running errands, working out, cleaning the house, working another job- just doing something. And I view “days off” as a day to knock out a major to-do list of cleaning, organizing, and errands.  I’m used to being extremely productive and accomplishing a LOT in a day’s time, and right now, I just can’t. My body won’t let me, and I’m having a hard time with that emotionally/mentally. Last week I felt like such a slob and so unproductive that I started to get kinda down and out. I know that may sound so silly, and everyone keeps telling me that I need to enjoy it and learn to be this way because I’m going to have to slow down after Baby Butler arrives. But I have to be honest about that too….I am not enjoying this. I do NOT like it, not even a little, and I do not want to be this way after the baby comes. I know I will have to be for a while to allow my body to recover from labor, but after I’ve recovered, I’ll be glad to have some normalcy. Well, a “new normal.”

I’ve been praying about it a lot because the exhaustion & lack of productivity has made me absolutely miserable. (Don’t get me wrong- I couldn’t be ANY MORE thankful for this precious little blessing!!! I do not take this sweet gift or responsibility lightly.) But it’s definitely been an adjustment having NO energy or motivation.

And this is what the Lord revealed to me about the whole thing. God has dealt with me before about being so busy, and while I do agree it has taken this pregnancy for me to “learn to slow down,” I’ve definitely learned a much bigger lesson. I know He is trying to teach my that my worth does not come in the form of accomplishing tasks and to-do lists, or even productivity. It’s very obvious in the Word that idleness is not acceptable, but He does call us to “rest in Him” sometimes, and I think that is what He is trying to show me. I am learning that I place my worth in what I’m able to get done in a day, but that’s not what God does. It makes me feel really good to be productive, but sometimes that productivity leads to missed opportunities to either share with others or hear from the Lord. I feel pretty certain this pregnancy is His way of helping me understand Psalm 46:10 in a whole new light.

**This week is our big appointment! It’s on Wednesday, and I am super excited to see how much our little man has grown since the last time!


P!nky said...

You look so wonderful in your picture, I know you see the tiredness, but you are glowing ma'am.

What a great lesson, resting in the Lord. Thanks for sharing.

Sending you some good sleep vibes :)

Morgan said...

I love your blog and wanted to comment on the topic of slowing down. I too was ALWAYS on the go until I became pregnant with my son who is now three. It was such a struggle for me to slow down even though my body needed it desperately. Then, he was born...I've never been idle since! He was a Babywise kid until about 9 months old then a string of illnesses lead to sleep issues which we continue to battle to some extent today. To add insult to injury, I have to work from 5:30 am until 12:00. I chose to do this so that I can have my afternoons with him. Anyway, I am expecting again and seeing the blessing in being still. There are days that Satan still tries to convince me that I'm a slug. However, I know that being a good steward of my time sometimes means learning to rest...Christ himself rested.

I wish I could say that it's a battled ended, but it isn't. Instead, it's choosing to serve the Lord daily and seeking his guidance in this in every issue of my life.

Shannon Page said...

You look beautiful! I'm looking forward to following your posts:) I am very much a GO GO GO person too. I can't sit still or else I feel lazy and unaccomplished! I feel your pain:)

Emily said...

I think too it's a good lesson in that your baby will come first and be your top priority! I think, like you said, you are ALWAYS doing and doing and that's a great quality but as a mommy that "to do" list revolves mostly about your child and not other things. This time of slowing down it good preparation for readjusting those priorities ya know? I truly do believe the Lord helps prepare us for parenthood in ALL kinds of ways!!! I'm thankful He's forced you to slow the pace down some...even though it's tough for you now, you will adjust to it and you'll quickly see that having a baby DOES make your day BUSY! ;)

Also the Bradley exercises are AWESOME to prepare for childbirth!!! Awesome awesome!!! Some are very similar to yoga moves...I highly recommend getting started on practicing those ;)

Jamie said...

You look adorable!!! And I totally understand I really was EXHAUSTED the entire pregnancy....looking back I am soooo thankful for that. Due to a few different circumstances it will probably be the only pregnancy I ever experience. So I truly believe God made me slow down and savor every minute with my sweet little girl in my belly!

Chelley N said...

You look fantastic! Your hair is super full! I appreciate your attitude and sharing the lessons you're learning with the rest of us. Isn't it so interesting how God chooses to refine us? I love thinking about that, but more often than not I find myself just overwhelmed by His love. Incredible.

jerri said...

Yay... You look great w/ your blessed bump. I did the Baby Wise sleep training with all three of my babies (now 17, 14, 13) and it is the BEST! The scheduling is great & it works beautifully with your commitment.

Miranda said...

First - you look fantastic! What a beautiful and small belly you have.
Personally, I expect baby number 2 and I was (and is) also a "go-go-go" person to some limits, but it was more of a problem for me at first pregnancy.
I had a hard time accepting that you could not do the same thing at the same level as before you were pregnant. I had for a long time my own horse and I had a dream that I too would ride until just before I gave birth. Body wouldn't and I saw it as a failure that I could not.
Furthermore, I was NOT so good at listening to my body's signals to slow down and relax, so I ended up giving birth to my son 5 weeks early.
Fortunately, no complications and he is great today, but now here 2 pregnancy I know that if there will be any signs from my body that it does not get enough rest - I am the first to jump back on the couch. I will not experience the same as last time.
My point is that I know your issue and I think it's really great that you dare admit it AND write it here on your blog. There are many who guaranteed thinking it but do not dare say it out loud. So thank you!
You will be able to come back to pretty much the same routine when you have given birth, but if you dont listen to your body now and accept it you might risk that he comes early and believe me - you dont wont that !
Life will never be the same when you meet him and I know that you will love your life even more. You will have to adjust to having him in your life compared to you previous life but its totally worth it.
Good luck and I pray for you :)
(sorry for my spelling, English is not my mother language but I hope you understand it any way)